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This is Ohio University. A green campus all the year round, splattered 
occasionally during the winter with sweeping snow. Green and white, the colors 
of the school. And, almost always, rain, rain, rain. But whether the sun shines 
or not, the chimes from Cutler Tower always remind you that this is a place of 
learning where all our yesterdays are taken into account today that there might 
be a better tomorrow. Then, once a year, the college songs from the Tower give 
way to the good cheer of Christmas and the evenings are filled with carols 
sung by hundreds of soft, sweet voices. The chimes are augmented by the song of 
spring when the flowers bloom, the trees turn green once more and the campus 
green is filled with students enjoying the warmth of the sun. Finally, the year 
ends and the graduates depart to take their places in the world. 

1955 ATHENA 


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Lilting Memories 

Music set the mood on the campus this 
year: serious, soft, lively, melodious, in- 
spiring. George Shearing, Woody Herman, 
Fred Waring, the glee clubs, the choirs, 
the orchestras, the dances. Jazz, sym- 
phonies, marches, spirituals, carols, con- 
certos, you name it. And the music of yes- 
terday, today and tomorrow, summed up 
in the Musical Omnibus, which featured 
songs from "The Green Adventure," 
the Civil War times, the Gay Nineties 
and the two world wars. 


Paying a tribute to the men who founded Ohio University in 1804, 
the sesquicentennial celebrations drew to a close with the biggest 
events ever. During Homecoming, there was the final staging of 
"The Green Adventure," a play written especially for the sesqui- 
centennial by novelist Charles Allen Smart, and a fireworks dis- 
play. IFC and Pan-Hel sponsored the Woody Herman concert, 
with the proceeds of the show going to the alumni Sesquicentennial 
Scholarship Fund. Even Woody Herman himself contributed 
a part of his takings toward the Fund. Even as early as fall, the 
Fund itself had more than doubled its original goal of $150,000. 
The last of the four official observances of the sesquicentennial 
was the Conference on Higher Education. It was attended 
by over 200 educators from 1 30 institutions who discussed prob- 
lems that will face colleges and universities in Ohio and the U.S. 
during the next 10 or 15 years. The main feature of the Confer- 
ence was a convocation with Harold E. Stassen, Foreign Opera- 
tion Administrative director, speaking on "Education and 
Freedom." With the sesquicentennial celebrations over, 
Ohio University entered its 151st year. 

Convocation Speaker 
Harold E. Stassen 

Woody Herman and 
his "Herman Herd" 

A scene from "The 
Green Adventure" 








Behind Memorial Auditorium is a sundial, marking the 
place where the first building stood at Ohio University. It was the 
Academy Building. The oldest building on the campus, however, 
is Cutler Hall, built in 1816. Then, with the succeeding years, 
other buildings were added. McGuffey Hall, Wilson Hall, the 
Library, Memorial Auditorium. While these buildings still exist, 
the men who built them are gone. Only their names remain, 
great men whose ambitions, toil and sweat were for the com- 
ing generations who want to learn. Their history is written 
into what the campus is today, their efforts will serve those 
who are still to come tomorrow. 

The old faces the new. Across the campus Cutler Hall 
smiles briefly and knows the passing of time and customs. The 
buildings around Cutler silently serve the ideals of learning. 
Silent footfalls of the past echo in their halls. These footfalls are not 
heard in the latest buildings — the Ohio University Center and 
the new dormitories. For they speak only of the present. 
They were added to this campus today and will take their place 
with the others to serve those who come tomorrow. 




• «^ 




mm -^L^t^ 

Voigt Hall was ■ 

' girls moved in 


Although Ohio University's long-range building program is still in its infancy, it has already brought 
to the campus a new, rejuvenated appearance. Typical examples of the Ohio University of 
tomorrow are Voigt Hall and the recently completed men's dormitories on East Green. The men 
living on the green will carry away from graduation nostalgic memories of being awakened at 
seven in the morning by the sound of a bulldozer warming up for the day's activity, demolishing the 
old temporary housing structures. Gradually, Bush, Biddle, Perkins, Read, and Voigt 
rose slowly out of the depths of the campus to stand finally as classic symbols of a growing, pros- 
perous university. And more and more building are appearing 


Yesterday, today or tomor- 
row, the snow will con- 
tinue to come, softly, 
silently, secretly, bring- 
ing with it a beautiful 
white world. Then, slowly, 
the snows would melt and 
new life would appear . . . 
and the warm sun and 
green grass. 








• s, 



i \ 

W i 





And then there are classes 

Work! Work! Work! Learn! Learn! Learn! When everything piles up and 
we have 48 hours work and just 24 hours in which to do it, these words may 
describe student life. There are class assignments to complete, chapters to 
be read, drawings to be made, speeches to prepare, words to be learned, 
themes to be written, papers to be prepared, theses to be completed. And 
yet the assignments continue to pour in. 

Multiply 5000 students by an average of three hours of work per day 
and you have the time extent of two years encompassed in a single day. 
Multiply 5000 students by at least one page -written per week and you have 
20 average sized books completed. The paper, the ink, the pencils utilized 
run into thousands of dollars. The effort, the thinking and the learning cannot 
be measured. 

But, and it's a big BUT, there is more to the description than this. 
Lulls do come (and if they don't come, the students make them!) so that 
they can enjoy the fun that is so much a part of college life. 

"You mean to soy you read that in 
our text?" 

"Just a few words regarding final 
examination, it will cover pages 
222 to 999." 

"If you know the material covered 
on those pages you should have 
no trouble." 


"From now on I will be taxing roll 
and all I require is that you 
be here or else . . . ." 


"For your next assignment, I want 
you to write 5000 words on " 

"A very logical statement M 
Smith, but " 


"Why didn't I take up plumbing or 

sell razor blades like I always 

wanted to." 

can count on my fingers the points 
covered during the last fifteen 
lectures. One 

He serves those who learn 

that they may serve mankind 

For ten years, John C. Baker has been president of Ohio University. During that 
time and due to his efforts, the University has risen in prominence, the campus has 
expanded, the enrollment has increased and more scholarships are available for 
the students in need. Fifteen new buildings have been added to the campus as a 
result of the extensive building program which he has promoted during his admini- 
stration. Yet, he finds time to become acquainted with students and faculty 
alike. Occasionally, you will find him taking his usual evening walk and he will stop 
at a dormitory or at the Center to talk with students. 

He has contributed to learning in more ways than one. Last summer, he was a 
delegate to the UNESCO conference in Switzerland. Apart from this, he takes 
active part in many phases of higher learning. 

But close to his heart is Ohio University and its purpose in equipping the citizens 
of tomorrow. "What interests me most," he said, "are the students and the people 
who support this University and continually work for its betterment." 

>y 2*< 

• ! - a* 

Dr. John C. Baker 



H. E. Benz 
Dean o! Education 

These are the men who guide 
the students during their stay at 
Ohio University. With the help 
of counselors and advisers, 
they guide the students in pre- 
paring their program of studies 
and assisting them in the aca- 
demic phase of their college lives. 

Rush Elliott 
Dean of Arts and Sciences 

Clark E. Myers 
Dean of Commerce 

E. J. Taylor 
Dean o( Applied Science 

Earl C. Seigfred 
Dean of Fine Arts 

Gaige B. Paulsen 

Dean of University College 




"Hello there," has become the trade 
mark of Ohio University's Dean of Men. 
Dean Maurel Hunkins, who is in his 
eighth year as dean of men, never misses 
a chance to greet students. His cheery 
words, pleasing smiles and personal 
nod of the head often makes a 
freshman forget his homesickness for a 
while, ease the worry of a coming 
exam for a sophomore, erase the problem 
of a junior or make a senior a little 
more proud that he is a student at 
Ohio University. 

Few students today know that the 
Dean, upon his arrival at OU as Dean of 
Men, also coached the tennis team 
and won several summer tennis 
tournaments. He was also member of 
the violin section of the symphony orchestra. 


Joseph H. Dando 
A isfant Dean of Men 


Greeting with a warm smile all who 

visit her office on the second floor of 

McGuffey Hall, Dean Margaret Deppen 

characterizes the friendliness of the 

Ohio University administration. Despite 

her full schedule of business and social 

activities, Miss Deppen welcomes any 

opportunity to become acquainted with the 

students, whether it be at Women's League 

functions, dinner in the girls' dorms, 

or a casual visit in her office. In 

Miss Deppen may be found a sympathetic 

friend to whom students can bring 

their problems. 

Naturally, Miss Deppen's primary in- 
terests center around the college and its 
students. But she also enjoys golf on the 
new OU course, as well as reading or play- 
ing bridge. 

Erma I. Anderson 
Assistant Dean of Women 

.vvu. 9#j. 







Dying-summer hot, early-autumn days when the streets and walks are 
boiling over with flailing limbs of many persons, and school begins again 
to rush along the hurdled path to June. 

Freshman Week takes a tentative, apprehensive step and crescendos 
toward the Registration Hop when the dancers meet each other for the first time. 

Couples wade hand-in-hand through puddles of fallen, pastel leaves, 
smiling. The whole world shouts al the parade of flowered floats. The parties 
and then the next day . . . oh, well. 

Concerts, shows, sesquicentennial celebrations; and then it is Thanks- 
giving, and thanks are given. 

The season slips into an ermine jerkin, and the Green is decorated as if 
it were a large Christmas tree. Christmas, New Year's Eve. 

Back to the books with memories of cherry-sparkled yule logs. 
Exams . . . books are bought and sold because another semester is here. 

A torch flaming against a grey weather and Greek Week livens things up 

Nature yawns and wakes with a luxuriant gesture. And so does the J- 
Prom spirit. 

The lake becomes popular again. Studying and strolling on the green, 
down at the field and across the river. Sure, Spring. 

It is more difficult to cram for exams this time, but it must be done. 
There is a lot of rain now. Violets among the Hocking are drowned. 

June announces heated approach of summer, bringing with it gradua- 
tion among other things . . . and the Seniors stroll into the sunrise. 


r ■ 


The beginning of a number of contributions by the latest class 


Rushing at the sororities 

A fashion show for the women 


Freshman Week . . . tingling excitement 
kin to stage-fright . . . that first night in 
the dorm when everyone wonders, with 
pangs of homesickness punctuated by 
laughters and joking . . . the innumerable 
mimeographed sheets filled with garbled 
orders: shots to be taken, meetings to at- 
tend, awe-inspiring counseling appoint- 
ments . . . sorority rushing, rushing in the 
truest sense of the word . . registration, 
when no one knows exactly what to do . . . 
book-buying expeditions . . . the Fresh- 
man Mixer, the big once-over . . . the 
first nervous college date . . . and, most of all, 
the wonderful feeling of becoming a "we." 

Registration-time problems 

■i an 

Class-schedule problems 

From the 1954 Lounge, a place of casual sophistication, to the ping-pong and billiard tables 
and bowling alley, the Center is the hub of campus life. The piano in the 1804 Lounge appropri- 
ately responds to a soft minuet or breaks into a strident jazz that forces those who sit 
nearby to unwillingly tap their feet in time to the music. Students pause to glance into the deserted 
ballroom during the day and picture mentally how it appeared on the night of the big dance. With 
its candles and checkered table-cloths, the Cavern is a wonderful spot for a chat with your date. 
The music blaring from the juke-box, the clink of coffee cups between classes and the 
laughter is the Frontier Room — a good place to forget classes and humanly complain about every- 
thing to your friends. 







This year it was a Sesquicentennial Homecoming, with a 
record alumni attendance and added attractions. Fireworks 
blazed the dark sky with outlines of Cutler Tower, founders 
Putnam and Cutler, an interlocking OU, a block 150 with elm 
leaves, and a football with images of the Ohio Bobcats 
and Miami Redskins. The Redskins won the football game. 
But then there were other events to liven up the spirits. 
This year there were two Homecoming dances: one at the 
Center and the other at the Men's Gym. The fireworks, the 
floats (two parades, one in the morning and the other at the 
stadium), the awards, the queens and the alumni (friends and 
strangers) made this a Homecoming that will not be 
forgotten for a very, very long time to come. 


Alpha Gommo Delta's winner in women's division 

Acacia's winner in the men's division 

The Floats, the Queen <Sl the Dances 

Homecoming Queen, golden-haired Sally 
Snyder, 18-year-old freshman from 
Cleveland, represented Howard Hall. She 
is blue-eyed, stands 5'4" and weighs I 10 
pounds. Dark-haired attendant is Mary 
Jane Shaw, Scott Quad's freshman 
candidate from Toledo. Blonde 
Joan Baker is an ADPi and a 
sophomore from Toledo. 

Homecoming Queen candidates. Standing, left to right: 

Nancy Smith. Pi Phi; Marlene Rensi, Lindley; Carolyn 

McDonald, Sigma Kappa; Jeanne Hacketf, Chi O; Jane 

Mechling, Alpha Theta: Sally Snyder, Howard; Jean 

Wingenfeld, Phi Mu; Joan Baker AD Pi; and Georgeann 

Zuck, Alpha Xi. Seated are Phyllis Hartshorn, 

Center Dorm; Linda Zerck, Voigt; Jan Cunningham, 

Zeta: Lorri Schultis, Alpha Gam; Mary Jane Shaw, Scott: 

Barbara Janke. Boyd, and Sandy Baron, AEPhi. 

G $ ft o 




V * 


vV 4 












( i 


The newsboys' cries echoed in the form of music at the annual Newspaper Ball, 
the first big dance of Ohio University's social year. Sponsored by Sigma Delta Chi, 
professional men's journalism fraternity, the Ball introduced a new campus band, 
"The Ohioans." The music was good, the night warm but the ballroom air- 
conditioned and the special edition become a special night in the lives of many of the 
couples to be long remembered, thanks to the efforts of Ralph Brem who made the 
dance a success. 



More than 500 OU students sat in the stadium at Clarke Field, 
Western Reserve, on October 9, beating off the chilling gusts of wind 
as they cheered their team to a 37-0 win over the Red Cats. 

As the final gun ended the battle, Bobcats dashed from the field, 
victorious smiles on their faces for the faithful five hundred who had 
migrated from Athens for the annual trek after the team. Some held up 
three fingers, signifying the Bobcats' third straight win while others shouted, 
"One more week over Kent!" 

Coach Widdoes, however, stood by his guns, reminding the team, 
"Let's play 'em one at a time." 


"We won! We won!" This was the cry at the Alpha Xi Delta house 
after the Powder Bowl game as the Fuzzies achieved a long standing 
goal and sent the Pi Beta Phi team down to defeat, 7-0. The game, which 
received national coverage by a newsreel and Sports Illustrated, netted 
$700 for the Damon Runyon Cancer Fund. A record crowd of 1650 saw 
senior halfback Barbi Watson dash 35 yards around left end for the Alpha 
Xi touchdown. A pass by Dietz Dengler was complete for the extra point. 
This year's game saw the first Powder Bowl score since 1951. The 
record now stands at two wins for the Pi Phis and one for the Alpha 
Xis. Five games have ended in a tie. 


The poins of defeat. 

What price glory! 

Go, gal, go! 

Reigning over the whole affair was 
Don Carew of Sigma Chi, this year's 
Powder Bowl king. On the court 
were Lou Bartlett of Phi Kappa Tau 
and Jim Green of Beta Theta Pi. 



Christmas at college . . . candlelight softens 
the faces of coeds and collegians as they sing the 
age-old songs of the season to their fellow students . . . 
the campus glows with a special glow created by 
the lights of the trees decorated with care, and a feel- 
ing of warmth and happiness prevails . . . 

Christmas is a giving time. Organizations, 
fraternities, and sororities annually sponsor 
parties for the underprivileged and help to make 
others happy through their efforts . . . 

And there is always snow at Christmas, 
providing just the right atmosphere for the Yuletide 
activities at OU . . . 

There was snow for Christmas season, 1 955. 
There was also a special program for the student 
body, provided by Fred Waring and the 
Pennsylvanians, who entertained a capacity 
audience in Memorial Auditorium. 





This is the Military Ball: 

Underneath an arch of shining sabres, Miss Barbara 
Lanphear, honorary colonel for Military Ball, is 
presented at intermission of the annual affair. 

Miss Lanphear and her attendants are escorted to 
the bandstand by the commanding officers of the 
four sponsoring organizations, Arnold Air Society, 
Pershing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade, and Air Command 

Exhibits representing the Army and Air Force are 
on display in the Center in connection with the event, and 
honor guards are stationed at the front door. 

Honorary Colonel Barbara Lanphear, her court and 
their escorts. John Clifford; Jane Wisby, Alpho Gam; 
Tom Baker; Colonel Lanphear, ADPi; Sydney Overman, 
Chi O; and Fred Hoskins. 



After weeks of rehearsal, the pledges of campus sororities brought 
to life centuries of dance as they presented the annual production of 
Prep Follies. Everything from the minuet to the jazz age was portrayed 
by the girls as they proved their worth as true hoofers in an evening's 

Greek Week Queen Candidates: Front row, Barbara Swan, Chi O; Barbara Jones, 
Phi Mu; Lynne Angelo, ADPi. Back row, Marcia Eisenberg, AEPhi; Barbara Finlen, 
Zeta; Carol Kessinger, Alpha Gam; Kay Sears, Pi Phi; Vivian Beiringer, Kappa Delia; 
Virginia Heurkamp, Alpha Xi; Bea Gordon, Sigma K.appa. 

On an evening, a torch is lit and carried 
by the traditional marathon run from Logan to 
Athens, a total of 26 miles. Greek Week 
has begun. There are open houses, exchange 
dinners, panel discussions, and the Comic Field Day, 
with its numerous — and humorous — contests, 
where competition is keen, but all in fun. 

Then there is the Greek Week Dance, 
featuring Count Basie and his orchestra, the big 
parade, the Queen carried on shoulders in 
traditional Greek style, and the Carnival, a 
week of entertainment and fun, with a practical 
side, too, for the proceeds go to the Sesqui 
Scholarship Fund. 

Reigning as Queen of Greek Week, '55, 
was Miss Barbara Jones of Phi Mu, a 
modern-day Venus for OU. 



Queen Sidney Overman 

The first annual President's Ball was held this 
year, and its introduction to campus activities 
meant an added institution at OU. 

Sponsored by the four presidents of the academic 
classes, the dance featured unique decorations of 
the Center, which was open to those attending the dance, 
with all facilities in use. Gay costumes and two bands 
added to the attraction of the dance, and prizes were . 
awarded to two couples for original attire (pictured here). 

Miss Sidney Overman was selected by a special 
committee to rule over the ball and was presented at 

Proceeds from sales of tickets were donated to 
the Campus Chest Fund. 

Fran Growhosky, Queen 
Voigt Hall 

The biggest J-Prom ever held on the campus! There were the skits, 
with Alpha Xi and Sigma Chi winning first place, followed by the 
parade, with outstanding performances being given by ADPi and 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon. A vast crowd was entertained with music on the 
campus green at the Pre-Prom session, when the awards were made. 

There were two dances this year: at the OU Center Ballroom with 
Eddie Grady and the Commanders providing the music and starring Lu 
Ann Simms. The Ohioans and the Four Lads were featured at the Men's 

Top row: Myrna Chertoff, Betty Reese, Fran Growhosky, Mary Ann Pancake, Carol Rohde, Charlotte Vorhis, 
Barbara Jainshig. Bottom row: Carol Jurenek, Sue Watson, Claryce Hunter, Marlene Weber, Pat Madden, 
Marilyn Smith. Not included in pictures: Nancy Christner and Caryl Baker. 



Al Short, - 
Phi Delta Theta 

Doyle Ross 
Dick Nellis 


Dick Gibson 
Howie Chapman 

Dave Lundberg 
Jerry Mann 

Dave Ritchey 
Tad Potter 

Sy Levine 
Jay Hornsby 

Al Short 
Conrad Ewers 

Rudy Koletic 
John Marino 

Georqe Arthur " 

Tom Walters 




Miss Sydney Overman of Chi 
Omega was selected by a special com- 
mittee of judges to rule over the first 

annual Presidents' Ball which was held 
in March. The sparkling brunette is a 
Sophomore from Marion, Indiana. 



Freshman Sally Snyder of Howard 
Hall reigned as the 1955 Homecoming 
Queen in October. 

Sally is a pledge of Alpha Gamma 
Delta and her hometown is Cleveland 





Blonds are still in preference as a onel at the Military Ball, is also a blond, 

majority of these queens prove. Bar- She is a senior in elementary educa- 

bara Lanphear, chosen Honorary Col- tion and is from Cleveland Heights. 







Nineteen-year-old, blond Pamela Doner 
was chosen Athena Queen by Milton Caniff, 
creator of "Terry and the Pirates," and "Steve 
Canyon" widely syndicated comic strips. 

Wide-eyed and with a winning smile, Pam is 
a sophomore majoring in physics. She is from 
Chillicothe, Ohio. 



Producing both comedy and tragedy, the OU Theatre offered a 
well-balanced selection of plays this year. 

Beginning on a light note with F. Hugh Herbert's comedy hit, 

"The Moon Is Blue," the season progressed into "I Remember Mama," 

which brought Broadway star Blanche Yurka to Athens for the 

lead role. An all-encompassing pall of tragedy descended on the theatre 

with Arthur Miller's "Death of a Salesman" and "Joan of Lorraine," 

written by the highly regarded Maxwell Anderson. 

Performance of "Death of a 

Salesman" this year brought to OU 

theatre-goers an excellent example 

of modern tragedy. 

The plot packed an emotional 

impact heightened by outstanding 

performances by collegiate players. 

Memorable performances by 

Agnes Thornton and Ray Bedwell were 

matched by those of Lou Spiegal 

and Bob Bush. 

Unique sets by Cosmo Catalano 

contributed much to the overall effect 

of the drama. 


Mama and Papa listen as Nels tells of Katrin's sacrifice. 

A rare treat was in store for theatre goers when Comedy at its best was brought to the campus 

the University Theatre brought Broadway star with the production of "The Moon Is Blue." Freshman 

Blanche Yurka here to play the lead role in "I Re- Pat Coleman made a very successful bid for stardom 

member Mama." She made Mama come alive. The in the role of Patty O'Neill. Plaudits were also due 

rest of the cast gave her excellent support with Bill Brady and Bill Renn. Sparkling dialogue rather 

Pat Linker, Dan Chichester, Don Christensen, Alice than an intricate plot kept the audience interest. 
Carpenter, and Jim Sullivan giving stand-out per- 

Patty gets some "fatherly" advice from David Slater. 


The one night of the year when fellas are 

escorted by their girls is the night of 

Coed Prom, sponsored by Women's League. 

This year's dance, featuring a theme of 

"Keys to the Kingdom," introduced a new 

highlight: the crowning of a king, elected 

from a number of candidates by the girls 

attending the affair. 

Prizes were awarded for the best 

"corsages" created by the girls for their 


Gentlemen resumed their duties as 
escorts at the hour of midnight. 

"Penny-a-minute" was another event of 

the evening, when those who wished to stay 

out until after the curfew paid one cent 

for each sixty seconds over the time limit. 





Campus radio station WOUI literally puts 
the OU student to bed and gets him up in 
the morning! 

The music of disc jockey Becky Brooks, 
patterned along the lines of World War II 
Tokyo Rose show (minus propaganda) lulls 
listeners to sleep. Bright and early in 
the morning "Yawn Patrol" jars the weary 
student from his sleep. 

A host of other features make the 
station even more valuable to the campus. 
Besides broadcasting panel shows, music, 
news, and drama throughout the day, the 
station provides valuable on-the-job 
experience for radio and radio-news majors. 

Many amusing incidents are created when 
signals are confused, bewildering the 
audience in the process. 

Founded in 1942, the station is now using 
its third combination of call letters. 



Ohio University 

First Row: Bill Fishbach (Publicity Director), Al Snyder, Dove 
Lewis (Chief Engineer), Jerry Mann. Second Row: Dave 
Lodde (Music Librarian), Jack Leuschel (Sports Director), 
Archie Greer (Acting Radio Director), Lou Spiegel (Station 
Manager, 1st sem.), Rebecca Brooks (Traffic Director, 1st 
sem.; Station Manager & Program Director, 2nd sem.), 
Harvey Loeb (Chief Announcer, 1st sem.; Asst. Station Mgr. 
& Program Dir., 2nd sem.). Third Row: Tom Ebbert (Special 
Events Director), Mary K. Nee (Continuity Director), David 
Mocklar, Alice Carpenter (Continuity Director, 2nd sem.), 
Bill Hilz, Mary Jane Pitcher (Traffic Director, 2nd sem.). 

Helen Sutton 

Mel Slotchoff 
Advertising Manager 

Tom Owens 
Circulation Manager 

Dean Taylor 
Business Manager 


Paul Radder 
Sports Editor 

Fred Yoder 
Sports Editor 

Sports Staff: Left to right, Tom Levy, 
Paul Slaughter, George Strode, Ron 
Rockwell, Ernie Villanueva, Frank Bow- 
ers, Fred Yoder, Paul Radder. 

"Oh, my gosh! We've got another 
notice from CAC!" 

Another minor crisis is in the air at 
the Post. There's always something in the 
air: wads of copy paper as a sweating news 
reporter attempts to write up the latest 
meeting of Student Council, a student 
directory which was taken from the sports 
desk by mistake and is now tossed back 
. . . almost anything not nailed down. 

The electric atmosphere of a newspaper 
office affects people, especially on the 
nights before each issue comes out, when 
editors and hardy writers stay up all 
hours until the last bit of copy has left 
the typewriters. 

Cooperation is perhaps the most 
important requirement for any student 
interested in working on the Post. For it 
is only through cooperation that a full 
coverage of news, sports, and organizational 
beats can be achieved. 

Other working parts of the semi-weekly 
publication are the advertising, business 
and circulation staffs. 

Teased this year for their "all girl 
newspaper," the Post managed to unite the 
talents of all concerned to produce the 
campus town-crier of 1955. 

News Staff: Sitting, Ann Chalupsky, Jodie Hough, Dottie Crafts, 
Delia Greco, MariLyn Swanton, Bornnie d'Ettore, Maxine Lowry, 
Pat Sayer, Donna Kindel, Janice Arthur. Standing, Larry Tavcar, 
Paul Slaughter, Art Goldstein, Jim Wince, Carl Conrad, Ahmed 
Essa, Fred Treesh, Saul Ostrove, Jim Spector. 

Advertising Staff: Mc 
in, Vince Murovich. 

Copy Staff: Robin Rankin, Larry 
Tavcar, Diane Corcelli. 

Circulation Staff: Sitting, Gene Vejsicky, 
Gene Kerns, Mike Easley. Standing, Bob 
Parker. Dan Donnelly, Gene Boerner. 

j - •■ 


THIS IS SPORTS: The white helmets bobbing above the 
blue-grass gridiron, the cleats digging and twisting, 
spitting an angry venom of mud, and the agonized rattle of 
the gear as bodies collide chasing a slippery pigskin. 

Then the multi-hued leaf carpet is suffocated in a pillow 
of snow while the walls close in to reverbrate the rapid-fire 
dribbling and loud-silent swish of the net and the screech 
of floor burns. 

The crowd thins and mats are spread to accommodate 
the rolling, grappling, and sweating bodies. Across the 
Great Green Way the waters divide and show the path to the 
promised land called championship. 

Then winter melts into the Hocking. Through the moist 
air are heard the sharp crack of wood on horsehide, the faint 
twing of gut-string, and the pounding of spiked shoes. 


3ob Wheeler 

Dick Perkins 

Don McBride 

Don Anderson 

Bill Hathaway 

Bob Ripple 


A rough schedule, plus the loss of 
some of last year's valuable players, 
were two obstacles facing Coach 
Carroll C. Widdoes and his gridiron 
aggregation as they marched onto the 
field to defend their Mid-American 
crown. Through the use of team 
spirit, cooperation, and guts, the win- 
minded group pulled down the 
curtain on another successful campaign 
with an overall mark of 6 wins and 
3 losses. They landed in third 
place in the Conference with a 5 
and 2 record. 

Halfback Erland Ahlberg, who 
led the Conference in touchdowns, 10, 
received first team berths on both 
the All Mid-American and All 
Ohio teams. Captain John Schwab 
was placed on the second teams 
of these two squads, and Quarterback 
Bill Frederick received honorable 
mention on the All Mid-American 

John Evans 
Roger Thomas 

Walt Gawronski 
Stan Maschino 

Al Christopher 
Dave Lundberg 

Joel Deckman 
Bill Pennington 

•m % *L 

Oops! I can't go that way either.' 

Bill Frederick 

Stan Viner 


Vern Smith 
Ron Weaver 

John Schwab 
Ted Jackson 

Doug Fairbanks 
Erland Ahlberg 

Dick Spellmeyer 

This referee jumped 



-Ohio University 20 . 




-Ohio University 28 

, . .Toledo 




—Ohio University 37 

Westeren Reserve 



—Ohio University 14 

Kent State 




-Ohio University 1 3 





-Ohio University 1 3 

. Harvard 




-Ohio University 6 . 

Western Michigan 




-Ohio University 26 

Bowling Green 




-Ohio University 26 




Gel him 

get him . . . get him 

and get him they did 

Donning their green and white uniforms on September 25, 

the Bobcat gridders upset highly-favored Xavier University in a 1 2-0 

home opener. After displaying a vigorous defensive game 

for three quarters, the O.U. charges tallied twice in the fourth 

quarter with Speedy Erland Ahlberg and End Jim Krager 

crossing the final stripe . . . 

Moving along in fine style, the Bobcat machine plowed 

under their first Mid American foe, Toledo University, by a 28-20 

margin. This time Ahlberg galloped 88 yards on a 

touchdown run . . . 



This fighting Bobcat went a little higher lor an OU pass 


Western Reserve was also caught in the Bobcat web as 
the Widdoesmen spun out a 37-0 triumph over the Red Cats. 
Twenty points in the final period assured the O.U. 
Migration Day fans of a victory. Al Christopher booted a 3 I 
yard field goal, one of the few longer kicks witnessed 
by local fans in the last few years . . . 

ite the dust 

Defenders of the Field 

Just like "Ole Man River," the Green and 

White bearers kept rolling along. This time 

it was a 14-7 upset over Kent University, 

undefeated up to this tilt. With this fourth victory, 

dreams of another Conference crown 

appeared. These dreams faded away as a sprag 

was thrown into the Ohioan's revolving 

wheel when Miami shoved over a 46-13 score. 

This was the worst Homecoming Day defeat 

that Ohio University has ever suffered . . . 


Everybody's pushing, but who has the ball? 

Halfback Ahlberg netted 156 yards on the wet Harvard University field, but the 
Crimson overpowered OU, 27-13. The Bobcats sank deeper in their rut now as Western 
Michigan sneaked in a 19-6 lashing, making it three losses in a row for the Bobcat 
gridders, Sophomore Roger Thomas ran the pigskin 63 yards for the only tally . . . 

It takes more than one to down a Bobcat 

■-. ft rwnnr 

The losing streak was snapped 

as Bowling Green fell pray to the 

Bobcats, 26-14. The men from Athens 

garnered 43 I net yards, of which 

170 were accredited to Ahlberg. 

Coming to life late in the game, Coach 

Widdoes' charges pushed over two 

winning touchdowns in the last 

period . . . 


King Football jumped down from its throne as the 

Bobcats "got that one for Pop" in the Dad's Day 

fray. The gridmen from O.U. provided their 

breadwinners with many exciting moments in their 26-25 

win over Marshall. Ahlberg scored three six-pointers, 

one a 85 yard dash, in this nip and tuck contest. 

This was the last time that seniors Don Anderson, Joel 

Deckman, Bill Frederick, Ron Weaver, Ted Jackson, 

Chuck Karikas, John Schwab, Dick Spellmeyer, and 

Stan Maschino would take the field for Ohio U. 

Oil's secondary defense clamps down on this ball carrier 

v,» < 




"The Team Named Desire" — that's what the 1954-55 OU 
cagers were called. With each of the first ten men carrying 
the team to victory on "his night," the Bobcats rolled to a 16 won, 
five lost record, the best since 1941 and good for third 
place in the Mid-Am Conference. From the season opener, 
when the basketeers stunned a Marietta team that had won 2 I 
consecutive games, to the finale, when the cagers surprisingly proved 
that their first win over the Pioneers wasn't a fluke, the 
"Gee Whiz Kids" did the unprobable and the unpredictable. 
Despite a lack of height, the Bobcats scored in the clutch, 
copping ten wins by margins of eight or less points. And it was a crowd- 
pleasing team with its urgent, fast-breaking style of play. 

Starting the season off with wins over Marietta, 8 I -75, 
Morris Harvey, 88-8 1 , and Ohio Wesleyan, 95-78, the 8obcats fell 
before Marshall in their fourth game. 105-85. A five-game win 
streak, with victories over Western Reserve, 75-72 and 88-74, 
Loyola of Chicago, 72-70, Western Michigan, 97-84, and 
Kent State, 80-65, was snapped by a 79-69 loss to Toledo. The locals 
dropped a second game, to Bowling Green, 77-69, before they 
took games from Miami, 75-7 1 , and Case Tech, 77-69. 

Dick Garrison 

Fred Arond 

Fred Lowe 

Roger Melick 



Bob Strawser 

Harry Weinbrecht 

Avoiding that loot, Garrison Scored. 

Marshall again took the measure of the 
OU five midway through the season, 84-73. 
Then the Bobcats ripped Western Reserve 86-68, 
and Miami avenged its earlier loss, 91-79. 
In the final five tilts, the local cagers racked up 
five wins, upending Bowling Green 81-70, 
stopping Moorhead 90-82, whipping Toledo 
67-59, sliding Western Michigan 95-87, 
and again upsetting Marietta, this time 93-90. 

Fred Moore 

Dick Miller 

Don Sifft 

Henry Pe 

Larry Morrison 

Moore and Weinbrecht wonder what little men can do when a guy starts flying. 


Guided by new coach Bob Bartels, 
the Ohio swimmers placed second to 
Bowling Green in the Mid-American 
Conference relays in their first competitive 
match. After dunking Ball State 
Teachers College, 49-35, the tankmen 
suffered their only dual meet loss, a 
45-38 trouncing by Pittsburgh. Drenching 
Bowling Green 45-39, the mermen then 
broke a 1 5-meet winning streak in outstroking 
Kenyon 45-39. Before turning back 
Kent 52-32 in the season final, the local 
pool dwellers out-statisticked Miami, 
45l/ 2 -38l/ 2 , and Ohio Wesleyan, 48-36, 
in succession. The Bobcats placed second 
in the conference championship meet, 
trailing champion Miami's I 10 total by 10 
points. Two OU swimmers, Potter and 
Botuchis, placed high in the NCAA tourney. 

Tom Hartley 

Tad Potter 

John Botuchis 


First row, left to right: Gary Schwartz. Chuck Serpan, Dick Nellis, Roger Hart, John 
Botuchis. Dave Warren, Tom Richmond, Tom Hartley; second row: Dick Maxwell, Bill 
Faunce, Max Krecic, Arch Michael, Bob Kotur, Tad Potter, Hal Foyer, Coach Bob 
Bortels, Assistant Coach Stan Huntsman, Dick Hamlin, Paul Kroh. 

Dick Nellis sets to plunge (rom the lowboard. 

Tad Potter hits the home stretch 

Tom Richmond 


Front row: manager Bob Frazier, Larry Williams, Ed Smithson, Bob Henderson, John Tudor, John Paulette, Assistant Coach 
Bob Homm; standing: Coach Kermit Blosser, Bob Bickle, Roger Carter, Dean Doren, Russ Grooms, Bob Peters, Duane 
Baker, Bill Garrison, Assistant Coach Jim Ewers. 


From the record number of freshmen at OU last fall came 

the most sparkling array of basketball talent that has 

competed for OU in recent years. In racking up 1 I wins and 

dropping four, the frosh lost only to powerful Lockbourne 

(twice), Marshall, and the Bliss varsity. 

Joann Stonerock 


If the old competitive principle, "you play better when 
you play with the best," rates the backing it has, tennis should 
rise from the ranks of the little-known varsity sports at OU. 
The team opened a tough schedule with Wisconsin, then 
went on to more opposition of the same caliber. Besides 
the schedule, this year's squad had a fulltime coach for the 
first time in Bob Bartels, boasted five seasoned veterans, and 
hosted the Mid-Am tourney. 

Kneeling: Carl Hutchison, Al Ludlum, Paul Cowen; standing: Dick Nellis, 
Bill Lagonegro, Roger Fenneman, Joe Saggio. 


Going into the spring campaign 
as Mid-American Champs, the 
Bobcat golfers blanked Marietta 27-0 
in the opener and then dropped 
two of three matches in the South. 
Despite the two defeats, prospects 
were good for another Mid-Am trophy. 
1954's first five was back, bolstered 
by a promising group of under- 

Standing: Coach Kermit Blosser; Front row: Jack Algeo, 
Jim Leonard, Dave Moore, Dick Smail; second row: Tom 
Welsh, Ray Leonard, Bill Foppe, Jerry Knox, Dud Kircher 

gt. George W. Carmichae 




Front row: Coach Jim Johnson, Frank Nixon, Ellsworth Holden, John Pangle, Dick 
Wagner, Glenn Chester, Erland Ahlberg, Dave Lundberg, Rudy Koletic, Gerry Grab- 
ner; back row: Bob Sawyers, Bob Bush, Ned Reichelderfer, Jim Kraft, Wally Guenther, 
Roger Thomas, Tom Callow, managers Gus Pallad and Walter Duricy. 

Foreground: Coach Bob Wren; first row: Andy Chonko, Ron Nakatsuji, Don Lundstrom, Dick Fishbaugh, 
John Bier, Bill Frederick, Jay Hornsby, Ray Thompson, Larry Morrison, Dick King, Dick Hummel; second 
row: manager George Strode, Don Timonere, Bill Oppenheimer, Ken Spriko, Milt Pontious, Harry Wein- 
brecht, Bill Tewksbury, Jerry Driscoll, Dave Wickersham, Bill Hinkle, Fred Lowe, Bob Horwood, Dick Reese, 
manager Harold Weatherbee, trainer Pete Koenig, manager Dave Brod; Dave Behm, Bill Ulle, Jim Elliot, 
Dick Michaels, Jack Banning, Lee Frankenlelt, Chuck Dooley, Roger Allen. 

Like the golf team, the baseballers copped the Mid-American crown 
last spring. Handicapped by heavy spring rains in early spring 
practice, the Bobcats couldn't get hitting and pitching coordinated in 
the early part of the southern tour. However, veterans and rookies 
alike started blasting away as conference play opened. 



Contrary to the unwritten coaching 
code, Coach Fred Schleicher 
predicted his "team to be reckoned 
with" as far back as 1953. And 
he was right. After grappling with 
three Big Ten teams, some of 
the country's most powerful squads, 
and the Mid-Am's toughest 
competition to date, the Bobcats 
proudly claimed a nine won, two 
lost record, the Mid-Am champion- 
ship, and third rank in the inter- 
national 40-team Four-I tourney. 
And the wrestlers will go into the 
1955-56 season with a six-match 
win skein. 

Foreground: top, Steve Rudo, bottom, Tom 
Nevits; back: Dan Nash, Ken Zeman, Bob 
Karban, Dick Bonifield, Jim Hertel, John 
Sforzo, Coach Fred Schleicher. 


t <vV 


Jean Ann Newtand, Tom Vorn- 
dren, Jo Ann Cornell, Bill Mc- 
Iver, Barb Watson. 


Who can gauge how much higher a eager jumps, how 
much harder a gridder runs, because of the organized clamor 
from the friendly crowd? Neither the fan, nor the coach, 
nor the player can determine that extra, intangible spark. But 
it is there, and it ranks high in the list of home team advantages. 
To the player it is a continous, living source of faith and con- 
fidence. To the spectator it is a part of the carefree, relaxing 
color of sports. 

The cheerleaders create the spark and fan it into a 
vcci.'erous, emotional flame. At its height, it engulfs the cheer- 
leaders and the crowd, and even the scene, and yet it is a 
part of every person there. Somehow it gives the crowd unity 
and sets it apart from the rest of the world. 

And even after the cheerleaders and the crowd have 
gone, their echoes linger on in the empty stands. 



Pete Winter, President 

Betty Reese 
Vice President 

Four years is a long time. There are a 
great many memories involved: some that wi 
soon be forgotten, others that will linger on and 
on. A great deal of work went into those four 
years and now it is the end of that pursuit 
of knowledge and a beginning of a career. 

One by one the friends begin to fade 
away as the long line decreases and each o 
them goes his own way. They go to take 
their places in the nation: places for which the 
University has equipped them. And who 
knows, some day their paths will cross. 

:nd and a beginning 


Dick Abbruzzese, BSC 
Roy Abrohom, BFA 
Roy Acker, BSEE 
Joan Alber 
Jack Algeo, BS 

Mike Ambrose, BSEd 
Eleanor Andalora, BS 
Ernest Anderson, BSMc 
Harriet Anderson, AA 
Don Andrews, AB 

Mary Lou Anewalt, AB 
Ralph Antrim, BS 
Sally Apalakian, BSEd 
Beatrice Aranow, AB 
Theresa Argie, BSHEc 

Art Aspengren, BS 
Shirley Babitt, BSEd 
Frederick Bachert, BFA 
James E. Barkdull, BS 
Ben Bader, BSME 

Allen Baker, BS 
Carl Baker, BS 
Caryl Baker, BS 
Donna Ball, BSEd 
Dorothy Ballas, BSEd 

Beverly Barrett, BSHEc 
Marcia Baron, Ed 
Raymond Barrick, BSEd 
Chas. Berrington, BSEE 


Gory Bossin, BSC 

Richard Bartholomew, AB 

David Bates. AB 

Joe Becker, AB 

William Beclcley, BS 

Delores Bednar, AA 

Charles Bell, AB 

Robert Beltz, BSIE 

Loyal Bemiller. AB 

Jean Bendo, AA 

Norma Bennett, BSEd 

Pat Bennett, AB 

Ron Berger, BSC 

Keith Berlin, BSC 

Harriett Berry, AB 

John Bier, BSC 

David Bilsing, BSC 

Tom Biskup, BSC 

Robert Bloom, BS 

Glenna Blosser, BFA 

Mary Ann Blundell, BFA 

Richard Blundell, BSAE 

Don Bobo, BSME 

Don Boettcher, BFA 

Marobel Bode, Ed 

Jim Bostancic, BSC 

John Botuchis, BSEd 

John Bounds, BFA 

Nancy Bower, Ed 

Barbara Bowman, BFA 


<V c 

,11V A 




Dave Bowman, AB 

John Bowman, BSC 

Carol Boyd, BSHEc 

Harry Blanch, AB 

Jan Braun, BSHEc 

Ralph Brem, BSJ 

William Bright, BSC 

Herold Brown, BSEd 

Jean Bucklew, Ed 

William Burdick, BSEE 

Bruce Burton, BSME 

Lisbeth Burton, AB 

Dominick Calo, BSEd 

Barbara Campbell, BSHEc 

Carolyn Cantieny, Ed 

John Capella, BSJ 

Don Carew, AB 

A.W.Carlson, BS 

Frank Carlson, BSJ 

Charles Carpenter, BFA 

Gene Carratelli, BSCE 

Allen Carter, BFA 

Jane Carter, AB 

Robert Cashbaugh, BFA 

Margaret Catanzaro, BSJ 

Patricia Catanzaro, AA 

Ralph Cater, BSC 

Beverly Chain, BSJ 

John Chandler, BS 

Howard Chapman, BSEd 


Conrad Chesser, AB 
Dean Circle, BSC 
John Cirino, BSC 
Betty Lou Clark, BSEd 
PatCleary, BS 

Jo Clements, BSHEc 
Corinne Clutter Tribe, BSHEc 
Jerry Cohan. BSA 
Robert Cohen, BFA 
Myrna Cohen, BSEd 

Semon Cohen, AB 
Bruce Cole, BSC 
Tom Cole, BS 
Betty J. Colson, AB 
Carol Conrad, AA 

William Coon, AB 
Al Cooper, BSC 
George Cooper, BSEd 
Sue Corbin, Ed 
Dick Cornell, BFA 

Jo Ann Cornell, Ed 
Jack Cort, BSJ 
Betty Corwin, BSEd 
Paul Cowen, AB 
Pat Cox, AB 

Connie Cozad, BSEd 
Dorothy Craft, AB 
Dorothy Creswell, BSEd 
Robin Crispin, BFA 
William Culbert, AB 





Loretta Cvar, AA 

Robert Cunning, BSCE 

Sally Dachtler, AB 

John Dolezal, BSJ 

Lincoln Bhaskas Das, BSME 

Lowell Davis, BSEd 

Shirley Davis, AA 

G. W. Davenport, BFA 

Ron Davis, BSC 

Leo Dean, BSC 

Joel Deckman, BSEd 

Frank Lee, BFA 

Barbara Definbaugh, BSEd 

Janice Dengler, BSEd 

Bob Dennis, BS 

Dorothy DePree, BSEd 

Shirley Derr, AA 

Richard Dexter, BSC 

Dave Dieterly, BS 

Mich DiNunzio, BSEd 

Sally Dodge, BS 

John Dow, BS 

Wayne Deeble, BS 

Ed Eckfeld, BS 

John Dunn, BSEE 

Linda Dunn, Ed 

John Dunnette, BSEd 

Bess Earenfight, BSJ 

Harvey Dunlap, BSA 

Ed Easterly, BSJ 


Phyllis Edelman, AB 
Jan Edwards, AA 
John Edwards, BSEE 
Don Elewski, BSIE 
Richard Ellis, BSEE 

Bob Emmons, BSCE 
John Epperly, BSED 
Geneen Evans, Ed 
Janet Evans, AA 
Mary Lou Evans, BSJ 

Con Ewers, BSC 
Sonia Jakulin, BSEd 
Joan Feldham, BSEd 
Richard Ferguson, BFA 
Charles Fiezer 

Arthur Filber, BSJ 
BillFishbaugh, BFA 
Carole Fischer, BSC 
Jim Fisher, BS 
Helen Fleischer, BSEd 

Joe Fletcher, BSCE 
Dorothy Flick, AA 
Ned Fogle, BS 
Ron Foliano, BSIE 
Dick Fowler, BSEd 

Norma Francesaegeli, BSEd 
Bill Frederick, BSEd 
Bob Frederick, BSCE 
Rita Freiler, BSC 
Alice Frye, BSEd 



Robert Gannon, BSME 
Sharon Gamwell, BSJ 
Robert Gardner, BSEd 
Jean Gatrell 
Martha Gerber, AB 

Joanne Gilson, BSJ 
William Gill, AB 
Beatrice Gillespie, AA 
Hugh Gillilan, AB 
Robert Gilliland, BSEd 

Dorothy Ginliano, BFA 
John Glancy, BSJ 
Patty Glenn, BSEd 
Donna Goehring, BSEd 
William Gordon, BSA 

Elnorah Grady, Ed 
PhilGiavasis, BSEd 
Margaret Graves, AA 
Milford Greene, BSCE 
Boo Greenwood, BFA 

Sam Greiner, BSME 
Annamae Grogan, BSEd 
Frances Growhosky, BSC 
Frances Gruber, Ed 
Shirley Guisinger, BSEd 

Jeanne Hackett, AA 
John Haeberle, AB 
Gustavus Hall, AB 
Jean Hall, BSHEc 
Ron Hall, AB 


Solly Hcllof, AB 

Foye Hankins, AA 

James Harris, BSC 

Don Hart, BSME 

Tom Hartley, BSC 

Gordon Hartzell, BS 

Tom Hauenstein, BSC 

Win Howley, BSC 

Nancy Hedges, BSEd 

Gini Helm, BFA 

Pat Helms. BSEd 

Robert Hillenbrand, BFA 

Bob Hempfield, BSC 

Dave Heinrich, BSAE 

Dove Henry, BSC 

Donald Hepp, AB 

Richard Hibbett, BSJ 

Jeanne Higby, BSEd 

Barbara Hilton, BSEd 

Richard Hoblitzell, AB 

Rosemary Hock 

Dorothy Hocking. BSHEc 

Barbara Hodgsen, AA 

Howard Hoehn, BFA 

Gerald Hoff, BSC 

Elsworth Holden, BS 

Richard R. Hole, BSEd 

Ed Hopkins 

Virginia Haskins, AB 
Helen Hudecek, BSEd 




Don Huebner, BSEd 

Ginny Huerkomp, BFA 

D'AlanHuff, BSEd 

Roll Huff, BS 

Ronald Huff, AB 

Juanita Hughes, BSEd 

Nancy Hughes, Ed 

Frederick Hunkler, BSC 

Homer Hunt, BSC 

James Hunter, BS 

Roy Hutchinson, BSEd 

Alvaro Ibanez, BSC 

Clyde Ingerham, BS 

Richard Jackson, AB 

Carolyn Jacoby, AA 

Mary K.Jewell, BSHEc 

Gloria John, AA 

Karl Johns, BSC 

Dan Johnson 

Marilyn Johnson, AA 

Bobbie Johnston, BSSS 

John Johnston, BSA 

L. Ed Jones, BSC 

Carol Ann Jurenek, BS 

Joe Kail, MA 

Chinchari Kambhu, BFA 

David Kamachi, AB 

Robert Karaffa, AB 

Richard Kasper, BFA 

Elva Kaufman, BSJ 


Helen Kee. BSEd 
Harold Keins 
Myra Kemp. BSEd 
Mory Kerr, AA 
Carol Kessinger, AA 

John Kellis, BSEE 
Gerald Kinnane, BSC 
Vithu Kichodhan. BSEE 
Jay Klein, BFA 
Bob Kober, AB 

E. A. Kofou. BSJ 
Ed Kolvereid, AB 
John Kornick, BFA 
Keith Knight, BSC 
Tom Knight, AB 

Cliff Knarr, BSC 
Chuck Kraus. BSAE 
Wayne Krause, BSME 
Marilyn Krolt, Ed 
Paul Kroh, BSEd 

Michael Kucsma, BS 
Loretta Kulesavage, BSJ 
Pat Kurtz, BFA 
Anne Kyriazaki, AB 
Mary Sue LaFollette, BSEd 

William Lagonegro, BSC 
Richard Langfitt, BSC 
Norman Lanning, Jr.. BSEd 
Jim Laughlin, BS 
Barbara Lanphear, BSEd 




Mary Lawrence, AA 
Elaine Lee, AB 
Thomas Lee, BSME 
Jim Leonard, BSME 
Gennaro Lepre, AB 

John Lester, BSC 
Joel Levine, AB 
Seymour Levine, BSAE 
Delphia Linscott 
John Lion, BS 

Louis Listermann, BSCE 
Burton Lobock, BSC 
Dave Lodde. BFA 
David Long. BSEd 
Larry Long, BSCh 

Ted Lotz, BSC 
Dave Lucas. AB 
Kay Lund, AA 
Don Lundstrom, BSME 
Doris McBride, BSEd 

Benito McClead, AB 
Don McCowen 
Margaret McFarland, AB 
Jean McLane, AB 
Paul McLaughlin, BSEd 

Dick McQuillin, Ed 
Rocco Macri, BSC 
Pat Madden, BSEd 
Emil Maggio, BSEd 
Tally Maragas, BSC 


Andy Marklewicz, BFA 

Cristino Marsh, AA 

Rita Martin, BSJ 

Stan Maschino, BSC 

Bill Mason, BFA 

Scotty Mason, BSA 

Miriam Mayer, AB 

Robert Mayer, BFA 

Barbara Metzger, BSSS 

Roy Meyers, BSCE 

Ann Miller, BSHEc 

Dick Miller, BFA 

Joan Miller, BSEd 

Mark Miller, BSC 

Norbert Miller, BSC 

Sandra Miller, AA 

Samuel Miller. BSC 

Claude Minodeo, BSEE 

John Mitchell, BFA 

Howard Morganstern, Ap Sc. 

Betty Morehouse, BS 

James Morey, AB 

Shirley Morris, AA 

Antonio Marrone, BSCE 

George Moscarino, AB 

Ruth Murdock, BSHEc 

Vincent Murovich, AB 

Jane Murzner, AA 

Donna Myers, BSEd 

Chuck Naegel, BSC 




Barry Nauts, AB 
James Nedin, BSAE 
Robert Neff, BSC 
Judy Nelson 
Joan Newbert, BSSS 

David Noble, Arts 
Chuck Noe, BSCh 
Jim Noonan, BSC 
William O'Connor, BSC 
Richard O'Donnell, BSC 

Helen Oakes, AB 
James, Ogden, AB 
KarolOndick, BSEE 
Dick Onions, BAC 
Joan Ontko, AA 

Charles Orr, BFA 
Andrew Palinkas, AB 
John Pangel, BFA 
Clarence Parker, BSC 
Esidore Parker 

Wilma Parr, BSA 
Joseph Paternost, AB 
Lee Paulson. MS 
Beverly Pennay, BSHEc 
Sue Perkins, AB 

Phil Peters, BSJ 
Inez Peterson, Ed 
Nancy Philp, BSEd 
Charles Pickering, BSC 
Doris Piatt, BSEd 





Sylvia Polhamus, BSHEc 

Peg Polley, BSEd 

Bob Post 

Jerry Prokes. BFA 

Arthur Pullon, BSC 

Paul Raddar, BSJ 

Bill Raglond, BSC 

John Raiser, Ap Sc. 

Dick Randall. BSEd 

Robin Rankin. BSEd 

Shirley Redding, AB 

Betty Reese, BSEd 

Carol Reese 

Nate Reynard. BSEd 

Edward Rhine, BFA 

Jeanne Richt, BSEd 

Jean Rider. AB 

Barbara Rice, AA 

Bob Richmond. BSME 

Hazel Rickertsen, BSEd 

Charles Rickertsen, BSEd 

Marilyn Ristav, BSJ 

Dick Robe, BSCE 

Norman Roberts, BSEd 

Donna Rogers, AA 

Frances Rogers 

Edgar Rohrer. BFA 

Patricia Rose. AA 

Jane Roseberry, BSHEc 

Doyle Ross. AB 



Bill Repasky, AB 
Jim Reynolds, BSCE 
Wally Rubick.BSC 
John Ruff, BSEd 
Scotty Russell, BSJ 

Shirley Ryan, BSEd 
Lou Sawchik, BSEd 
Harriet Sapp, BSEd 
James Sanborn, BS 
Mary Sanborn, BSEd 

Lance Sams, BSEd 
George Saliaris, BSEE 
Margaret Sahlin, AB 
Rieta Sagar, BSEd 
Hank Schnabel, BFA 

John Scheurer, BFA 
Marilyn Schramm, BSEd 
Lynn Schuerlein, BSEd 
Robert Schurdak, AB 
John Schwab, BSC 

Paulene Schwartz, BSEd 
Ed Schwyn, BFA 
Carol Siegfried, BSEd 
John Seigle, BFA 
Dale Selzer, BSAE 

Henrietta Semans, AA 
Myron Seyerle, BFA 
Elliott Sharp. BSC 
Ned Sharp, BSC 
James Shannon, BSCh 


Dick Shaw, BFA 

William Shepherd, BSEd 

Carl Shere, BSC 

Al Short, BSC 

Don Shofwell, BFA 

LaVerne Shuster, BSME 

Jeremy Simpson, BSC 

Marjorie S r s k , BSEd 

Ken Skalo, BSC 

Mel Slotchoff, BSJ 

Dick Smail, BSJ 

Lois Smort, AA 

Elva Smith, BSME 

Glen Smith, BSCE 

John Smith, BSA 

Marilyn Smith, BSEd 

Tom Smith, BFA 

Warren Somerlot, AB 

George Spagno, AB 

Dorothy Spechalske, BSEd 

DickSpellmeyer, BSEd 

Lou Spiegel, BFA 

Albert Spira, BSC 

Nancy Sprague, Ed 

Bill Stafford, MA 

Mary Stanton, AB 

Beverly Stead, AB 

June Steele, BSJ 

Jerry Stevens, BSC 

Carmen Stewart, BSEd 

fll -h 




Margaret Stewart, BSEd 
Samuel Stewart, BSC 
Owen Stiegelmeier, BSC 
Charles Steli, BSC 
Marion Stinchecum, BFA 

Patricia Stone, BSJ 
Shirley Stork, AB 
Janet Stoufer, BSSS 
Gene Stout, BSC 
James Strobel, AB 

Robert Strawser, BSC 
Stanley Streiner, BSC 
Jack Strimbu, AB 
Walter Strom, BSC 
Don Stroup 

Julia Sturgiss, BSJ 
Richard Sulkaske, BSME 
Helen Sutton, BSJ 
Alice Swain, BFA 
Jerome Swartz, BSC 

Charles Thompson, BSC 
Agnes Thornton, BFA 
Lawrence Tibbals, BFA 
Gene Tillman, BFA 
Bruce Tipton, AB 

Janet Todd 
Georgia Trakas 
Evelyn Trapp. ARts 
Mono Tryon, BSEd 
Ellen Tullis, AA 


JonTullis, BFA 

Charles Turpin, BSME 

Lester Usher, BSC 

MikeUrich, BSME 

Erika Uhl, AB 

Ron VonOsinski, BSAE 

Faye Wade, AA 

Paul Wachter, BSAE 

Jack Wales, BSME 

Tom Walters, BS 

Edna Warman, BFA 

Janet Wassum, AB 

Frank Watkins, BSC 

Hugh Watkins, BSME 

Barbara Watson, BFA 

John Watson, BSC 

Sue Watson, BFA 

Paul Weaver, BSEd 

Lee Webb. BSEd 

Marion Webb, BSEd 

Robert Weekley, BS 

Janet Weeks, BFA 

Renee Weisman, BSEd 

Barbara Weltzman, BSEd 

Luanne Walsh, AB 

Robert Wendt, BSEd 

James Wendling, BFA 

Shu Juan Weng, BS 

Dave Wenner, BFA 

Bob White, BSEd 






Richard White, BSC 

Annamae Whitehouse, BSEd 

John D. Whitehouse, BFA 

Janice Whitley, BSJ 

Joseph Wijtyk, ARts 

Joy Willis, AA 

Don Williams. BS 

Don Williams, BSAE 

Luanne Williams, BS 

Nevin Williams, AB 

Rita Williams, BSEd 

Clifford Wilson, Com. 

Lorene Wilson, AB 

Peter Wittich, BSC 

Jean Wingen[eld, AA 

Peter Winter, BFA 

Ed Wood, BSEd 

John Wood, BSC 

Paul Wood, Com. 

Roger L. Wood, BSC 

Marilyn Woods 

Kay Woolfitt, BFA 

Tom Worcestor, BS 

Alice L. Wright. ARts 

Gene Wyrick, AA 

Dorothea Wysocki, BSC 

Ann Yakshevich, BSEd 

Clyde Zarkos, BSC 

Janet Zebold, AA 

DickZelina, BSME 



Carl Zeno, AB 

Linda Zerck. AA 

Jean Zerckel, AB 

Nancy Zinken, Ed 

John Zimmerly, BSEE 

Allen Zinn, BSEd 

Georgean Zuck, AA 

Jim Karales, BFA 

Bob Zampino, BSC 
Shirley Ann Swoyer 



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For students, their childhood behind them and a 
long life ahead, college is a sojourn and for this pause in 
a lifetime is the home on the campus. For them the 
housing units promise an integration of differences and 
each day is the turning of a kaleidoscope, in many 
ways a new design of personalities, but always within the 
same frame. 

There is the multitude seen during the day, but is 
gone at night, absorbed within shadowy recesses. 
Only an occasional light shines, in the lounges where 
there is no one or perhaps a group at a game of 
cards, the studious student sitting silently by and 
possibly some tired person who has gone to sleep 
while reading. 

Some of the buildings are old and stand proudly in 
an aura of traditions. Others have been recently 
born and the after-birth of mud and wood scraps and 
bolts is strewn about. Many are large and resemble 
an anthill or a beehive of socialism. Others are 
small and, while less active, enjoy a certain intimacy. 

But large or small, old or new, housing units 
are ultimately mere mirrors or picture frames, the 
reflection or showcase of their occupants. 


Seated left to right: Stanley J. Modic, Bernard Bushell, Robert Wren (Advisor), Art C. Hill, Brian G. 
Dailey, William D. Queen, John L. Watson; Standing: James W. Ratcliff (Vice President), John H. 
Wood (President), David H. Nevin (Secretary), Richard P. Reid (MUPB & Treasurer) Ronald A. Bond 


The boys from down under are coming up in the world! 

East Green, often called by a number of aliases, finds brick 
dormitories replacing barracks, grass replacing mud and paved walks 
replacing paths in a $7,900,000 change. 

Five new dorms, including Bush, Biddle, Read, Johnson, and 
Perkins Halls, were in use this year and three more, plus a cafeteria, 
were under construction. 

The Green has not spent all its time in building, for all five housing 
units joined in an actual social program. 

Although the Green has rapidly changed its appearance, the "over 
the hill" men still face the 1 1 1 steps up Union Street. 



In any diverse cross-section of people, problems and 
disagreements are bound to arise. 

Interdormitory Council provides an ear for these problems — 
and most often, solutions. 

Representatives to Council are officers of each women's 
dormitory on campus, officers who return to their units to include all 
residents in the plans and activities of the group. 

Members of Council are also members of other important 
campus groups, and these organizations can contact dorm residents 
through this channel. 

All is not business with the important core, for the annual Interdorm 
Formal is a large social function on the schedule. 

Left to right, front row: Shirley Babitt, Margaret Catanzaro, Seated: Norma Francescangeli, 
Patricia Duffy, Geneen Evans, Carol Gerwig (Secretary-Treasurer], Bess Ann Earenfight (Pres- 
ident), Miss Wilma Castrup (Acting Advisor), Kathleen Slattery, Marion Stinchecum, Doris 
Piatt, Jean Zerckel; Standing: Anna Helen Yabhevich, Lina Klein, Vera Estee, Jeannette 
Vorhis, Dorothy Ruland, Sally Apalakian, Elaine Lee, Virginia Stoner, Judy Ewell, Terry 
Argie, Beatrice Abrenica 


Counselors: Left to right, seated: Arthur Ross, Art Aspengren, Ralph Dunbar 
(asst. head of residence), James E. Runyeon (head of residence), Dick Miller, 
Herb Filusch. Standing: Robert M. Rodriguez, Pete Grumbling, Bob Giuliano, 
Joe Saggio, David Mingus, Frank Carlson. 


Social Council: Left to right, front row: John T. Kropf, Jim McCoy, Andy Perine 
(president), Dean Taylor, Don Fitzgerald, Kenny Horst. Back Row: Dan Yonker, 
Dennis Bielak, Gerald Warren, Don Malaga, Don Stringer, Norman B. Roberts, 
David Reed, Ralph Dunbar (advisor). 



It was early this year and the girl told her date, a freshman 
from Bryan Hall, that she had lived at Bryan the previous year. 
He saw that she was serious and he was stupefied. What he failed 
to realize was that the Bryan Hall men became the first group 
of male students ever to reside in a girl's dormitory. These students 
were lucky that they didn't have to climb the hill from East Green, 
that they had an elevator in the building and bath tubs. The 
mirrors in the hallways served no purpose whatsoever, except to see 
what was going behind you or, as has often happened, to find that 
the guy that was approaching you was your own reflection. 

With frequent parties, a fall and a spring formal, and a float 
entry in the Homecoming Parade, among other activities, 
these men were quite active socially. 


Scott House Council: Kneeling left to 
right: Charlotte Schwimmer, Ellie Rausch, 
Lorri Schultis, Margie Kobel, Emy Urb- 
ance, Eleanor Hall; Seated, Carolyn Can- 
tieny, Shirley Dobbs, Eleanor Earenfight, 
Carol Anthony, Liz Morris, Geri Brancato, 
Elaine Lee. Wilma Castrup (assistant resi- 
dent counselor), Glenna Lee Blosser, Mar- 
lene Weber, Harriet Anderson; Standing 
left to right; Carolyn Green, Lina Klein, 
Edee Reinker, Vee Estee, Norma Bennett, 
Myra Kemp, Lynn Phillips, Irma Scheid- 
linger, Sue McMurray, Marilyn Steck, 
Tootie Prahl, Carole Brandt, Helen Rey- 
nolds, Melva Minck, Dee Oczak, Dottie 


Girls have taken over Scoft Quad! 

Showing the faculty and administration just what the feminine 

touch had done to the massive housing unit used formerly by males, 

the residents held a tea last November, giving 350 guests 

an opportunity to inspect the dorm. 

Christmas, 1 954, will be long remembered by the girls of Scott — 

the caroling, a formal dance, and a Christmas 

banquet by candlelight. 

The theme of Scott Quad has been "You for Unity," and 

residents have worked together on projects and 

activities with this in mind. 

One particular project is especially important — the Pat Kelly 
Scholarship, in memory of the late resident counselor. 

Scott House Org: Sitting left to right: 
Vera Estee, Elaine Lee; Seated left to 
right Mary Jane Warner, Judy Lacey, 
Lynn Yurick, Nan Childs, Deane Snyder, 
Barbara Shaweker, Wilma Castrup (assist- 
ant resident counselor), Pat Finlen, Dolores 
Gerardi, Alice Carpenter; Standing left to 
right: Margaret McFarland, Susan Rono- 
heim, Carolyn Heffken, Karen Lockhart, 
Phyllis Logsdon, Donna Kindel, Lillian Pik- 
ula, Sally Hull, Ellen Connelly, Shirley 
Trainor, Relha Engle, Betsey Johnson, 
Janie Wisby, Eileen Hulderig. 



"Sally's Homecoming Queen!" 

The feminine scream announcing the results of the contest filled 
the halls of Howard Hall, expressing the enthusiasm of the 
residents of this housing unit as one of their girls "hit the top." 

Enthusiasm is perhaps a key word at Howard. The social 
undertakings — a Halloween party, the Tavern Dance, "Little Sister 
Weekend" — all reflect the mood of the lighthearted girls 
housed in the brick building on the corner of College and Union. 

to right, seated: Mary Louise Evans, Geneen Evans, Pat Duffy, Dolores Costello, (graduate assistant], Pat Bennett 

'President), Dorothy Brumbaugh (resident counselor], Marion Stinchecum (Vice President], 

Nancy Christner, Carol Lang, (graduate assistant), Judy Barnes; Standing: 

White, Carolyn Jacoby, Claudette Mohler, Mary Lawrence, Linda King, 


(treasurer], Dorothy Ruland. 

Elaine Mesec (secretary), Mary Rentsch 

Norma Stephenson, Cathy Cornett, Shirley white, Carolyn jacoDy, ^lauaerre iviomer, iviary Lawrence, unaa pong 
Beverle McKenzie, Glenna Whinnery, Claire Patterson, Helen Jones, Pauline Schwartz, Jene Ann Skin 

iarbara Linett, . 

Ann Downing, Joan Diehl, Helen Croutcher, Nancy Domer, Lorrie Girsch 




Lindley is more than a worn hat rack to the girls who live in 
the "miniature palace of Court Street." 

There are marks on the floor where others before them have walked, and 

the dorm's many traditions make life in such a unit more 

worthwhile. Marble Hall with its goodnight kisses, the winter formal, 

and the Cherry Pie Dance are just a few of the memorable and 

memory-evoking parts of dorm life, where girls of all races 

and creeds learn to live together in harmony. 

Among the projects of the girls at Lindley this year was a fall 

banquet honoring Rev. Jacob Lindley, Ohio University's 

first president, for whom the dormitory was named. Lindley resident 

Betsy Ross presented a flag in memory of him. 

Seated left to right: Sarah Schramm, Mary Lee, Jean Swisher, Sue Gibson, Judy Ewell, Pat Catanzaro, Esther Petlowany, 
Joanne Rusche. Standing: Jeanne Cohen, Ann Painter, Billie Howe, Juanita Bargahiser, Mary Lee Schupp, Jean Zerck- 
el, Justine Anderson, Belinda Harding, Barbara Defenbaugh, Barb Harding, Rita Nojonen, Dorothy Fliclc, Claire Nabors, 
Nancy Davis, Pat Greeney, Barbara Green, Kathy Lund, Betti Bairm. 


Seated left to right Miss Edna Dickison (resident counselor), Norma Franciscangeli (Vice President), Kathleen Slat- 
tery (President) Carol Gerwig, (Co-Social Chairman), Diane Corcelli (treasurer), Martha Kennedy (Secretary), 
Margie Chambers (Typing chairman), Miss Nancy Jones (graduate assistant), Jeannette Vorhis (Social Chairman), 
Standing: Jeanie Luongo (Freshman Representative), Margaret Granes (Corridor Chairman), Carol Hubbard, (Cor- 
ridor chairman), Judy Moses (Women's League Representative), Judith Salthouse (Art Chairman), Jacquelin Gray 
(Dining Room Chairman), Charlotte Vorhis (Corridor chairman), Adrienne Pomeroy (Corridor Chairman), Myra 
Kyle (House Manager), Cynthia Myers (Publicity Chairman), Rosemary Romano (Corridor Chairman), Dorothy 
Shallenberger (Fresh. Rep.), Ann Burltet (Music chairman), Christine Kay (librarian), Marie Peren (Scholarship 


The smallest dorm on campus is also the oldest dorm on campus, 
and claims to have the best-fed girls on campus! 

Housing approximately 100 women, Boyd takes part in some 

large-scale social activities. Occuring during the first 

heavy snowfall of winter, the formal dance following a theme of 

"Snowflake Fantasy" was appropriately named. Earlier in 

the year, residents had enjoyed a Lake Hope outing, 

Maggie Boyd Day, a carnival, and the Pink Elephant Night Club, 

a first semester open house. 


Left to right, seated: Judy Brandt, 
Hazel Koehne, Dorothy Creswell, 
Sally Apalalcian, Sue Stone, Ethel 
Moll (resident counselor), Paula 
Hayne (president), Gladys Bukow- 
ski , Carol Lakin, Beatrice Abren- 
ica. Standing: Sara Zebold, Ruth 
Murdock, Janis Dean, Jo Hilliard, 
Kit Stanton, Connie Binegar, Judy 
Dunn, Marcia Baron, Jean Hall, 
JoAnn Vance, Carolyn Chinn, 
Phyllis Hartshorn. 


Above the maze of rec rooms, lounges, offices, and 
the never-ceasing buzz of student activity, is the Center 
Dorm. Here there are no regulated quiet hours. And it 
isn't because of the blaring TV, the playing of the piano in 
the lounge downstairs. The girls are aware of the need for 
quiet when studying. 

The dorm has a home-like atmosphere. Everyone knows 
everyone else, the girls at the desk never ask the regular 
callers who they want. 

In more ways than one, these girls are on the top. They 
belong to the top classes, the highest combined point aver- 
age of the women's dormitories and they live on an upper 
story of the campus, it seems. 

Left to right, standing: Evelyn 
Trapp, Donna Riegler, Olga Mills, 
Miriam Mayer, Sue Latin, Cindy 
Van Leeuwen, Lois Laub, Mary 
Kay Jewell, Barbara Hilton, Jo- 
anne Shotwell, Rita Williams, 
Marie Davidson. Seated: Hayde 
M. de Oliveira, Ginny Haskins, 
Donna Goehring, Millicent Curtis, 
Dorothy Spechalske, Beverly She!- 
fler, Joan Looney, Evelyn Dailey, 
Rebecca Brooks, Ann Rogers. 



Amid the roar of construction, girls moved into Ohio 
University's newest dorm in September. The construction 
of Voigt, which is named in honor of Irma Elizabeth 
Voigt, Dean of Women at Ohio University for almost 40 
years, was begun less than a year after the dean's 
death in May 1953. 

The colonial design of the building adds an air of 
grandeur to the already spacious campus. The 195 girls 
who live there find relaxation and enjoyment 
in the lounges which have been the final touch of beauty. 

Activities of the dorm included Angel-Pixie 
Week, Dean Voigt Service Project Day, and the Winter 
Formal with the theme, "Rhapsody in Blue." 

Seated left to right: Margaret Catanzaro, Beverly Pennay (secretary), Rita Freiler (treasurer), 
Doris Piatt (president), Mrs. Forman (resident counselor), Shirley Babitt (vice-president), Janet 
Gray (assistant art chairman), Doris Goldman (art chairman), Gladys Leshlco (music chair- 
man), Nancy Philp, Yvonne Spotsman, Vicky Czuba; Standing: Phyllis Edelman, Delia Greco, 
Roberta Boyd, Lee Stauffer, Gerry Godby, Dot Burns, Marigene Pelouze, Nancy Pearce, Ann 
Noffsinger, Evelynn Doctors, Julie Shannon, Nancy Lee Smith, Betty Durivage, Charlotte Pastor, 
Carolyn Horn, Shirley Potter, Kay Latham, Terry Argie. 


Front row left to right: Georg- 
ia Trakas, Jan Buckholz, Julia 
Might, Robin Rankin, Carol 
Andrews, Eleanor Ewing; Back 
row: Sharon Kinder, Carol 
Meinen, Donna Ball, Gail 
Beckwith, Geraldine MacNeil, 
Juanita Hill, Gloria Luntz, 
Alice Frye. 


These are the little housing units, where the house is a home. There are 

either fourteen girls in one large room, or eighteen girls in a number 

of rooms. It is an experiment in community living in its truest form. 

"Who's resident counselor here?" . . . "Well, we really don't have a 

resident counselor. You see . . . Well, here she comes now." . . . 

A young woman who looks like the other residents walks in. 

She's the college proctor, an upperclass woman who steps into the role 

of housemother-confessor-and-best friend. 

In the cottages there is experienced an intimacy and family-like 

atmosphere which is not possible in large dorms. And girls 

who have lived in one of OU's four small housing units consider their 

time there valuable to their college careers. 


Seated on floor, left to right: Alice 
Hawkins, Pauline Leialoha, Fran- 
ces Beaver, Lauri Welch; Seated: 
Clara Tzangas, Trudy Lavender, 
Nancy Neth, Sally Hamilton, Bar- 
bara Stephenson; Standing: Helen 
Harman, Patricio Krupp, Alice 
Jacobs, Barbara Drakert, Marion 
Wolfe, Charlene Y. Smith, Jean- 
nine Gould, Gayle Iden, Nancy 

Kneeling left to right: Sara Mae 
Noble, Sue Yazel, Dorothy 
Hinkle, Jane Glasow, Eleanor 
McNutt, Jane Browning; Seated: 
Serena Sams, Mary Ondrus, 
Nancy Stefan (secretary), Donna 
Elsasser, (vice-president), Barb 
Zimmerman (president), Carol 
Feyes (treasurer), Standing: Pat- 
rica DeHays (advisor), Sharon 
Lee Oney, Donna Joan William- 
son, Annalee Graves, Janice 
Ann Chapman, Donna Dunn, 
Judith Dupuy, Margaret Swartz. 



From top of stairs working left-inside row: Barbara Amon, Sandra 
Johnson. Gabby Weiss, Julie Kuckerman, Carol Snell, Jane Maisch, 
LeVerne Shuster; Outside row — working down stairs around front 
of tree: Barbara Rice, Barbara Ward, Shirley Berg, Edith Aney 
(proctor), Jeanne Matson, Ellie Grady, Sharon Jo Bradley, Jody 
Hirsch, Ellie Andalora. 


One of the highest forms of society is to learn and 
play, to relax and absorb the lessons of life, at the 
same time. This is because life is both seriousness and 
laughter. And this is more so in the social life of a campus. 

Organizations, with groups of faces bleached in 
candle or fluorescent light, always have keenly etched 
horizons with well-defined aims. There are the ones that 
must hurdle barriers as well as shatter them. 
There are others where men sing, laugh, dream, construct, 
create and solve: groups with a common denominator, 
each fraction of the whole grasping a string of the 
same balanced rope. And always discussing big problems, 
the aesthetics with one foot in Bohemia. 

Dancing or discussing, light or serious, similar minds 
communicate common ideas and solve common 
problems. The next dance, history, the coming 
generations, education, the other side of the world, 
fashion, food — -the list is endless. And they will go on, 
though students will come and go, till the last 
of the voices echoes through the void. 

Seated left to right: Marilyn Paulsen, Virginia Hahne, Charles L. Smith, Julia J. Nehls, R. H. Gusteson, Fran Growhosky; 
Standing: Maurel Hunkins, Art Aspengren, Bob Strawser, John Schwab, Margaret M. Deppen. 


The CAC has a tremendous task to fulfill each year under 

the able guidance of Dean Margaret M. Deppen, it 

serves to supervise social groups, recognize new ones and 

approve budgets. It is also responsible for selecting 

staffs for the Athena and the OU Post and 

granting permission for special activities on campus. It 

is this organization that plans summer recreational 

programs and approves faculty advisors. 

Around their service the wheel of campus life revolves, 
guided by the strength of authoritative spokes. 





A completely new Student Council 
ushered in the 1954-55 year at OU, with a 


fall reorganization which included 


certain innovations. 


Student Council office hours, during 
which time students are asked to bring in 
questions and suggestions, were 
arranged to be held every afternoon. 
"Sound Off," a weekly radio show, is 
sponsored by Council for a discussion of 
campus problems. 

Annual events under the supervision 
of the group are Political Week, 
Campus Chest Week, Mothers' Weekend 
and special convos. 

Seated left to right: Elizabeth Corwin, John L Watson, Jean Zerckel, Marilyn Paulsen 
(Women's Vice President), Art Aspengren (President), John Schwab (Men's Vice Presi- 
dent), Donna Dunn (Secretary), Chuck Skipper, Frank Growhosky; Standing: James 
Bowling, Bob Strawser, Dean Hunkins, Pete Winter, Malcolm Klaiman. Don Hart. 



The two big jobs of coordinating all men's activities on the campus 
and governing the male population at Ohio University falls on 
Men's Union Planning Board. 

Two specific duties of the organization are the formation of the 
Men's Disciplinary Board and the newly organized student courts. 

MUPB also backs many all-campus events in the 1954-55 year, events 
which included the Freshman Mixer, the Registration Hop, the 
Homecoming parade and queen election, Migration Day, 
the Leadership Banquet, and the Leaders' Conference. 

The Foreign Students Loan Fund, providing emergency financial aid 
to the University's students from abroad, is directed by the 
planning board. 

Seated left to right: Bob dinger (Secretary), Dick Reid (Treasurer), Lou Spiegel (Vice President), Bob Strawser (President), 
Maurel Hunkins (Dean of Men); Standing: Ronald A. Bond, John Bowman, Bob Giuliano, James C. Cox, Donald E. Bobo, 
Richard A. Wagner, Dean Taylor, Dick Gal. 


Flouting the traditional women's place in the home, Women's 

League members play an active role in student government. Dorm 

closing hours, proper dress and rules of conduct are 

decided on by them. 

In addition, the League presents its annual recognition service in 

the spring. The outstanding leaders of every 

campus organization are honored at a special get-together. 

For the first time this year, a king was selected to reign over Coed 
Prom, when it is the girl's turn to take over the date, 

including expenses. 

Seated left to right: Dorothy Brumbaugh (Advisor), Margaret Catanzaro (Treasurer], 
Pat Kurtz, (Vice President), Fran Growhosky (President), Marilyn Swanton (Senate 
Secretary), Barbara Swan (Assembly Secretary), Margaret Deppen (Senate Advisor). 
Standing: Inez Peterson, Kay Woolfitt, Cecelia Wickley, Robin Rankin, Sally Carlson, 
Jean Rider, Bess Ann Earenfight, Rita Martin. 

I * 


Kneeling left to right: Tom Williams, Ralph Longer, Ron Nakatsuji, Frank Lee, Ray Abraham, Carl 
Muck, Elva Smith, Charles Pinney. Seated: Rudy Koletic, Dick Nel'is, Tom Balding, Art Aspengren, 
John Bier. Dick McQuillin, R. F. Beckert, Loyal Bemiller. Standing left to right: Simon Cohen, Ron- 
nie Hall, Ted Jackson, Al Banholzer, Charles Carpenter, Charles Marr, Mitch Samargya, Jay Horns- 
by, Jim Hall, John Callahan, Ellsworth Holden, 


Blue Key is a national service honorary and 
its services are seen in more than one phase of campus 
life. They usher at convocations, continually replace 
signs welcoming students to Ohio University 
("They have been found to be missing occasionally," 
one member said), and decorate the campus 
during Christmas, adding a beautiful touch to the 
Green during the festivities. 

They sponsor a Comic Field Day during Greek 
Week and the Inter-Fraternity Pledge Council 
dance. Blue Key also publishes the booklet about 
fraternities that freshmen receive 
before coming to school. 



First row left to right: Donald E. Bobo, Sam D. Greiner, Jerry 
Kinnane, Charles Carpenter, Professor Ralph F. Beckert, 
Joseph H. Dondo, Associate Professor William H. Fenzel, 
Ellsworth Holden, George Mitchel, Second Row: Dale Selzer, 
Benjamin Bader, Richard Robe. Third Row: James Dilley, 
Joseph Kail, Hugh Gillilon, Fourth row: Donald Huebner, John 
Wood, James Morey, Fifth row: John Schwab, Thomas Lee, 
John Watson, Sixth row: Lou Spiegel, Dick McQuillin. 

These are the honor fraternities that recognize 
outstanding achievements among seniors. Members of 
ODK, in ceremonial black robes, walk down the aisles 
at a function in Memorial Auditorium, tapping senior 
men. This year ODK sponsored an additional Home- 
coming Dance. 

Mortar Board consists of outstanding women who 
help students from abroad with their studies, hold a 
book sale Parisian style and act as hostesses to parents 
of prospective students. 


Seated left to right: Fran Growhosky, Shirley Babitt, Mary 
Lou Evans (President), Doris Sponseller (Advisor), Nada P. 
Bobo (Advisor), Rosemary Bernard (Advisor), Agnes Thornton, 
Mary Sue LaFollette. Standing: Margaret Sahlin, Sally Hallof, 
Margaret Catanzaro, Doris Piatt, Kay Woolfitt, Edna War- 
man, Elizabeth Corwin, Pat Kurtz, Alice Swaim. 

Seated led to right: Annette Bogardus, Marilyn Paulsen, June Noland, Lucile Phillips, Elaine Mesec, 
June Roseberry, Marilyn Steck. Standing: Sally Carlson, June Carter, Helen Crouthcher, Bea Gordon 
(Pesident), Hedy Henss. 



Chimes, National Honor Society for Jr. Women, acts as hostess to students coming to 

OU for the Ohio History examination, welcomes transfer students, secures rooms 

for visitors and entertains outstanding sophomores with a tea. 

Eleven is the mystic number of J-Club, for on the I Ith hour of the I 1th day of 

the llth month it taps II outstanding junior men for membership. Chief activity is a 

spring banquet before J-Prom. And the non-officers are elected members of an 

"honorary co-sub board of trustees." 

Seated left to right: Art Williams, Dick McQuillin, Ben Bader, Lou Spiegel (President), Don Hueb- 
ner, Tom Balding, Chuck Skipper. Second row: James E. Runyeon (Advisor), James N. Morley, 
George Appunn, Dick Nellis, David Moore, Larry Harper, Harvey Loeb, Thomas Lee. Third row: 
Art Aspengren, Jerry Kinnane, Peter Winter, James Dilley, Hank Roenigk, Bob dinger, Mitch 
Samargya, George Mitchell. 

2 <r. anOnn J§ 

First row left to right: Norma Stephenson, Alice WoKcale, Suzanne Colbert (President), Charlotte Schwimmer, Lorraine Girsch. 
Second row: Phyllis Peterson, Pat Golene, Carol Steuernagel, Mary Lou Redding, Carol Gerwig, Barbara Douglass, Mary Lee, 
Nelda Booth, Betty Rayner, Edna Way (Faculty Advisor). Third row: Nancy Zinkon, Alice Carpenter, Carolyn Cunningham. 
Virginia Higginbotham, Margaret Sergent, Kris Arndt, Sydney Overman, Charlotte Pastor, Cynthia Myers, Julia Shannon, 
Kay Sears, Dorothy Flick, Eileen Wickline, Rose Marie Magyar, Kay Woolfitt (Senior Advisor). 


Alpha Lambda Delta, the freshmen women's honorary, congratulated all freshmen women who had 
above a 3.0 in hopes of encouraging them to strive for a 3.5 and thus be eligible for membership in the 
organization. Initiation of new members, collecting furniture for foreign students and a tea for scholarship 
students are the fraternity's main activities. 


Freshman men in the know have realized that honoraries aren't just for upper classmen. Bids from Phi 
Eta Sigma are given to freshmen men with a 3.5 or above. Only Phi Beta Kappa requires a higher point 
average. Men of Phi Eta Sigma help with the annual Dean's List reception and promote scholarship in the 
freshman class. 

Left to right, front row: J. T. 
Kropf, Dick Gibson, Art Vermil- 
lion, Jay Gordonson, Marve Berg- 
er, Richard Gast, Jesse Lee, John 
Callahan, Dave Marr, Jim Bram- 
er. Second Row: Elsworth Holden, 
Harvey Loeb, Tom Balding, Har- 
ry Karzan, Charles Pinney (presi- 
dent), Clark Higgins. Back row: 
Sandy Gaffin, Jim Leonard, Dr. 
F. D. Kershner (adviser), Ben 
Gray, Mitch Samargya, Jim Dil- 
ley. Roman Schultz, John Hae- 
berle, Frank Daniels, Bill Taylor, 
Dave Baker. 



Promoting further knowledge of the opportunities in the field of 
home economics and promoting friendliness among the girls is the purpose 

of the Home Economics Club. 


Phi Upsilon Omicron, national professional organization of home 
economics, is made up of home economics majors who rank in the upper 

two-fifths of the sophomore class in scholarship. 

Holding as its main purpose the advance and promotion of 

home economics, the organization sends colored slides of the OU 

department to high schools in Ohio. 

Kneeling left to right: Ruth Murdock (Chaplain), Corinne Clutter. Seated: Rubye M. Macauley (Honorary), 
Valerie Jensen, Margaret Efland, Elaine Quillen, Arline Mcintosh, Mary Ann Lewis (Advisor], Marilyn 
Steck (President), Carol Boyd, Beverly Pennay, Jane Roseberry. 


Future society editors, feature editors, and public relations experts 
are represented in Theta Sigma Phi, national journalism 
fraternity for women. 

Speakers in many fields of writing appear at professional meetings 
throughout the year to give ideas of the 
problems the girls will meet in their careers. 

National project for the fraternity this year is the improvement 
of literature and comic books. 

Among the undertakings of the group are the tea for freshman 
women interested in journalism, and a conducted tour of the 
Ohio University School of Journalism for visiting high school seniors in 
the spring. 

Seated left to right: Mary Lou Evans, Julie Sturgiss. Mrs. L. N. Hortin and Vera W. 
Gillespie (Advisers], Bess Ann Earenfight (President), Beverly Chain. Standing: Evelyn 
Trapp, Jeanne S. Hunter, Dotty Brozovich, Betty Durivage, Helen Sutton, June Noland, 
Marilyn Ristau, Joanne Rusche, June Roseberry. 


Seated left to right: Dave Beato, Don Winkler, Ronald Aungst, Ahmed Essa, Ralph Brem (president), L. J. Hortin (adviser), 
Robert dinger, Don Mitovich, Jr., Frank Carlson, Evangelos Kofou. Standing left to right: Mel Slotchoff, Paul Radder, Doug 
Walker, Carl Hutchison, Ridge Shannon, Willard Smith, Ralph Kliesch, Jim Thorn, Andy Chonko, Tom Kuby, Larry Harper, 
Phil Peters, Jim Russell. 


Sigma Delta Chi at Ohio University does things in a big way. 

The local chapter had the largest undergraduate delegation at the 
professional journalism's national convention in Columbus last fall. 

The annual Newspaper Ball, sponsored by the fraternity, was the first 
major event of the year. 

Students can thank Sigma Delta Chi for the desk blotters printed 
with campus calendars which are distributed in registration lines, as well 
as for the Freshman handbooks which were given to 2200 
first year students last fall. 

Also a project of the fraternity was the Student Publications 
Clinic held early in second semester. 

Prominent journalists speak at the meetings of the group, which 
was established at OU in 1930. 



White letters on a black background spell out the names of the 
organizations meeting this week in the Center . . . Complaints have arisen 
concerning the use of the game room ... An art exhibit is hung 
in the hallway of second floor . . . Music ushers forth from the ballroom 
as a semi-formal dance is in progress . . . 

All these activities, plus many others — including sports, recreation, 
and social activities, are registered with the OU Center Program Board. 

All members of the board, with the exception of the director, 
are students who know what is wanted in the Center by other 
students, and see that it is accomplished. 

First row left to right: David Kamchi, Janice Bixler, Dick Fowler, David Moore, Ann Bogarders, Leila Merrill, Jerry Lyons. 
Second row: Marlene Johnson, Mary Lou Redding, Suzanne Colbert, Phyllis Peterson, Martha Rauschenburger, Marilyn John- 
son, Carol Rakin, Suzie Seyfred, Sylvia Polhamus, Joen Kauer, Elizabeth Kurtz, Mary Ann Clark. Third row: Norman B. 
Roberts, Chuck Skipper, Dick Lotto, Larry Harper, Ron Tompkins, Bill Griffin, Ralph E. Kliesch. 


♦ * 

^ t 

Left to right, sitting: Dale Selzer (president), Dick Robe, Dr. R. C. Quisenberry, Lewis F. Hicks, Ahmin Ali, 
Ben Bader, Jesse Lee, Herb Filuscn. Standing: Jim Leonard, Wayne Krause, Tom Lee, Bob Dennison, Don 
Bobo, Sam Greiner, Earl Barnes, John Urban, LeRoy Martin, John Edwards. 


Tau Beta Phi, national honorary society for engineers, annually gives to its outstanding member a cash 
prize and plaque. 

Pledges are invited twice a year into the organization. 


Stimulating interest in their field through technical movies and speakers from industry is the purpose 
of the members of the Ohio University Chemical Society. 

Conducting a tour of the chemistry department is a project for Mothers' Weekend. 

First row left to right: Robert Pen- 
rose, Rodney Hughes, Jim Waltz, 
Gail Beckwith, Retho Engle, Mar- 
garet McFarland. Marian Petzel, 
Russell Stinson, Don Eros. Second 
row: Severance Kelley, Phil Col- 
lins, Christina Kay, Ron Gillilan, 
Barbara Raush, Louis Waniclti, 
Ray Christman, Gene Westen- 
barger, Paul Lehman. Third row: 
Marilyn Hahtes, Leah Elmer, Bob 
Lock, Bob Utz, James Hunter, 
Joy Gordonson, Marian Berger, 
Robert S. Kline. Fourth row: 
Thomas H. Curry, William Hunts- 
man, George B. Mitchell, Robert 
F. Sympson, Jody McPherson, 
Judy Stuchul. Gordon E. Harfzell, 
Jerry Yates, Jim Ratcliff, Robert 
Dovidow. Filth row: Robert K. 
Ingham, Marian Smallegan, 
Charles A. Waltz. Ellis Heap', C. 
T. Bole, J. C. George, Jr., Elmer 
L. Williams. H. L. Dunlap. Milce 
Mc Kin ley, Victor C. Solomon, 
Emery Pleszlco, Louis Knouse, 
Joseph Denham, David L. Steah- 
ly, Charles Serpan. 


When engineering students gather, you can make 
certain that the product of their activities will be planned, 
precise, and well-calculated, and these terms 
appropriately describe the undertakings of the OU 
Chapter of the Ohio Society of Professional Engineers. 

Not wishing to limit their activities to social 
functions alone, such as the annual Engineers' Ball, the 
society learns through taking field trips to industrial 
centers and listening to reknown engineers 
at their meetings. 

An annual open house for high school students in 
the spring is among the projects of the group, 
and delegates are sent to the yearly convention in 

Seated left to right: Edward Sterling, Jerry Hicks, Ned Keiber, Don Lundstrom, Dan Turner, Ron Price, Jim 
Campbell, Jim French. Standing: William Schlauch, Bob Richmond, George Arthur, John Gilliland, John 
Sackl, David Dever, John Dunn, Sam McCarty, Donald Bobo, Ernest Anderson, Richard Harnar, Benjamin 
Bader (President), Woyne Krause, Paul E. Bandy, Hugh A. Watkins, Gaylen Kline, Donald K. Grierson, Tom 
Oatman, Paul Harlamert, Jr., Bob Beltz, Art Foltz, Hap Shariblin, Jim Jamieson. 


Seated left to right: Jim Dilley, Alice 
Swaim (President), L. C. Staats, (Faculty 
Advisor), Paula Hayne, Standing: Thomas 
J. Smith, Alice L. Wolfcale, Marjorie 
Moore, Fran Growhosky, Carl Musacchio. 


Tau Kappa Alpha, national forensic honorary, has an active chapter at OU, for its members have 
captured state titles in some of the year's most important debate tournaments. 

This includes both the women's and men's (invitational) Ohio State tournaments. 


Hands create — two pieces of metal are sewn together with needles of fire — wood becomes a table leg, 

clay becomes a vase. 

Members of the Industrial Arts Club are familiar with this type of creativity, and join together with this 

mutual familiarity in mind. 

Seated left to right: Franklin Tice, 
Herold L Brown, Jr., Frank Bar- 
tholow, William Wolf, John 
Lanman (President), William Wal- 
lar, Jerry Galvin, Paul McLaugh- 
lin. Standing: Richard P. Hamlin, 
Robert A. Wendt, Robert I. Elsea, 
Gerard Guenther, Don Stringer, 
Robert Alexander, Berlin Bruns, 
Don Perry (Faculty Advisor), Mar- 
cus Albright, Rick Gordon, Ervin 

Seated left to right: Bob Di Cioccio, Jim Leonard, Tom Samuels, Ernest Anderson, Donald Hart 
(Chairman), Wayne Krause, L F. Hicks (Honorary Chairman), Jesse B. Lee, Charles Kittle, John 
Bock. Standing: Louis Riekert, James Sultsman. Dick Brown, Benjamin Bader, Al Banholzer, Richard 
Sulkoske, Dick Zelina, Tom Oatman, Don Lundstrom, Bob Richmond, Mike Urich, Bob Beltz, Tho 
burn Kelley, David Hughes, George Stevenson. 


A special trip to Toronto, Canada was a highlight of the year for the OU chapter of the ASME. 

Meetings of the group give members a chance to hear reknown engineers and to see technical movies 

which broaden their education. 


Started two years ago the American Society of Civil Engineers began to provide opportunity for further 
development in the field and for beginning professional associations. 

The North Central Conference of student chapters is an annual feature of the ASCE schedule. 

Seated left to right: George Batcho, John Raiser, Dick Robe, Earl Scyoc, E. H. Gaylord 
(Faculty Advisor), Bob Cunning (President), Irvin P. Badger (Honorary Member), Tony Mor- 
rone, Jim French, Wayne Grierson, John Loxley, Thomas N. Perrelli. Standing: Hap Sham- 
blin, Roger Hadley, Dave Heinrich. Roman Scholtz, Ralph Milano, John Sack, William R. 
Stoos, Robert Frederick, Dave Lambert, Mike Greene, Raymond Meyers, Dan Turner, Bob 
Emmons, Dick Fox, Ted Newsome, W. S. Kelly, Gerald Brammer. 


Q £> © 


& -<-- 


Executive Board, Front row left to right: Edee Reinker, 
Mary Bernard, Joyce Bachtis. Second row: Kay Foxall, 
Dietz Dengler (President), Dorty Spechalske, Nancy Van 
Der Werf, Dotty Hassfeld, Pat Schneider. 


More members than ever before is the important factor which has enabled the Women's Recreation 
to carry out its many activities with the spirit of sportsmanship present in all undertakings. 

Besides the usual overnights, playdays, and dances, this year's schedule included a Talent Show which was an 

annual event on the program of this active campus group. 

Cabin Board, First row left to right: Natalie 
Smith, Sue Clark, Billie Howe. Second row: 
Dorty Spechalske, Dottie Hassfeld (Chair- 
man), Kay Mergler, Nancy Chappelear. 

Standing left to right: Hazel Koehne, Barb 
Zupko, Kay Mergler, Nancy Van der Werf. 
Seated: Sue Clark. Kay Foxall, Billie Howe, 
Edie Reinker, Pat Greene, Joyce Bachtis. 
Front row: Alice Bartner, Shirley Guisinger. 

Tennis Club: Seated on floor, (left to right): Hazel Koehne. Haydei Oliveira, Barbara Zupko, Kay 
Mergler, Nancy Van Der Were. Seated: Sue Clark, Kay Foxoll. Wilella Howe, Edee Reinker, Pat 
Greeney, Joyce Bachtis, Standing: Alice Bartmer, Shirley Guisinger. 

<A0 § 


Flying O, left to right: Mary Bernard, Shirley Gui- 
singer, Dorty Spechalske, Edee Reinker, Dietz Deng- 

Sorority Sports Board: Left to right. Seated on floor: Janet 
Kapl, Sandy Baron, Erika Uhl. Seated: Pat Schneider, Bev- 
erly Black, Jerry Beack, Betty Clark, Mariene Weber, Tish 
Corbin, Judy Lacey. 


Left to right, seated on floor: Joe Saggio, Frank Nixon, Paul Kroh. John Evans, Dick Nellis. Seated: John G. Bier, 
Howard Hoehn, Tom Richmond, Tom Hartley, Paul G. Cowen, Jim Leonard, Tom Biskup, Chuck Bell, Bill Frederick, 
Bob Bartels. Standing: Jack Watkins, Ron Weaver, Don Lundstrom, John Capella, Roger Fenneman, Dave Lundberg 
Tad Potter, Dave Moore, Don Michael, Dick Fishbaugh, John Pangle, Jim Barkdull. 


Does it sound strange that basketball players should be wearing 
boxing gloves? Not at all when you realize that this is just one 
of the halftime entertainments, among other activities, provided by 
Varsity O, OU's lettermen organization. 


Water ballet and synchronized swimming are just a part of the 
activities of the Finnettes on a Wednesday evening. These 
"junior Dolphins" practice long hours to join the Dolphins in the 
annual show. 

Left to righf, first row: Sue Clark. Second row: Alice Jacobs, Sonya Donlan, Polly Sims. Third row: Barb Finlen, Julie Simmons, Lynn Carlson, 
Ange Stanford, Lora Rose, Judy Maurer. Fourth row: Mabel Nixon, Eleanor Hall, Margaret Gibson, Cherry Braun, Natalie Smith, Alicia 
Crow, Linda Van Arsdale, Lou Schaefer, Tula Macos. Fifth row: Marge Gordon, Noreen Rowlens. Marlene Thokey, Emma Lou Robanic, 
Carol Wilson, Barb Hughes, Mary Alice Wolfe, Zoe Bargdill. Sixth row: Judy Draves, Edith Mattiot, Ann McMillan (president), Barb Joyce, 
Ruth Gilbert, Lucille Kass, Jean Newell, Nancy Minto, Pat Finlen. Sue McMurray, Laura Moehl. 



fhe main purpose of the Dolphin Club is to promote an interest 
in synchronized swimming, diving, and water ballet. 

Activities in the club include a party with the swimming 

team, initiation of new members and practices 

for their annual water show. 

This water show is the biggest event of the year for the Dolphins 

and a lot of constructive thinking and plain hard work go 

into this production. This is usually held at the 

beginning of second semester. 

On low board (left to right): Beverly Sommerfeld, Marilyn Horig, Betty Snow, Barb Morgan, Jeanne Fell, Alice 
Bartmer, Beverly Black, Tish Corbin, Gail Barton, Shirley Ryan, Joan Baker, Elsie Cobb. On ladder: Peggy Stanford, 
Marlene Davis, Anne Hubbard, Karen Erdmann (president). On high board: Joan Buzzard, Justine Anderson, Dotty 
Hassfeld, Lina Klein, Peggy Raub, Liz Morris, Barbara Schmuck, Nancy Smith, Judy Holmes, Jo Hilliard, Carol Lee 
Myers. Kay Manuel (adviser). 


First row (left to right): Carol Ger- 
wig, Molly Sanborn, Eileen Wiclc- 
line, Martha Jean Gc.ber, Liz 
Morris, Charlotte Pastor, Marjorie 
Kobel. Second row: Charles Kari- 
kas, Richard Fox, William Carter, 
Evelyn Dailey, Larry Thornton, 
Paul Murphy, Henry Traub. 


The O.U. chapter of Eta Sigma Phi, national classical languages 
honorary fraternity, plays an important part in the activities of 
Athens County high schools, by giving awards to outstanding classical 
language students in the high schools from which present members came. 


Round-table discussions were conducted this year at the weekly 
testimonial meetings of the Christian Science Organization. 
Prominent lecturers came to speak on the beliefs and principles of Science, 
helping the students to solve every-day problems and learn 
more about their group. 

Seated (left to right) Dave Beato, Ron Stockwell, 
Leighton Conkling, Warren Worthley, Marela 
Segesman. Standing: Shirley Redding, Barry 
Swisher, Bev Mackenzie, Marilyn Bell, Bob 
Ererick, Juliann Schuster, Linda Conkling. 


Left to right, first row: George B. Mit- 
chell, Mary-Chase Clark, Faith Anne 
Nason, Marian Smallegan, advisor; the 
Rev. Phil Porter, Jr., Joanne Rusche. 
president; Janet Zebold, Kay Latham, 
Larry Larson. Second row: Joseph 
Cranor. George Cooper, Robert Wick- 
ham, Jim Chaffee, Victor Siexas. Judy 
Ewell, Lou Anewalt, Marion Stiuchecum, 
Shirley White, Anita White, Sally Wing, 
Pat Butterfield, Dove Dieterly, Bill Ficch- 


Canterbury Club is a church organization for Episcopal and Greek 
Orthodox students. An important part of campus life, Canterbury 
Club seeks to strengthen the Christian commitment of students within the 
Church and to present problems in a mature manner to those 
seeking understanding. 


Mid-Week Chapel, religious radio programs, and Faith in Action 
Week, were just some of the many activities sponsored by Campus 
Religious Council. The council is made up of the various religious groups 
on campus, and seeks to foster fellowship among the 
different organizations. 

First row (left to right) Art Vermillion, Hugh Gillilan, president; Doris Roth, Malcolm Klaiman, Jacob Mirriss. 
Second row: Virginia Stoner, Terry Perkins, Gordie Keller, Dave Bowman, Barbara Schumm. Third row; Rev. 
George Oerke, Eileen Wickline, William Philabaum, Phil Henderson, Paul Stockman, Bob Schmeding, Marian 
Smallegan, Bob Gaebler. 


A scene (rom the Wesley Choir and Players production 

of Mrs. Eusibia Hunldns' "Wondrous Love," a mountain 

choral drama of the nativity. 


Song sessions, weekly vespers and fellowship suppers were just a 
small part of the Wesley agenda this year. Members wrote for "Torch, 
and sang in the Wesley Choir. This year, the Choir made its 
eighth annual spring tour through Ohio. 

The program is also highlighted by the spring, fall and mid-winter 
retreats. These weekends away from the campus allowed serious 
thought as well as laughter and fun, and a closer bond was achieved 
through a warm comradeship of fellow-beings. 

The Foundation helps churches, the children's home and other in- 
stitutions by repairing furniture, painting and in many other ways. 




Kneeling (left to right): Norma Stephenson, Janeen Harper, Helen 
Lehman, Mary Sue LaFollette, Judy Kelley. Seated: Marjorie Kobel, 
Sandra Bedacht, Marilyn Paulsen, Elaine Quillen, Jean Hall, Billie 
Cranford. Standing: Maxine Rose, Rosemary Bernard (sponsor), Patricia 
Synan, Barbara Defenbaugh, Ginny Haskins, Annie Holden, Barbara 
Williams, Barabara Setty. 


"Every Methodist woman in the university world today, a leader in 

the Church of tomorrow", is the purpose of Kappa Phi which 

is the club for Methodist preference college women. Kappa Phi is a 

National organization which has forty chapters throughout the 

country; Phi chapter was founded at Ohio University in 1928. 

Girls are pledged twice a year, and a Rose Tea is given in 
their honor. These girls send gifts to children in Korea and aid a 

missionary in Pakistan. 



In 1925, a group of men appreciated the need for a closer Christian 

fellowship among men of Methodist preference, and organized 

the national religious fraternity which is now known by the name, 

Sigma Theta Epsilon. This group believes it can do much to stimulate 

the development of high moral standard among college men. 

The motto of the fraternity, "We are workers together with God 
through the church", gives direction to their activities. 

First row, (left to right]: Dan Santee, William Cutler, Karl Fleshman, Ned Fogle, Randy Phillips, Dick Robe, Neal Hearn, 
Mitsuo Nakanishi, William Kistler, Robert Neff. Second row: George Kaut, Bill Robinette, Thomas Bush, Harry Combes, Don- 
ald Hesson, Roger Frazer, Richard Hole, Keith Johnson, Kenneth Fisher, Rev. George Oerke. Third row: Richard Robson, 
Thad Pickenpaugh, Howard Cozart, Edward Noble, Charles Speaks, Roy Ervin, George Herren, Ellsworth Holden, Jack 
Tibbitts, Bob Gardner, Bernie Hickman, Hugh Gillilan, Jerry Thompson, John Faiser, Hap Shamblin. 


Seated (left to right): Merelyn Pellett, Julia Kuckherman. Jean Boetticher, George W. Sands, JoAnn Sylvester, Vicky 
Czuba, Ruth Curry, Bill Wallar, Joy Steward, Mary Louise Evans, Mono Tryon, Leo Dean, Anne Siemon. Standing: 
John Mitchell, Larry M. Scriven, Evert Bergdahl, David J. Kurtz, Fred Stehr, Peery V. Elswick, Larry Thornton, Barbara 
Ward, Bill Taylor, Dan Turner, Eleanor Dailey, Ruth Ellen Sands. 


Centered around the newly remodeled Westminster House on 
College Street, the Foundation's activities were many and varied this 
year. One of the most important was the dedication of the house, which 
members helped to clean up, paint and furnish in their spare time. 

The annual Upper Room Supper was the most significant event, 
while more informal gatherings and the weekly Sunday evening suppers 
were included in the schedule. 

Seated (left to right): Janet Gray, Alice Lee Wright, Bette Cable, Jean Eberhart, Joanne Ladd, Rev. Chet Marquis, 
In Mook Lee, Mani Bloch, Eleanor Ewing, Juanita Hill, M. Carolyn Blazer. Standing: Georgia Thomsen, Chloe Wood- 
ard, Peggy Raub, Jim Dilley, Eula Emmons. Robert Emmons, Ernest Anderson, Grace Goodwin, Nancy Lovet 
Christine Welch. 



Under its new directorship and its new president, Hillel became 
increasingly active this year. Religious services, forums, faculty 
discussions, parties, and informal gatherings have been a part of its 
weekly agenda. 

The newly instituted High-Holy Day services were one of its most 
important events. Other activities include publication af a small 

First row, (left to right): Ruth Smith, Ellen Berg, Bette Klein, Bette Tanenbaum, 
Judith Bloch. Second row: Donald Miller, Martin Shiftman, Malcolm Klai- 
man, Sanford Himmel, Dr. Morton Benson. Third row: Sandra Segall, Eleanor 
Small, llene Baskind, Joan Feldhan, Paula Podolsky, Barbaro Lew, Shirley 
Brody, Barbara Hahn, Rita Lefko. Fourth row: Gordon Hirsch, Arthur Kittay, 
Jean Press, Gabby Weiss, Ann Bordon, Tamara Tamaroff, Jeanne Cohen, 
Sherwood Goldstein, Howard Prigosin. 

OFFICERS: Seated on floor (left to right): Jean- 
ne Cohen, Gabby Weiss, Jean Pre^s. Seated: 

Donald Miller, Martin Shiftman, Malcolm Klai- 
man, President: Sanford Himmel, Dr. Morion 
Benson, Advisor. 


Seated (left to right): Carol Gerwig, Margie Chambers, Beverly Mollman, Marilyn Woods, President; Chloe Woodard, 
Mary Louise Evans, Jean Carol Hurlbut, Mrs. Chester Marquis, Adviser. Standing: Kate Mathias, Jean Boetticher, Kay 
Smith, Marilyn Steck, Pat Peterson, Joe Willis, Jo Ann Hayes, Joyce Burnett, Dorothy Crafts, Barbara L. Wendt, Sara F. 
Zebold, Mimi Farmer, Marilyn Kurtz, June Roseberry, Ann Whitmore, Dolores Justus, Jene Ann Skinner, Phyllis Logsdon, 
Judith Salthouse. 


This year was an especially memorable one for the girls of Phi Chi Delta, Presbyterian women's 
sorority, for they moved into their new meeting room at the Westminster House. Special parties and 
meetings were among their activities. 


The Lutheran Student Association stressed both the religious as well as the social aspect of life in their 
functions. The members enjoyed their fellowship which better prepared them for their days after college life. 

Seated, (left to right): Shirley Potter, William Moloney, Ellie Rausch, Fred Yoder, Mary Gehring. Second row, Wilda 
Heldman, Connie McClure, Delores Dey, William Stoos, Marilee Greer, Clyde Zarkos, Janet Duke, Ross Paulson, President. 
Third row, Don Gregory, Bob Schmeding, Advisor; Dick Gardner, Jack Nemec, Bob Wendt. 







Officers: left to right; Diane Corcelli, Barbara Harasimik, Patricia Josten, Patricia Cleary, 
Ralph F. Becker I, Advisor; Father Jon B. Kish, Chaplain; Robert Karaffa, President; Delia Greco, 
Toni Hauer. 


Nearly everyone on campus is familiar with one of the 
Newman Club functions: their big annual spaghetti 
dinner. Besides this one activity, these Catholic men and women 
held religious meetings, communion dinners, a Christmas 
Formal, and the Newman Club-Phi Kappa 
Retreat held in early spring. 

The purpose of this organization is to provide intellectual, 
spiritual, moral and social development for its members. 

Kneeling (left to right): Dick Fischer, Jack 
Kouempelman, Lou Bodnar, Thomas Kyanko, 
Bill Loftus, Art Millin. Seated; Carole Fray. 
Marga r et Graves, Carol McCormick, Ann 
Ziepler, Gloria Vangor, Flo Eppele, Helen 
Koehler, Kathleen Hegyes, Jeanie Luongo. 
Standing; Ken Cummings, Joe Kocab, Jerry 
Novak, Bernard Zarnick, George Batcho, Ray 
Abraham, Dick Fox, Herb Wagner, Phil 

Seated (left to right): Marianne Vendely, Jill 
Sovilla, Eleanor Gurley, Elnorah Grady, Kath- 
leen Foley, Rose Marie Magya, Key Sergin, 
Pat Hogan, Connie Ewasser. Standing; 
Richard Kindel, Carolyn Lawler, Pat Golene, 
Mary Lou Wolf, Jean Bartholomew, Jo 
Bowers, Marilyn Fctierer, Bernice Huber, 
Boyd Ulbrick. 


Seated (left to right); Nicholas Neidich, Martin B. Perry, Arthur Vermillion, (President), William 
Gill, Barry Nauts, M. T. Vermillion, Burton W. DeVeau. P. Clarence Parker. Standing; Ken Evans, 
Chuck Evans, Oran Faris, Nelson Woodruff, Melvin Wells, Arthur Ross, Arthur Pallon, John Clark, 
Bill Robinette, Ben Fossett, John Devol. 

One of the services of the YMCA is the book exchange: the 
selling of books for students. The overall purpose of the Y is sought 
through a program of worship, study and action leading to a 
fuller realization of the Christian faith. 


The Fellowship this year maintained not only an active religious 

schedule, but a well-rounded social and recreational program as well. 

With Friday evenings devoted to socials, Sunday nights 

were usually devoted to religious meetings. 

First row left to right: Terry Perkins. Beverly 
Sheflier, Janice Roush, Ann Rogers, Clara 
Oatman, Monio Lee Vermillion, June No- 
land, Harriett Berry. Second row: Bill 
Hunter, Phil Kramer, Frances Gruber, Mel- 
vin Wells. Donna Gyor. Chuclc Zimmer, 
Gail Willoughby, Don Seward. Norma 
Folio, David Lucas. Third row: George 
Drach (Advisor), Herold L. Brown, Jr., 
Corinne Clutter, Marilyn Viewers, Elizabeth 
Ours, Tom Sandell, Ron Price, Marilyn 
Borden, Dan Turner. Fourth row: Donald R. 
Williams, Larry E. Shilling, Alan F. Milacle, 
Charles Marr, Robert Kirsop, Arthur Ver- 
million ( President) , Rev. Howard Moody 
(State Director Ohio Northern Baptist Stu- 
dents), Virginia Arnold, Bill Philabaum. 


Campus activities are not the only ones in which 
members of the YWCA are interested, for their help 
projects reach many people less fortunate than 
themselves and show a small part of the warm spirit of the 
group. Children especially benefit from the YW's 
Christmas and spring clothing drives and the party for 
boys and girls of the Children's Home. 

However, the organization assumes its place on 
campus with its annual First Nighter Party for 
incoming freshman women, Prep Follies in the spring, and 
interesting panel discussions throughout the year. 

Seated (left to right): Betty Lou Hayes, Virginia Huerkamp, Erma I. Anderson, Bea Gor- 
don, Edith A. Wray, Sharon Gamwell, Hedy Henss. Standing; Helen Clark, Dietz Deng- 
ler, Mary Jane Hawn, Sally Henderson, Corky Clarke, Margene Gilson, Tish Corbin, 
Martha Dee Morrison, Marigene Pelouze, Freddie Naragas, Marilyn Paulsen, Georgia 


In foreground, Charles Minelli, adviser. Left to right, sitting: John Epperly, John Mitchell, 
Don Haddad, Myron Aaronson, John Sommers. Standing: Paul McLaughlin, Norm Lan- 
ning, Charles Atkinson, Charles Marr, Wm. J. Shepherd, Leroy McBane, Severance 
Kelly, Richard Randall. 


Kappa Kappa Psi, national music honorary, was formed to promote 
unity which would create a greater university band. 

Members are chosen on the basis of their musical abilities. 


Presenting concerts in neighboring communities, co-sponsoring the 
American Music concert, and contributing to the musical instruments and 
lessons fund for Korean children, Phi Mu Alpha, musical service 
fraternity, increased music appreciation on both local and international 

First rov/ (left to right): Bernard Madej, Norm Lanning, Donald Haddad, Ray Barrick, David 
Noble, William Gill, Charles Atkinson, John Sommers, William Brophy. Second row: David 
Wenner, Allan Zinn, John Epperly, Bill Shepherd, Dick Randall, LeRoy McBane, Larry Kozak, 
John Mitchell, Earl St.ahl, Charles Marr, P. L. Pe.erson, George Muns. 


Front row, left to right: Sarah Schramm, Ronna 
Vollmer, Carol Rice, Alice Lee Wright. Second 
row: Helen Koehler, Betty Raynor, Patty Glenn, 
Martha Dee Morrison, Ruth Curry, Margie Mc- 
Cormick, Irene Dahmer, Edna Warman, Dorothy 
Ruland, Gala Haines, Sheila George. 


All Ohio State Day, when 
national and province officers 
and representatives from 
ten Ohio Chapters of Sigma 
Alpha lota met in Athens, 
and an American Musicale, 
presented in conjunction with 
Phi Mu Alpha, were the 
highlights of Sigma Alpha lota 
this year. SAI is the women's 
music honorary. 

The OU Chorus had a big session this year. In 
addition to the Christmas Convo and Spring Concert — 
conducted by Dr. Dohnanyi — there was the President's 
Convo, the OEA State Meeting and the Special 
Sesquicentennial Convocation. The program was one 
which fulfilled in every sense the aim of the Chorus; 
the singing of good choral music. 



There is a power in men's voices 
when the singing is in unison. This is 
specially so in the case of the Men's 
Glee Club, whose voices the campus is 
familiar with. You hear them when you 
pass by the Music Hall or when there 
is a concert in Memorial Auditorium. 
Their voices reached beyond the 
campus when they made their tour in 
addition to their regular concerts. 

Under the directorship of Dr. 
Philip Peterson, another year-mark has 
been added to the Club's career. 


First row left to right: Linda Conkling, Mary Chase Clark, Nancy Gordon, Carolyn 
Collins, Mary Baldwin, Nancy Blackwood, Sara Zebold, Pat Madden (President), 
Pauline Leialoha. Second row: Evangeline Merritt (Director), Yvonne Maier, Ruth 
Beaver, Elizabeth Troup, Ann Burket, Marlene Bumgardner, Carole Sabrack, Gala 
Haines, Carol Dvorak, Peg Jones. Third row: Gloria McLelland, Martha Jean Gerber 
Esther Noble, Connie Binegar, Kenna Copeland, Carol Hylbert, Elnyr Moore, Helen 
Butterfield, Mary Jane Markell, Patti Hurt). 

Miss Evangeline Merritt, director of the 

Women's Glee Club, has an apparently simple 

recipe she uses constantly. She takes a woman's 

sweet voice, adds another and yet another; 

adding until she has the right blend. She 

puts them together with a dash of "feeling" 

and of "spirit." And she gives the campus 

the Women's Glee Club. 

These girls have won their way into the 

hearts of everyone who has heard them. 

But behind their singing is a wonderful activity 

in which students are brought together and 

learn to work with one another. 




The power of music is indeed great and 

these talented and hardworking members of the 

OU Symphony Orchestra endeavor to prove 

it in their semi annual concerts. Highlighting 

the year for the group was the special program 

for Mothers' Weekend. 

Dr. Ernst von Dohnanyi, noted composer, 

conductor, and pianist, returned to the campus 

to serve as guest conductor for the occasion. 

The orchestra is under the baton of 
Deforest Ingerham and Karl Ahrendt. 



The auditorium gradually became quiet as the applause 
died down and the man struck up the band. They played 
two marches composed by the man himself. He was Capt. 
Thomas F. Darcy, retired director of the U. S. Army Band. 

This is one of the many phases in the life of the Ohio 
University Band. You first see the Band at the football 
game where they liven up the half-time, playing and making 
formations. They add zest to the pep rallies and play at 
basketball and other games. They perform at concerts both 
on the campus and on tour. And, as always, it is the leading 
figure who stands out and guides and coaches and conducts: 
Charles Minelli. The final tribute is his! 


Charles Minelli (Advisor), Janet Miller 
(President), Edna Warman, Dorothy 
Minelli, Harriett Sapp, Nancy Pearce, 
Janis Davis, Helen Koehler, Dort Ru- 
land, Barb Harding, Belinda Harding, 
Marilyn Kroft, Carole Frey, Billie Howe, 
Ruth Sands, Margie Chambers, Sarah 

Once a year, all the high school bands in the 
vicinity march down the streets of Athens to the 
stadium. They vary in more ways than one: the different 
colors, costumes and formations. And the 
organization responsible for the High School Band 
Day is Tau Beta Sigma, national honorary 
band sorority. 



"Here comes the band!" Although we have heard 

these words again and again, there is still that lifting 

of the heart when we hear the music in the distance. 

And as the band approaches and the music gets 

louder we are lifted into a world away from everyday 

life, the world of music. The band passes and the 

crowd seems to tremble with the sounds of the drums 

and the blaring of the trumpets. And today, there is 

the added attraction when the members of the band 

smoothly glide into formations as they play. It is 

a great feeling to see and hear them. 




. ..ujjjjjj-v 

Seated left to right: Sonia 
Nylen, Cloryce Hunter. R. F. 
Beckert, E. E. Ray, Doris 
Sponseller, Macil Via, W. H. 
Fenzel, W. H. Reininga (Ad- 
viser), John R. Schwab. 
Standing: Garland Tatter- 
son, John Medovich, Gary 
Bassin, Harry Kessel (Presi- 
dent), Michael Samargya. 


Experience and opportunity are valuable 
and Beta Alpha Psi, national accounting 
honorary, recognizes this fact. It provides 
its members with experience in speaking be- 
fore groups and in writing and opportunity 
to meet, hear and talk with leaders in its 
fields. The most valuable opportunity is pro- 
vided in field trips to various companies' 
accounting departments. 

Management and labor, the problems are 
numerous and the Society for the Advance- 
ment of Management endeavors to stress 
the keynote of efficiency through discussion, 
research and other means. The student is 
also introduced to practical management 
through plant tours and conferences. 

Society for the Advancement 
of Management 

First row left to right: Joseph Benich, James McGirr, Gerald S. Watts, Robert Link, Ralph Gray, Kurt 
Stiebing, Judy Nelson, Second row: T. R. Barnhart, D. L. Klass, Kenneth Sullivan, Hayward Merrizz, Richard 
Dever, Richard O'Donnell, T. H. Heckelman, Don Price, Ned Sharp. Third row: Hilda James, E. T. Helle- 
brandt (Adviser), John M. Randall, Zeryl Ashcroft, Charles Burley, Jr., Nevin R. Williams, Frederick Hunk- 
ler, Wallace Rubick, C. B. Tanguy, Lee Paulson, F. M. Maerker. Fourth row: Bea Gordon, Darl Reynolds, 
M. W. Hill. 

Progress is essential in today's world. And 
among the people who recognize it are 
those whose occupation is farming. These 
are the members of Alpha Omega Upsilon: 
they will either play an essential role in 
tomorrow's world by producing food or are 
in some way interested in agriculture. 

Their activities vary, though, and one of 
them is a floral business. They brighten 
up Homecoming by selling mums to Mom. 

In addition, they are kept busy in the 
various phases of farm life at the University 


Front row left to right: Carl W. Gettys, Don F. Seaman, Hugh E. Cox, Nadine Davis, Wilma R. Parr, 
Jerry Vandeveer (President), Burton W. DeVeau, Scotty Mason, Jerry Cohen. Second row: R. Ken Horst, 
William L. Gordon, Ronald H. Gromelski, Arthur E. Tewksbury, J. W. Seylried, David M. Johnson, 
Lee B. Lewton, Earl V. Rose, David Mingus, D. H. Stright (Instructor), Norman C. Shumard, John H. 
Butler, G. Wissman. 

Front row left to right: Frank Watkins, John M. Randall, Roger Wood, Jason Sheppard. Second row: John Medovich, Cecil 
L. Hannum, Charles Stemen, Walt Kutscher. Third row: J. A. Romig (Adviser), R. J. Zampino, John L. Watson (President), M. 
E. Harlan, J. F. Gordon. Fourth row: Charles Steli, Charles Thompson, Robert Neff, Dick O'Donnell, Lloyd N. Lopez, Walter 
C. Strom, John Wood, Arthur D. Ross, James Wood, Lee Soltow. 


The history of the world is reflected in the 
history of Delta Sigma Pi, professional 
commerce fraternity. It began before the 
depression but had to assume an 
inactive status during the dire period. It was 
reinstated after the war. But this isn't the 
way that it promotes a closer affiliation 
between the commercial world and 
the students of commerce. Field trips are 
made to factories and other mercantile 
institutions, thus promoting understanding of 
their field of endeavor. 

Once upon a time — when history began — a 

woman made a move to better her 

position. Ever since then women have done 

the same. This organization is one of 

them. "A service club organized to further 

the interests of women in the business 

world," is what they tell us when we asked 

for their purpose. But these secretaries of 

the future do it thoroughly. This year 

they visited the Farm Bureau offices in 

Columbus and had a Secretary-for-a-Day 



Front row left to right: Suzanne Kimberly, Nancy Roth, 
Eleanor Gurley, Monica Ulrich, Ellen Thompson, Donna Mack. 
Sandra Miller, Janet Evans, Jan Bush, Judy Tesch. Second 
row: Barbara McWilliams, Suzanne Huff, Betty Beer, Elaine 
leltz, Lynne Ange'o, Joan Newbert, Miss Appel (Advisor). 

Deitz. Lynne Angelo Joan INewbert, Miss Appel (Advisor), 
Connie Cozad [President), Barbara Metzger. Jan Buclcholz. 
Carolyn Jacoby, Jan Edwards, Sondra Murray. Carolyn 
Stephens. Gertrude Toso Nancy Todd. Third row: Margaret 
Daly, Joanne Kreitzer. Lois Laub, Alice Hawkins, Mortho 
Rauschenberger, Janet Dzama. Dorothy Flick. Beatrice 
Gillespie, Barbara Johnston. Carolyn Heffken, Judy Dunn. 
Dianne Elliott, Joyce Kast, Dolores Liberafi, Irene Burns. 
Shirley Derr. Patricia Mocormac. Zaina Keller. Janet Elber. 
Mary Jo Stratton. Mary Lawrence. 

First row left to right: Capt. Clyde Barker (Advisor|, Paul G. McLaughlin. Second row: Dale Selzer, 
Richard Harnar, Stanley Palmer, John Bier, Jack Moyer, Ronald Nakatsuji, James Maurer, A. J. Kra- 
tochvil (Advisor). Standing: Dick Johnson, Bob Denison, Jon Tipton, William Stone, David Moore, Robert 
Roll, Stephen F— I III, Ronald Gillilan, James E. Hamer, Joe W. Hanna, John J. Bock, Bob D. Di Cioccio, 
Robert D. dinger. 


Members of the Arnold Air Society will tell 
you — and the story needs repeating — that the 
Squadron is named after John P. Robbins. 
You see, Robbins is the first known Ohio Uni- 
versity officer to be killed in World War II. 

They maintain liaison with the Civil Air Patrol 
and other defense-planning organizations. The 
Squadron is also Headquarters for the second 
area of the national society. 

Among their activities is the co-sponsorship 
of the Military Ball. 

Seated: Paul G. McLaughlin (Area 
Commander, Colonel), James E. Hamer 
(Area Executive, Lieutenant Colonel). 
Standing: William E. Stone (Area 
Comptroller, Major), Jon Tipton (Area 
P. I. O., Major), James Maurer (Area 
Adjutant, Major). 


% *fc 





Kneeling left to right: Fred James, Dudley Kircher, Bill Ulle, Rick Schwalm, Richard Baker, Jim 
Brehmer, Ted Eckert, Larry Bailey. Second row: Paul Martoccia, Allan Brown, Tom McDonald, Jim 
Waggener, Don Todd. Dennis Dorogi, John Albert, Ronald Leach, Walter Perry. Third row: Jim 
Varga, David Bryan, Bill Nagy, William Hobzek, Jim Barnaba, Ron Saal, William Philabaum, Richard 
Fry, Gary Johnson, John Toiley. Officers standing at right: Lt. Donald W. Mansfield (Advisor|, 
John Lancione (Executive Officer), Gerald Warren (Commanding Officer). 


Today men fly faster than sound. If you blink when a jet passes 
by, you're apt to miss seeing it. This in a way symbolizes 
progress in aviation. It is the most vital part of defense. Air 
Command Squadron realizes this and among the many 
activities in its program are trips to the Wright-Patterson Air 
Force Base. It is one way in which it enables its members to 
keep up with new developments in aviation. Another 
way in which it does so is to invite prominent men in the field — 
the Civil Aeronautics Administration's District Representa- 
tive and the Flight-Surgeon from Lockbourne AFB 

among others. 

Lt. Richard Baker (P. I. O.), Lt. 
William Ulle (Pledge Officer), Lt. 
Dudley Kircher (Supply Officer). 
Capt. Gerald Warren (Com- 
manding Officer), Lt. Rick Schwalm 
(Operations Officer), Lt. George 
Brehmer (Personnel Officer), Lt. 
Thredore Eckert (Adjutant). 


Front row left to right: Harvey L. Dunlap, Capt. Paul W. Phillips, Gary B. Bassin. Franklin D. Lee, 
Nevin R. Williams. Second row: Paul G. McLaughlin, Chuck Serpan, Richard Williams, Dick Gibson, 
Chuck Skipper, Charles Atkinson, Eldon Locon, Steve Au. 

Scabbard and Blade, Company A-8 — sounds just like the 

military. And, as in all strategic departments, these 

men realize that cooperation is essential. The old legend of 

there being a feud between the Army and the Air Force fades 

into insignificance with these men. Both Army and Air 

ROTC students belong to this organization. 

Another phase of cooperation is found in the fact that 
Scabbard and Blade joins with other military organizations 

in presenting the Military Ball. 


First row left to right: Donald Fitzgerald. James Redchin, Richard Danner, George Kirtley, John 
Mayer, Boyd Matteson, Richard Wray, Wayne Garmmon, Gaylen Kline. Second row: Ken Cummings, 
Robert Jones. James Anthony. Ralph Miller. Bill Loftus, Ronald Bruce, Robert Wickham, Barton Gil- 
bert, Chuck Wood. Third row: Evert Bergdahl, Bill Gehring, N. E. Dewire, Bill Clippinger, Frank 
Imhoff, Dick Myers, Bob Bredenfoerder, John Cotne. 


The Pershing Rifles have been known on the campus for their 

"fancy stepping," but little do people know that hours of 

drill practice in the very early hours of the morning, when 

all the town is asleep, accounts for this. Imagine 

getting up before the dawn and drilling in the morning mists. 

Mary Gordon acted as co-ed sponsor for this crack drill 

team which also provides a color for the football 

games and takes an active part in the Military Ball. 



First row left to right: Bob McCammon, Charles Archbold, David Misicka, Roger Stephens, Earl Witt- 
hoff, Harold Franks, Bruce Kabat, Al Benz, Dean Lucas. Second row: Capt. Ralph C. Antrim, Jr. 
(Advisor), Capt. Harvey Dunlap (Company Commander). Norman Roush, Alex Davidson, Charles 
Zimmer, John Masterson, Ted Hill, Ray Smalley, Eldon Lawn, 1st Lt. Steve Au. Third row: Conrad 
Chesser, Bill Moench, Cliff Ffarn, Jim Fairo, Richard T. Clark, Jim Wiley. John Pitcher, Dick 
Maxwell, Dick Williams. 

First squad left to right: Dillon, Zavis- 
bak, Stought, Barber, Goldstein, Fogel. 
Rosati, Davis. Second squad: Reed R. 
A. Clark, Large Potts, Cua, R. Whelp- 
ley, T. Mastrullo. Third squad: Linville, 
Philips, Tonaki, Abrenica, Mastin, Gor- 
man, Clark. 


Seated left to right: R. 
Hillenbrand, Andy Mor- 
kiewicz, Jay S. Klein, Syl 
Angel, Sally Tibbits, John 
Kornid (President), Don 
W. Duncan, Sy Levine. 
Donald K. Siler. Stonding: 
G. T. LeBoutillier. Keith 
Dennis, James J. Harper, 
Ron Curtice, Arlene Ker- 
chak, Mama Evans, How- 
ard E. Nolan, Edgar L. 
Rohrer, Roman Scholtz, A. 
C. Denison, 


Factories, homes, apartments, hotels — the 
list is endless which will really enumerate all 
the constructions that will come about be- 
cause of the efforts of these architects. One 
of their forms of encouragement is to exhibit 
the work of the best student from each class. 
Field trips and speakers are included in their 

These are Scribes in more ways than one: 
they are not the people of yesteryear when 
scribes sat at desks and copied mechan- 
ically; they are the scribes who will record 
events that make day-to-day history, whether 
it be headlines, the society page or a sig- 
nificant news-picture. And one way they 
learn is to invite speakers to meetings. 


First row left to right: Shirley 
Dobbs, Nancy Oliver, Diana 
Weeter, Joyce Galloway, Barbara 
Voros, Claudette Mohler. Second 
row: Diane Corcelli, Joan Harri- 
son, Marilyn Ballas, Jill Sovilla, 
Sue Keller, Rosemarie Zoldak. 
Ilene Baskind, Donna Elsasser, 
Marianne Vendely. Third row: 
Dave Pratt, Sherwood Goldstein, 
Paul Efaw, Ray Crumbley. Karl 
Marchard, Allen Ebbers, Dick 
Graybill (President). Chuck Catal- 
ano, Glenn Himebaugh, Marv 
Waxman, Ralph Gordon, Jr., 
John A. Lent, Fred Yoder. 


First row left to right: Vincent Jukes (Advisor). Alice 
Swoim (President), Lou Spiegel. Second row: Mary Jane 
Pitcher, Raymond T. Bedwell, Jr., G. C. Beckwith, 
Harvey Loeb, Rebecca Brooks. Jack Leuschel. Archie 


Members of Chi Rho Beta are frequently 
seen, but always heard. It is their voices 
that carry through the ether waves the 
happenings of the day or the entertainment 
that is ever welcome. They have been chosen 
because of their outstanding work in the 
radio field and their efforts play a vital part 
in the operation of the twin voices of Ohio 
University: WOUI and WOUI-AM. 

If you ever see a person idly watching 

another and that person tells you that he is 

working, don't be puzzled. It is probably 

a Psi Chi really at work. This organization 

consists of psychology majors who have 

been outstanding in their field and 

their purpose is, quite appropriately, the 

furtherance of the study of psychology. 

After a lapse, it has now been reorganized. 


Front row left to right: Alfred H. Fuchs, Chuck Skipper, Donna Kindel, Robert Anneser, Paul Wakim. Second row: 
Bernice A. Huber, Pat Cox, Sonia Jakulin, Peggy Day, Mary Katherine Stanton, Judy Wolff, Joy Willis, Betti 
Baum, Sally Wing, Pat Cleary. Third row: Ronald Huff. Sally Dachtler, Jane Carter, Nancy Boettner, D. F. 
Blackwood (Advisor), Daryl Dent (President), Don Williams, Don Davis, Dick Gal. 


First row left to right: Kris Arndt, Marsha Peoples, Pat Linker, Pat Miller, 
Gail Snodgrass, Mary Ann Pancake, Joanna Byers, Bruce V. Roach. 
Second row: Mary Jane Pitcher, Don Christensen, Bob Cohen, Ray 
Gerrell, Harvey Loeb, Dan Chickester, Donna Rogers. 


The curtain rises and the play begins. What the audience 

sees is the finished product. Those additional details 

and effort that make the play what it is escapes them. The 

play had actually begun a long time before the audience 

sees it. And it is the Footlighters who contribute these 

vital touches, behind stage and on stage: the lights, the 

sets, the make-up, the costumes. They are the 

service organization of the theatre and consist of people 

who have the warmth that show people are noted for. 



For a few hours at a time, the world of reality is lost and 
the immediate world belongs to the people on the stage. 
They make you laugh and cry, dream and think, while they 
absorb you into a life they take part in creating. These are the 
members of the National Collegiate Players, the people 
who contributed toward making the Ohio University theatre 
one of the finest among the colleges in the country. 

The Players are composed mostly of juniors and 
seniors who have fulfilled the prerequisite of spending their 
time on and off the stage and also of having a thorough 
knowledge of practically every phase of stage activities. 


Seated left to right: Smitty Schuneman, Sandy Gage, Robert Cooper, Elizabeth 
Kurtz, Walter Allen (Advisor), Glenna Lee Blosser, Clarence H. White (Advisor), 
Jeanne Kraushaar, Bob Bekeny. Standing: Art Buchanan, John Caulman, Tad 
Stamm, John Alter, Ralph Kliesch, John Totten, Dick Gardner, Evert Bergdahl, 
Jim Harting, Don Michiels. 


Whether the photographer says "Watch 

the birdie!" and snaps the shutter or 

remains unobtrusive while he gets some candid 

shots, he probably belongs to the Camera 

Club. The members are either interested 

in taking pictures or making photography a 


Their program included displays, shows 

and contests. Students are familiar with many 

phases of this through their exhibitions and 

"Picture of the Week" displayed in the 

OU Center. 



A story in "Sports Illustrated" on the Powder Bowl . . . 

a movie which was shown on television ... a picture 

story in a national publication . . . these are not mere dreams, 

but dreams come true for some of the members of Kappa 

Alpha Mu, national photojournalism honorary. 

These are the people who have been tops in 

photography. Some of them revel over the aesthetic appeal 

of a picture and others quietly take pictures which win 

for them admiration. But whatever their approach, 

their pictures have much more than quality in them. In fact, 

they are compiling a portfolio of outstanding photographs 

which will act as a recommendation and perhaps a 

bright future. 

First row left to right: Tom Richards, Ralph Kliesch, Barbara Jones, Keichi Nakamoto, Clarence White (Advisor), Betty 
Truxell (Advisor), Don Hutslar (President). Second row: Ed Schwyn, George Bienstadt, Von Smith, Bob McElroy, Ed Rhine, 
Bruce hHumphrey, Jim Craig, George West, Jeanne Kraushaar, Sandy Gage, Glenna Blosser. Third row: Jim Ertner, Al 
Grover, Tom Atkins, Jim Karales. 



Swirling through the space, dancing their way 

into the hearts of thousands, members of Orchesis have 

made a name for themselves. The applause that these girls 

receive during the shows are echoed in the praises 

they receive while the audience walks home. They felt the 

thrills of show business and the long rehearsals on the 

details of choreography were well paid for when, in addition 

to their fall and spring concerts and southern Ohio 

high schools tour, they played a major part in the 

Sesquicentennial Omnibus Show. 



In a great many instances, services to the campus are 

little known and not appreciated. One of these is the 

making of posters by members of Delta Phi Delta, national 

art honorary. These are done gratis for any organization who 

can profit by them. 

In addition to group discussions and speeches by 

faculty, Delta Phi Delta holds an annual exhibit 

of creative work done by its members. 

Seated left to right: Marilyn Clark, Greta Greenwood, Janet Weeks, Jan Tullis, Sally Hallof, Myrdith Sherow, Vir- 
ginia Huerkamp, Marie Davidson. Standing: John Scheurer, Richard Kasper, Charles Carpenter (President), Richard 
Sefton, Myron Seyerle. Howard Hoehn. 


First row left to right: Roman Scholtz, Rita Freiler, Hans Hauet, Kenneth Sullivan, Don Klass, Bob Scheiderer, Dick Jackson, 
Beatrice Abrenica, Chet Marquis, Perry Johnson. Second row: Mrs. Roger Connor, Mrs. Clarence White, Judy Brandt, 
Abdul Malik, Susan Ronsheim, Jean McLane, Jerry Myers, B. A. Renkenberger (Advisor), Mignonette Yin, Elizabeth Baker 
Lincoln B. Das (President), Clarence Parker, B. J. Studebaker, Mary Rita Tascketta, Hilda James. Mrs. B. A. Renken- 
berger, Aurora Delgado. Third row: Mrs. E. B. Smith, Mrs. John McDowler, C. E. Kantner, Rosalyn Bastacky, Elena Abo, 
Y. J. Rhee, Jackie Bolen, Colette Couesnon, Nelly Rose Tellier, Michael Rowland, Elizabeth Brandt, Charles Brandt, Olga 
Mills, Kunio Sasaki, Carol Jo Colasurd, Edmund Hecht, Suzanne Chapman, Albert Chapman, Mahmut R. Iris. 


You do not have to spend money to learn 

about other parts of the world, you can do so by 

sitting in a chair and relaxing. These students from 

across the seas do the rest: they show movies, 

slides, talk about their native country, dance, sing 

and play the musical instruments they brought 

from home. Then, one evening, the American 

students gave a program, thus acquainting the 

international students with the many phases of 

life in the United States. 

First row left to right: George Tonaki, Ralph Kendricks. Alfonso Abrenica, Gatha Hargis, Jose Preciado, Greta Young. 
Farid Malouf, Ruth Gilbert, John May, Mai Ralles, Jackie Bolen. Second row: Cornelis Genemans, Rowland Okafor, 
Dorothy Limerick, Shu Tuan Weng, Maria Saenz de Tejada, Alvaro Ibanez, Ginny Haskins, Hayde M. Oliveira, Janet Was- 
sum, Evangelos Kofou, Ingrida Fedoravicius, Frances Hepburn. Third row: Hubertus Weinitschke, Lewis Cook, Humberto 
Jimenez, Victor Zwelling, Omar Belkora, Joseph Wijtyk, Adam A. Shirey. Bruce Abramson, Peggy Raub, In Mook Lee, 
Mani Bloch, Barb Harding, Belinda Harding, Randi Skoien, Joseph Paternost. Carl L. Harris. 








*J <m* 






Seated left to right: Marlene Weber, Daryl 
Dent, Hedy Henss (President), Dr. Morton 
Benson (Advisor), Dr. John A. Hess, Dr. 
Hans Schober, Sonia Nylen. Dietrich Or- 
low, Ingrida Fedoravicius. Standing: Fran- 
ces Hepburn, Antony Huber, Mary Lee 
Schupp, Lewis Cook, Judy Stuchul, Joseph 
Patemost, Belinda Harding, Usula Feer, 
Roman Scholtz, Virginia Stoner, Richard 
Caldwell, Edith Mattiaf, C. T. Bole, Hilda 
James. Pat White. 


Although members of the German 
Club speak English, even during their 
meetings, their main objective is a 
fluent use of the language. One way 
in which this is done is through the 
help of students from German-speaking 
areas in Europe. Another is the play- 
ing of records, movies, etc. A look at 
their faces will tell you it's fun. 

There are a great many words as 
to the purpose of Kappa Delta Pi, but 
in a capsule it is an education honorary 
which encourages high standards in 
its field. One way in which they do 
this is by the awarding of the Mc- 
Cracken Scholarship to an outstanding 
and deserving student each year. Their 
informal meetings are in the form of 
coffee hours. 


First row left to right: Helen Lehman. Nancy Hedges, Pat Cox, Erika Uhl, Margaret Falsinger, Ann E. 
Mumma, Mona Tryon (President), Lisbeth Burton, T. C. McCracken (Honorary Counselor), Kay Woolfitt, 
Phyllis Edelman, Peggy Day, Barbara Williams. Second row: Betty Anderson, Robin Rankin, Dorothy 
Crafts, Norma Francescangeli. Third row: Richard Shoemaker, Ruth Ellen Sands, Harriett Sapp, Eleanor 
Dailey, Carmen Stewart, Dorothy Burns, Shirley Babitt, Margaret Stewart, Ronald Weaver, Charles 
Cooper, Richard R. Hole. William Taylor, Richard Cornell, Hedy Henss, Anne Downing, Richard Snider, 
Dorothy Ruland, Edna Warman, Carol Reese, Jerry Cropper, Pennie Hendrick, Ruth Murdock, Helen 
Kee, Virginia Norris, D'Alan Huff, Dr. Benz. 

Seated left to right: Richard Gast (Treasurer), Clyde Zarkos 
(Movie Director), Jack Piotrowsky (President), Ben Fassett (Vice 
President), David Kurtz (Secretary). Standing: Robert Wenger 
(Athletic Chairman), J. Robert Barnes (Social Chairman), Carl 
Braden (Membership Chairman), Jerry Dudding (Publicity 
Chairman), George Bienstadt (Alumni Chairman), Sherman 
Robinson (M.U.P.B.), Farid Malouf (M.U.P.B.). 



The problem of getting rides and riders during vacation 
time is a big one and it is the MIA Student Travel Service that 
helps facilitate contact with one another. They are also the 
sponsors of the MIA movies, the proceeds of which go toward 
various OU funds. Meetings are often held with co-organization 
WIA and they both get together in sponsoring the Cindrella 


Seated left to right: Al Papenfuhs, Robert A. Wendt, Alex Bakos, Peter Wentz, Donald Grubb, Kent 
Genslinger, Don Simpkins, Robert Gaebler, Jerry Cohen. Standing: Dale Stoin, Don Tanner, Ned Winter, 
Robert Jones, William T. Eville, Charles H. Turpin, Dick Gillam, Jim Dilley, Bill Robinette, Larry Larson. 
Nick Gabriel, Philip A. Wolfe. 

Seated left to right: Judith Brandt, Cecilia Wickley, Jean Zerckel (President), Wilma 
Castrup (Advisor), Marcia Segesman, Carol Crane. Standing: Betty Durivage, Dorothy 
Lou Sands, Peg Yoxtheimer, Hazel Koehne, Margie McCormick, Lynn Yurick. 


The shoes do not have to necessarily 

fit Cindy at the WIA Cindrella Ball; she just 

has to be lucky. And if she is, there are a lot of 

gifts waiting for her from stores in Athens. 

But, unlike Cindrella, she does not have to 

return from the ball by midnight. She has late 


Although the most important, the Cindrella 

Ball is only one special activity in the 

schedule of WIA. There are a number of 

others — a picnic, the MIA Sweetheart Dance, 

parties, etc. — that provide the independent 

woman with recreation. 


First row left to right: John Sowers, Gale Evans, J. Piotrowsky, E. P. Lynn (Advisor), 
David A. Kamchi, Malcolm A. Klaiman. Second row: Donald K. Siler, Bernard Bushell, 
Don W. Duncan, Dom Calo, Chris Miller, Larry Gaudy, Bob Bekeny, Joe Fogel. Third 
row: Richard Harnar, Roman Scholtz, William C. Byham, John Morris, Duane Neiner. 

Alpha Phi Omega is a service fraternity in every 
sense of the word. These men have assisted in both 
the Ohio University History Tests and the State 
Scholarship Tests. They lead the Blood Donors drive, 
usher at concerts like the Fred Waring Concert. 

This is a life-size version of the "Deed-a-Day" 
boy scout services because these men are former boy 
scouts dedicated to serving God, country and fellow 
man and, on the campus, student body, faculty and 
the community. 

Robert Cohen, President 




Psychologists will tell you that what happens to a person 

during his childhood has its consequences in later life. As a result, a 

teacher assumes a very responsible position in the community. 

Members of the Childhood Education Club realize this as one 

of their objectives is to promote better educational and social 

opportunities for children everywhere. 

Their preparation today takes the form of exchanging 

ideas and experiences and making social contacts. They meet and 

discuss and listen so that they may enjoy professional fellowship. 

However, no organization can exist without funds and 

CEC listed as one of its annual activities a money making project. 

This is as wise a start as any in all phases of life, including 

the educational. 

First row left to right: Ronda Russell, Sara Zebold, Dorothy Creswell, Doris Kubes, Catherine Cornett, Virginia Helm, Barbara Groppe, 
Barbara Coy, Suzy Shepard. Second row: Donna Goehring, Janet Poyne, Elnorah Grady, Faye Wode, Kathy Todoroff, Nancy Sprague, 
Gina Castagna, Mary Russell, Ruth Russel. Third row: Barbara Swan, Lois Peters, Martha Kinsella. Margaret Stewart, Nanci Ellis, Carol 
Jo Colasurd, Esther B. Storks (Advisor), Pauline Schwartz [President), Betty Lou Hayes. Fran Rogers. Betty Lou Clark, Margie Sisk, Betty 
Anderson, Ro Ferro, Barbara M. Wendt, Deanie Rider. Fourth row: Sue Gibson, Carolyn McForland. Nancy Hughes, Mariellen 
Westerfield. Elaine Skrepich, Marilyn B. Ferguson, Helen Hudecek, Carol Jean Muller, Helen Dolores Gunton. Ann Mack, Eleanor Boyd, 
Solly Kladney, Phillip Kramer, Carl Ashbough, Sue Simmons, Martha Reidy. Jeanne Richt. Donna Riegler, Shirley Barnhill, Barbara Linett, 
Julia Ballmer, Shirley Blazina, Barbara Defenbough, Betty Reese, Cynthia Young, Linda Dunn. 



'/V<V£ft* n n *"> 

First row left to right: Bette Tanenbaum, Gail Wil- 
lougbby, Borbara Harasimik, Jeannie Krasowski, Pot 
Peterson, Jo Nosco, Barbara Linett. Julia Ballmer. 
Second row: Joann Siegel, Saretta Pittler. Dorothy 
Blaha, Norma Folio, Pauline Leialoha, Frances Beav- 
er, Shirley Fisher, Marcia Baron, Pauline Schwartz. 
Third row: Sara Zebold, Dorothy Creswell, Clara 
Elizabeth Oatman, Jo Ann Hayes. Marilyn Lantz, Ann 
Whitmore, Mary Divelbiss, Patricia Mihaliclc, June 
Cunningham. Fourth row: Morgaret J. Felsinger, Mar- 
lene Rensi, Robert M. Gilliland (President), Phyllis 
Orr, Carolyn Dougan, Dottie Haag, Wanda Finley, 
Eleanor Gaffin, Renee Weisman, Ellen Berg, Anita 
Cgens, Doris Lyons, Marilyn Douglas, Morge Quay, 
Carolyn Lane, Barb Amon, Barb Rice. Bea Palmer, 
Jean McElroy. Dorothy Ballas, Doris Kubes, Catherine 
Cornett, Phyllis Phelps, Marabel Bode, Son [a Kotiia, 
Monica Boczek, Mary Louise Evans. Fifth row: Carol 
Reese, Dorothy E. DePree, Marilyn Nixon, Charlotte 
Yorhis, Fran McCann, Lillian Pittula, Phyllis Logsdon, 
Betty Lou Clark, Eleanor Dailey, Cristina Marsh, Jene 
Ann Skinner, Margaret Swartz, Bill Taylor, Norman 
B. Roberts. 

Future Teachers of America 

Future teachers or teachers of tomorrow — 
say it in any form, they are students of today 
who might be teaching your children in the com- 
ing years. Apart from student teaching, these 
teachers-to-be gain practical experience by 
grading papers for the south-eastern Ohio dis- 
trict scholarship papers. They also help sponsor 
the Ohio History Day. 

It is usually people that make history, but 
here history has made these people . . . into Phi 
Alpha Thetas. This is a national history honorary 
which recognizes outstanding history majors. In 
turn, they recognize history as a dynamic force 
and discuss the past as a perspective and insight 
into what is happening today. 


Left to right, sitting: Dorothy Crofts. Harriet Sugarman, Nancy Jones, 
Sally Carlson, Mary Lou Anewalt, Elaine Lee, Rickie Steinberg, Helen 
Kee, Margie Kobel, Joe Kocab, Ralph Coschignano (President), Jerry 
Cropper, Nevin R. Williams, David C. Bowman. Standing: Harvey Loeb, 
Ron Weaver, George Strimbu, Richard Duncan, Carl Gustavson, C. R. 
Mayes. A. T. Volwiler, F. D. Kershner, John F. Cady. 

Sophomore Class: Fred Butcher, Kaye La 
Foilefte, Frank Gilbert, Janie Wisby, Jim 
Bowling (President), Betti Baum, Bill Bonfield. 


In June and on the eve of graduation, 
the senior class officers arrange a program 
for seniors and their guests. These officers 
were elected together with others soon after 
the school year began. Speeches were made, 
the publicity campaigns were vigorous and 
even the press raved. Then the officers were 
elected . . . and the tumult died down. 

The class officers this year sponsored 
the President's Ball, a combination dance, 
fancy dress party and music fest. 

Senior Class: Standing, Pete Winter (President), 
Robert Strawser. Sitting, Bill Culbert, Jan Tullis, 
Pat Cox, Betty Reese. 

Junior Class: Sitting, Fran Rogers, Suzie Seigfred, Claryce 
Hunter, Hedy Henss, Shirley Blazina, Mary Ann Clark. 
Standing. Bill Griffin, Larry Harper, Chuck Skipper (Presi- 
dent), Bill Tesmer. 

Freshman Class: Sitting, Mary Alice Wolfe, Barbie Nellis, 
Betsy Ross. Standing, Ralph Marlatt, Virginia Rine, Jed 
Taylor (President). 


Athens, Greece and Athens, Ohio — there is a similarity, only 
the times have changed. There are the streets with millings and hurry- 
ing. There is the shouting and mumblings at intersections of com- 
merce and thought and art. And there are the Greeks. Only, here 
the Greeks are different. 

The Greeks here belong to the fraternal orders with what seems 
to be the exotic and mystic. The mysteries that surround the fra- 
ternities are provided by the flaming torches and the initiation rites. 
Everything else is the usual. They live in homes. Everyone is everyone 
else's brother ... or sister. 

Their aim is high. Scholarship, brotherhood, recreation, future 
bonds. They seek to achieve their aims in different ways, individually 
and collectively. 

But they have their fun, too, when they forgot the outside world 
and create one of their own during their many colorful parties. They 
dress in fancy clothes and spend a playful evening, portraying the 
characters they represent. 

In a word, their main objective is happiness while they are here 
and a seeking for the life they are to lead when they go out into their 
respective worlds. 


First row left to right: Ed Wood, Tom Hauenstein, Jay Hornsby (President), S. Davis, Joe Dondo (Advisor). Second row: 
Sam Greiner, Paul Bandy, Dave Ritchey, Lyn Kleinhoffer, Hank Loomis, Robert Cohen, Dick Cornell, Nick Monastra, 
Dick Zelina, Don Hart, John Johnston, Ron Tompkins, Bill Repasky. Third row: Joe Becker, Jerry Rainey, Dick Nellis, 
Tom Balding, Harvey Loeb, Arthur Kittay, Pat Helms, Tom Williams, Dave Bowman, James Feltis, James Morey, 
George Arthur, Cliff Houk. 


The torch is lit, the chariots roll 

and there is gaiety in the air. It 

is Greek Week, sponsored by the 

Interfraternity Council. And at the 

end of the week is the IFC-Pan 

Hel dance. 

There is the other side of IFC 

that the campus sees very little 

of, but hears a lot about; the handling 

of fraternity affairs. Rushing, conduct, 

etc. IFC acts as the coordinating group. 



The Pan Hellenic Council functions as a balance 
to maintain a high plane in fraternity life and interfraternity 
relationships. Their job is to cooperate with college 
officials in their effort to maintain high social and 
scholarship standards. 

Philanthrophy as well as social life are a part of their 
work. This year they sponsored jointly with I.F.C., 
a concert featuring Woody Herman for the Sesquicentennial 
scholarship fund. The adoption and care of a Korean 
child was only a small part of their work 

Sitting: Ginny Huerkamp, Marilyn Ristau, Renee Weisman, Roberta Boyd. Dorothy Brum- 
baugh (adviser), Elizabeth Corwin (president), Joan Rider, Margaret Sahlin. Standing: 
Lenore Ganek, Sally Tibbets, Bov Greenwood, Jane Mechling, Jan Weeks, Barbara Bow- 
man, Jan Cunningham, Shirlee Ryan, Joan Hunter, Sally Hallof. 



Lynne Angelo 

Pom Doner 

Marilyn O'Malley 

Nancy Hedges 

Agnes Thornton 

Erika Uhl 

Helen Schmidt 

Ruth MacDonald 

Suzanne Seigfred 

Carolyn Fell 

Carol Siegfried 

Ann Mack 

Janice Meissner 

Mary Jo Grant 

Barbara Lundberg 

Jody Byers 

Susan Keller 

Ruth Gramentine 

Junene Blackledge 

Patricia Sutowski 

Janice Rignall 

Marilyn Swanton 

Joan Baker 

Mary Lou Redding 

Jo Hartshorne 

Marilyn Hall 

Margaret Zartman 

Marie Apalakian 

Patricia Hagedorn 

Carolyn Means 


"We did it! We did it again!" 

Another AD Pi has been crowned Queen! 

Joan Baker was on the Homecoming court this year, 
and Barb Lanphear was voted Honorary Colonel of the 
annual Military Ball. 

Besides furnishing queen material for the campus, Alpha 
Delta Pi makes itself known by providing aid to 
handicapped children, awarding a scholarship to the 
Sophomore girl with the highest academic record, and giving 
a dinner to a group of orphans in the spring. 

4U I 

Carol Dvorak 
Shirley Johnson 
Martha Belz 
Elizabeth Troup 

Janet Buckholz 
Marilyn Richards 
Carole Cipro 
Barbara Guth 

Donna Evans 
Ann Keating 
Connie Rhoads 
Barbara Shaweker 

Carol Sunderman 
Carol Jean Frevier 
Doneece Patton 
Joyce Howard 

Sally Wilson 
Joan Newbert 
Caryl Baker 
Sally Henderson 

Lynn Reineke 
Frances Rogers 
Barbara Lanphear 
Marilyn Clarke 



Renee Weismon 
Ruth Nisenson 

tviyrna Chertoff 
Thelma Kaulman 

Elena Abo 
Paula Podolsky 

Marcia Eisenberg 
Myrna Cohen 




llene Baskind 
Barbara Weinstein 

Sandy Baron 
Thelma Hertzberg 


Judith Bailin 

Sylvia Moliff 

Elva Kaufman 

Rose Steinberg 

Jeanne Cohen 

Ellen Berg 

Thelma Heim 

Lenore Ganek 

Rosalyn Bastacky 

An active group of fairly small size . . . Are those sparkling 

gals, the A E Phis. In every activity in this here place . . . You'll see 

and recognize an A E Phi face. They sponsor many activities of a 

philanthropic sort ... As well as many parties to which various boys 

are brought. The Baby Party is a big affair ... To celebrate 

the time when A E Phi went national here. The old, old proverb holds a 

mighty truth . . . That big things can happen even in a small group. 



O ^ ^ 

Jane Wisby 
Jon Weelcs 
Elizabeth Bowser 
Barbara Williams 
Joann Hilliard 
Carole Wilson 

Martha Rauschenberger 
Nancy Reigel 
Justine Anderson 
Ardith McKinlay 
Virginia Carlyle 
Loretta Schultis 

Beverly Trithart 
Pat Krammer 
Lina Klein 
Lynn Schuerlein 
Lizabeth Morris 
Nanci Ellis 

Barbara Jainshig 
Miriam Farmer 
Ellen Tullis 
Marilyn Johnson 
Jane Roseberry 
Gail Barton 

Sharon Richards 
Carol Boyd 
Dotty Brozovich 
Beverly Black 
Pat Kurtz 
Jean Allen 

Barbara Metzger 
Jan Tullis 
Carole Fischer 
Annette Bogardus 
Alice Hawkins 
Marlene Van Delden 


Click, click, click go the knitting needles of Alpha Gams 
as they prepare argyle socks to be given as door prizes at 
their annual all-campus sock dance for their project: support of the 
cerebral palsy fund. A contribution to the Athens crippled 
children's fund in Athens is also a result of the dance. 

Keeping the group in the campus limelight were the first place 
in sorority competition given to the AGD float at Homecoming 
and the honorary title of Lieutenant Colonel awarded to 
Jane Wisby at the annual Military Ball. 

Carol Blough 

Lois Trimble 

Dorothy Fudge 

Janet Williams 

Polly Sims 

Elizabeth Sowders 

Beverly Richmond 

Patricia Baum 

Marlene Thokey 

Judie Kick 

Barbara Drakert 

Lynda Van Nostran 

Carol Alexander 

Marilyn Howell 

Ann Chaplin 

Paula Harris 



Doris Kubes 
Cynthia Nuber 
Carol Byrd 

Judith Whims 
Betty Lou Clark 
Janet Moloney 

Barbara Bowman 
Gertrude Thomsen 
Myra Andres 

These girls have progressed. Within the span of three years, 

they formed a new organization, Alpha Theta, succeeded in making it 

a full fledged sorority and are now affiliated with a national 

fraternal order, Kappa Delta. In doing so, they proved the falseness 

of superstition; the original number of members was 1 3. 

One factor in their favor was that the purpose of both the local 

chapter and the national organization coincided. They are 

dedicated to friendship, scholarship and social interests. 

Philanthropy is one of their purposes and the local girls find it 

a pleasure to help girl orphans from the Children's Home. Among 

their activities was included a Founder's Day Banquet, a Winter 

Formal and a Mother's Day Banquet. 


Patricio Bowsher 

Vivian Beiriger 

Sally Flowers 

Jane Mechling 

Janet Duke 

Mary Jane Hawn 

Geralyn Moulton 

Lillian Pikula 

Mary Sanborn 

Phyllis Logsdon 

Marilyn Sfeck 

Ethel Virgin 

Margaret Madden 

Joanne Gibson 

Carol Kay Myers 

Nancy Warren 



r X V 


(at *f 



Gini Helm 
Julie Sturgiss 
Betty Lou Hayes 
Patricia Zinsmeister 
Carolyn Horn 
Greta Greenwood 

Marge Stewart 
Barbara Johnston 
Shirley Guisinger 
Patricia Cleary 
Phoebe Raney 
Beth Rimanoczy 

Jean Richt 
Helen Clark 
Janice Dengler 
Sandra Deeds 
Antoinette Ondis 
Betty Reese 

Virginia Huerkamp 
Betty Anderson 
Carolyn Augustine 
Priscilla Ondis 
Sylvia Polhamus 
Georgeann Zuck 

Marge Sisk 
Joan Coward 
Nelda Booth 
Kaye LaFollette 
Nancy Mayer 
Janet Kopl 

Judy Deaton 
Betty Ann Hummel 
Rose Marie Ferro 
Barbara Coy 
Nancy Neth 
Sally Bambick 


Jean Matson 
Sydney Clark 
Marilyn Douglas 
Nancy Minto 
Nanette Robins 

Jo Ann Cornell 
Lynn Ulrich 
Carol Braun 
Susie Spies 

Carolyn Cantieny 
Carol Anthony 
Barbara Willison 
Sandy Miller 

Barbara Watson 
Jane Horsman 
Carol Wells 
Myrdith Sherow 

Dee Chambers 
Marti McDaniel 
Pat Coleman 
Marty Brown 

"Go, Fuzzies, go!!" 

And did they ever! 

For the first time in the history of the 
annual Powder Bowl game, the Alpha Xi's beat 
the Pi Phi's . . . and beat the dread foe, 
cancer, at the same time, for the proceeds of the 
yearly female football game go to the 
Damon Runyon Cancer Fund. 

The only touchdown of the widely-publicized 
event was made by Barb Watson. 

Another important event of the Alpha Xi's 
was the annual winter formal which was held 
at the Athens Armory. 

Sally Hallo! 
Barbara Morgan 
Llbbie Cline 
Shirley Dickes 
Dixie Lauer 

Shirley Barnhill 
Barbara Darling 
Sue Simmons 
Rhoda Hoffman 
Pat Heodlee 

Jeanne Hackett 
Marilyn Ferguson 
Marna Evans 
Cynthia Young 
Karen Untried 

Jo Clements 
Sandra Foster 
Thea Wysocki 
Connie Cozad 
Lorene Wilson 

Margaret Elliott 
Jan Adams 
Mary Lou Evans 
Betsy Ross 
V Lindamae Conner 

Jeanne Fell 
Jan Bush 
Mary McClaine 
Ann Lundergan 


The Chi O Art Festival serves a double purpose. Not only 

does it stimulate interest in art, but the proceeds go toward 

a scholarship for an Athens County student interested in art. 

The Chi O's also sponsor a faculty tea which in itself 

is unique. While they are among the outstanding students on the 

campus — and the winning of the sorority scholarship plaque 

is proof of this — the girls have a well-planned social 

program which includes, in addition to the winter and spring formals, 

a barn party which is held in the Chi O garage. 

Paula Schullz 

Sue Isch 

Joy Cottrill 

Jane Langford 

Pat Schweikert 

Jean Newland 

Sylvania Gray 

Lois Peters 

Mary Nee 

Eleanor Hall 

Barbara Swan 

Judy Tesch 

Connie Wider 

Sydney Overman 

Monia Lee Vermillion 

Eleanor Boyd 

Sally Kladney 

Barbara Nellis 

Sally Tibbits 

Barbara Byron 

Lois Petty 

Cora Morgan 

Janet Payne 

Marlene Weber 



Did you see a little lamb heading for Court Street early in the fall? Well, it was like this: the 
Phi Mus decided to use one for their rushing party and while the girls were putting talcum 
powder on it, it got away. Fortunately, they caught it before any damage was done. Thus began 
another year for the Phi Mus, a year which included a Christmas party with alumnae, a baseball game 
with the Phi Kappa Epsilon fraternity, formals and a Mother's Pin Ceremony at which pins were 
presented to the mothers. 

Martha Chase 

Elaine Beltz 

Barbara Eiserman 

Pat Dostal 

Shelia George 

Carole Godfrey 

Sue Clark 

Marilyn Huheey 

Donna Denis 

Bernice Franlz 

Jan Eibcr 

Barbara Ganlz 

Gerry Beach 

Faye Hankins 

Anette Ballweg 

Barbara Carlson 

Shirley Ryan 

Jean Rider 

Beverly Million 

Janet Gates 

Rieta Sagar 

Georgia Miller 

Marge Cloud 

Betty Chapman 

Sally Carlson 

Beverly Short 

Geri Broncato 

Melinda Shuster 

Helen Oakes 

Jean Wingenleld 

°eg Daly 

Marilyn Smith 

Martha Saunders 

Mary Kerr 

Marge Chambers 

Brenda Fullerton 


Nancy Ploor 

Jennilee Derrick 

Shirley Heilman 

Barbara Jones 

Betty Morrison 

Carol Stevernagel 

Joan Vascek 

Fran Linn 

Eileen McNeely 

Judy Sanders 

Betty Wendl 

Sharon Weakly 

Martha Hoopman 

Laile Loveit 

Carola Keever 

Marilyn Lloyd 

Ann Ward 

Pat Schneider 

Carol Myers 

Carol McCormlck 

& fo 


Ann Gutridge 

Margaret Sahlin 

Linda Callahan 

Joan Van Gelder 

Barbara Wendt 

Sue Watson 

Mary Jo McPherson 

Claudette Chappel 

Katharine Woolfitt 

Carol Taylor 

Sherry McDonald 

Kay Cannon 

Jo Ann Crouch 

Gay Mahan 

Joan Dineen 

Patricia Peterson 

Gerry Moulton 

Phyllis Peterson 

Myra Jane Blair 

Sandra Keairns 

Eva Hill 

Shirley Stork 

Adrienne Hogue 

Marlene Erdmann 

Marguerite Vierow 

Mary Jo Stratton 
Patricia Cox 

Janetta Dunlaevy 

Ann Miller 

Jane Carter 




Barbara Billington 
Jeanne Miller 
Mary Alice Wolfe 
Marilyn Paulsen 

Joan Strieker 
Nancy Smith 
Betsey Johnson 
Pennie Hendrick 

Janet Wassum 
Carolyn Cunningham 
Donna Lang 
Anne Hubbard 

Barbara Campbell 
Joanne Nichols 
Kay Sears 
Julia Shannon 

Lelia Merrill 
Bernetta Close 
Betty Colson 
Karen Erdmann 

Margene Gilson 
Lois Pringle 
Martha Dee Morrison 
Mary Ann Clark 

Do, re, mi — the Pi Phis have turned musical! A 
quartette, "Four Arrows," made its debut this year and 
was a featured act at various campus events. 

As athletes, the Pi Phis are no dubs either. They play 
in the annual Powder Bowl football game for the 
benefit of the Damon Runyon Cancer Fund. 

Fall and spring formals, parties, exchange dinners, and 
teas make up the social life of the chapter. 

Pi Phis can also claim the distinction of being 
the oldest national sorority on campus. 

f* <f £* ty 

Peg Polley 
Barbora Robinson 
Beatrice Gordon 
Joan Miller 
Hedy Henss 

Beverly Barrett 
Marcia Gossman 
Carol Rhode 
Rita Martin 
Marilyn Woods 

Sharon Gamwell 
Pat Yoger 
Donna Riegler 
Mary Bernard 
Beverly Mollman 

Linda Dunn 
Peg Thomas 
Carol Jo Colasurd 
Elizabeth Romanek 
Olga Mills 

Suzanne Corbin 
Marilyn Vickers 
Ruth Diley 
Joan Hunter 
Judith Nelson 

Lee Elliott 

Rosemary Mondlak 
Patricia Park 
Freddie Maragas 
Shirley Blazina 



The cherished dream of the OU Sigma Kappas came true this 

year in the form of a new house, entirely redecorated and 

complete with a basement for parties. 

Among their projects for the year were a children's 

party at Christmas, held jointly with the Betas, and another for the old 

people of Athens in connection with their national gerontology 


Highlighting the last months of school was the annual 
formal, "Breath of Spring." 

Rosonne Carter 
Shirley Anderson 
Monalee Ward 
Jan Braun 
Marilyn Ristau 

Joy Belt 
Elaine Lockard 
Donna Elsasser 
Judy Lacey 
Suzanne Kalbaugh 

Rosemary Harris 
Carolyn McDonald 
Margaret Warmeling 
Tresa Bethardy 
Elizabeth Loudner 

Janet Holzmann 
Juliann Schuster 
Dennie Rider 
Gail Pittenger 
Linda Lovell 

Joan Lock 
Charlene Smith 
Betty Jane Mahoney 
Marilu Miller 
Margaret Morosko 


Betty Corwin 
Shirley Seitz 
Phyllis Madden 
Barbara Sanderson 
Fran Eggers 

Carol Bottoms 
Helen Fleischer 
Jan Davis 
Louise Rusk 
Bessie Yarbrough 

Suzy Shepard 
Peggy Day 
Janet Cunningham 
Mary Lou Rigo 
Marjorie Pleifle 

Helen Reynolds 
Jeannette Hoff 
Lynne Shimer 
Mary Jane Pitcher 
Roberta Rindfleisch 

Hallie Wilcox 
Carol Jurenek 
Barbara Pecko 
Carol Walker 
Jane Rice 

Virginia Rini 
Pat Finlen 
Barbara Finlen 
Dee Steinbrenner 
Donna Rogers 


Donna DeVoe 
Laetitia Corbin 

Sandra Gage 
Esther Hedges 

Gloria De Cioccio 

Elizabeth Maddox 

Donna McCleary 

Karol Cole 

Cherry Braun 

Barbara Groppe 

Beverly Marmo 

Madeline Neagoy 

I n inces Beckley 

Helen Bledsoe 

Marjorie Harrison 

Mary Ann Woodall 

Ruth Beaver 

Jeanne Higby 

Nancy Kloeppler 

Ann McMillen 

Jane Craggs 

Corinne Tribe 

Sharon Pontius 

Georgia Trakas 

m •? M* 

Though dancing at their Stardust Formal was 

a highlight of the Zeta social calendar this year, it was only 

one of many varied activities. A pajama party for 

the whole chapter was a popular event on the 

group's schedule. 

Cooperating with the Easter Seal Society, the 

Zetas published a Cerebral Palsy Equipment Manual, first 

of its kind, which proved to benefit crippled children 

in forty-one countries. 



William Hannen 
Dan Vanderbilt 
James Shannon 
Harvey Dunlap 
William Kelly 
Tom Ellery 

Jason Shepherd 
Dave Beato 
Ron McCowen 
Glen Smith 
Dick Gibson 
Glen Thaler 

Carl Musacchio 
Al Snyder 
Nevin Williams 
Charles Atkinson 
James Barkdull 
Phillip Henderson 

Charles Archbold 
Steve Au 
Frederick Hunkler 
William Shepherd 
Robert Beltz 
Walter Kutscher 

Eric Johnen 
Peter Kontos 
Franklin Lee 
G. W. Davenport 
Norman Lanning 
John Stanko 

Don Love 
Henry Steinmeyer 
Richard Randall 
Charles Thompson 
David Bilsing 
Bruce Prestien 


c? ^ 

i~ rs 

Russell Smith 
Wallace Rubick 
John Sommers 
Wayne Deeble 

Kenneth Heichel 
Charles Pinney 
Don Clark 
Larry Davis 

Dick Planck 
Ron Rockwell 
Robert Biuliano 
Guale Vermillion 

Mrs. Albaugh 
Charles R. Kinison 
William Roberson 
Eldon Remy 

When Acacia went caroling during Christmas, 
they decided to carry an organ with them and 
did so. When they had their Nautical Party, they had 
the entire house rigged up like a ship, complete 
with gang-plank, fishing nets, a radio room and 
the members dressed up like sailors. 

On the other hand, they sponsor the Athens 
County Junior Olympics, providing trophies 
to the winners. They also helped a needy family during 

It was their float, the Sesqui Queen, that sailed 
down Homecoming Parade and took the 
winning prize. Their activities included among others 
a White Christmas (Winter) Formal, Roman 
Togar, Apache and Hobo Parties. 


Barry Nauls 
Lance Sams 
Charles Mar 

Gene Stout 
Dominick Calo 
James Bostancic 

James Finlayson 
Arthur Aspengren 
David Dieterly 

Amos Blakeslee 
Robert Mokren 
John Pangle 


William Perry 
Arthur Hill 

Donald Lehman 
Carmen Frogale 

Douglas Murphy 

A small peephole slides open. A voice (rom inside snarls, 
"Whaddya want?" 

Comes the reply, "Joe sent me." 

The door swings open, revealing a dimly lit room. 

Several couples are seated around the small table. A lively 
tune bursts from the jukebox. 

The speakeasy era lives again in the form of an Alpha Kappa 
Lambda party. 

Besides the speakeasy party, the AKL's had several record 
dances and stag parties. Their Halloween and Night Club 
parties are annual affairs. 





Dick Ulrich 
Larry Harper 
Dick Mathias 
Don Bobo 
Kurt Stiebing 
Jim Smith 

Norm Skinner 
Chuck Schroder 
Bill Culbert 
Dan Rose 
Lou Shuster 
Chuck Skipper 

Dick Riley 
Frank Dawson 
Bill Mason 
Jerry Reynolds 
Don Todd 
Bill Robinson 

Bob Riggin 
Dick Maxwell 
Dick Kasper 
Rich Price 
Rex Maiden 
Chet Piotrowski 

Ron McGlothin 
Tom Harper 
Denny Bielak 
Tom Flinn 
Jerry Lyons 
Bruce Plumb 

Con Leatherman 
Roland Chandley 
Tom Jones 
Denny Finkbohner 
Tom Lee 
Wally Perry 

Ralph Keller 
Joe DeCaminado 
Mickey Filbert 
Jim Waggner 
Gary Warren 
Ted Neuhaus 


The voices drift up between the swinging doors 
of the Beta basement . . . another party is in 
progress in the Parisienne atmosphere of that 
recreation area! Most famous among the pearly affairs 
is the Beta Bowery Party, as well as the 
Sweetheart Formal and the Heaven and Hell Party. 

A Christmas party for orphans, held jointly 
with the Sigma Kappas, is one of the group's projects. 


Jerry Hoff 
Bill Frederick 
Dean Circle 
Dan Donnelly 
Mike Easley 

Dan Nash 
Dave Moore 
Joe Garron 
Jerry Kinnane 
John Patton 
Tom Owens 

Gene Kerns 
Russ Foreman 
Norm Roberts 
Rich Ellis 
Jim Varga 
Jim Greene 

Dick Small 
Bill Foppe 
John Bounds 
Barney Wonner 
Neal Dann 
Bob Parker 

Dove Lucas 
Dick McQuillin 
John Powell 
Winn Hawley 
Dave Lundberg 

Ted Lotz 
John Callahan 
Gene Vejsicky 
Skip Azline 
Gene Boerner 
Jim Elliot 




Gary Dean 
George Arthur 
Michael Poppe 

Jim Bittengle 

Russell Baird 

Al Sullivan 

James Maurer 
Richard Harner 
Charles Stemen 

Myron Seyerle 

Hank Loomis 

Fred Schwartzman 

Joseph Kerwood 
Bruce Cole 
Larry Loyd 


Bill Hobzek 

Bill Nagy 

David Ericlcson 

Roy Wineland 

George Balla 

Bill Ulle 

diM diAATM 

Don Jackson 

You re all wet" may be more than just an expression for the mem- 
bers who become pinned or engaged as he emerges from a midnight 
dunking in a local pond after announcing the news. But the soaking is 
just another Chi Delta Tau tradition. 

1954-55 was the second year of existence for the youngest social 
fraternity on campus. Its growth in participation in campus activities 
can be seen in its gala Christmas Party, complete with red and white 
striped pajamas as favors, its dance after each home basketball game, 
its spring formal held in conjunction with Alpha Gamma Delta sorority, 
and its second annual Founders Day Dinner. 

The members have found that for day-to-day enjoyment, they can't 
beat the many friendly and humorous arguments after meals. 



JkJfk Ik 

Don Hart 
Art Williams 
Robert Shurdak 
Scott Shotwell 
Michael Kuscma 
Alan Cooper 

Robert Strawser 
Richard Ewbank 
Herald Roettger 
Loyal Bemiller 
William Lagonegro 
Norman Szabo 

Bob DiCiccio 
Fred Butcher 
Jerry Lewis 
Robert Watt 
Fred Malloy 
William Griffin 

Jim Laughlin 
Jim Brehmer 
Jerry Knox 
Dick Fowler 
Bob Moore 
Dick Graybill 

Hank Schnabel 
Chuck Dooley 
Tom Cole 
Don Stroup 
Ron Punkar 
Al Ludlum 

Tom Roper 
Paul Wachter 
Eb Parker 
Dick Watson 
Roger Hart 


Nate Reynard 

Jim Delaney 

Bob Mathews 

Donald Williams 

Tom McMillan 

Dick McClaine 

John Dowler 

Pete Wittich 

Clarence Boukas 

Frank Gilbert 

Pete Winter 

Dennis Grady 

Dudley Kircher 

Lou Hodges 

Mitch Samargya 

Bill Hilz 

Dick Rader 

Bill Katcher 

Ronald Tompkins 

James Kraft 

Roberty Yocom 

James Keineth 

Jim Bowling 

Ed Tardif 

Adorn Bors 

Cj tJ "^-1 

U c\ r% q 

The circus has come to town! At least, it's come to the 
Delt house every October for the annual Circus Party 
when dates are picked up in gay circus wagons and all 
attendants represent the Big Top in costumes and 
mood. Then in February the living room becomes a desert isle 
as the yearly Shipwreck Party progresses. 

All is not social with the Delts, however, for five 
campus presidents and two vice-presidents are members of 
the fraternity this year. 


Lawrence Tibbals 

Nicholas DiNunzio 

Edward Wood 

Fred Bachert 

Dennis Barry 

John Cirino 

Paul McLaughlin 

Louis Listermann 

Raymond Barrick 

Clarence Webb 

Royce Acker 

Andrew Markiewicz 

James Riffell 

Frederick Altanasio 

Kenneth Zeman 

David Hvsell 

Gerald Zubick 

Kenneth Mieser 

Robert Patterson 

George Enochs 


James Donovan 

Alan Dudding 

Robert DiCario 

Louis Marino 

James Kirlangitis 

Gerald Rainey 

Gordon Rick 

Terril Long 

Joseph Kasinec 

Jon Weins 

Gerald Guenther 

Joseph Saggio 

John Marino 

Following the theme, "The High and the Mighty," the 
Lambda Chis copped top honors in Homecoming decorations 
this year as only one of their many activities. Also 
notable among their accomplishments were their Christmas 
project for the Salvation Army, making the largest street 
collection for one day, and their work for the Heart Fund. 

Social activities for the year included the annual 
Apache and Night Club parties as well as the Sweetheart 
Formal in the spring. 



IflTkt +A it 

Richard Caldwell 
Van Sauter 
Lauren Bainbridge 
Jim Waltz 
Bill Wolf 

Charles Waltz 
Don Christopher 
Lloyd Wittermeyer 
Harry Weinbrecht 
Ken Chiara 

Jack Barnes 
Jack Kubach 
John Evans 
Frank Nixon 
Ralph Firestone 

Darrell Morris 
George Mitchell 
Gerald Hvizdak 
James Eckley 
Bob Link 

Clark Higgins 
Joseph Donnells 
David Hamm 
Bill Mauter 
John Kropl 

Dean Robinson 
Dick Miller 
Roger Thomas 
Dick Hummel 

Walter Cook 
Bob Kerr 
Paul Jessee 
Dave Carter 


Bathing suits on a night like this? You bet! The 
Phi Delt Beach Party is tonight! 

Besides this annual event, which features a jazz 
combo as entertainment from afternoon till midnight, the 
Phi Delts' Cape Cod and Apache parties are yearly 
affairs. Another feature of this year's social calendar 
was the Pin-Up Party when Jan Davis of ZTA was chosen 
the "girl with the most beautiful legs on campus." 

Phi Delt Follies and the She Delta Theta pledging and 
initiation climaxed a fun-filled year for the group. 

John Duschinski 

Bill Ragland 

Tom Balding 

John Smith 

Jack Leuschel 

James Ogden 

Lorry Long 

Bill Repasky 

Bill Beckley 

Dick Johnson 

Sam Wharton 

Roy Hutchinson 

Roger Fennemon 

Ralph Carter 

Carl Shere 

Henry Roegnigk 

Peter Reed 

John Bier 

Alexander Short 

Don Lundstrom 

Joe Barone 

Don Berry 

Rod Ondis 

Joe Hanna 

Bob Arold 

Dick Abbruzzese 

Al Grover 

Rude Meroscher 

Gerald Imes 

Paul Wickert 

Charles Feeser 

Peter Koenig 

Edward Easterly 

Meeker Metzger 

Gilbert Camp 

Eldon Lown 

KO l-^ \TJk \<*A HLJ 

■ft ft CS ^ 



Gary Bassin 
Donald Miller 
Martin Shiftman 

Burt Lobock 
Louis Spiegel 
Leonard Schulman 

Alan Guttman 
Abram Figarsky 
Jerome Mann 

Sanlord Ross 
Gary Kroop 
Gilbert Erlechman 

Martin Cohn 
Morty Mendoza 
Lawrence Winkler 


tmov wAiUT neTTta VHRVC 

Harvey Loeb 
Robert Cohen 

Favors for Phi Ep dates are always some- 
thing special, according to the girls who have 
the chance to receive them. Take the red 
and white striped nightshirts and caps which were 
given to the guests at the annual Jack 
Frost Frolics, for instance! 

Other parties of the year featured 
themes of "Luxury Liner," "Mardi Gras," 
and "Gay Nineties." 

The annual spring formal at the Berry 
Hotel rounded out the social calendar for 
the Phi Eps this year. 

Sanford Himmel 
Joel Levine 

David Scheen 
Elliott Sharp 

Donald Lustig 



Ron Von Osinski 
Bob Rodriguez 
Emil Moggio 
George Spango 

Jim Clark 
Ray Abraham 
J. J. Schwartz 
Dick Sulkoske 

Frank Merkel 
John Maley 
Charles Catalano 
Bob Gannon 

Dale Works 
Jim Constabile 
Len Gaydar 
Ralph Coshignano 

Jim Wilmot 
Bob Lulhringer 
Joe Louis 
Rudy Koletic 

Tom Griffen 
Don Mestnik 
Joe Manion 
Jim Altomonte 

Henry Rocco 
Nick Monastra 
Tom Mayer 
Steve Bealko 


Mike Urich 
Mike Ambrose 
Karl Johns 
Nub Miller 
Dick Zelina 

Bob Karaffa 
John Capella 
Bill O'Conner 
Tom Viggiano 
Gene Carrarelli 
Dick Mariani 

Don Montesanto 
Paul Martoccia 
Harry Mihalic 
Paul Radder 
Gil Polansky 
Karol Ondick 

Bill Beaumont 
Andy Ungar 
Ron Foliano 
Don Huebner 
Tom Polomsky 
John Bock 

Bob Hillenbrand 
Dick Kosco 
Don Jacobs 
Herb Follas 
Tom Vorndran 
Don Czech 

Ken Spirko 
Tom Berly 
Marv Kabo 
Joe Kail 
Carl Andreano 
Al Litzler 

Notorious for their gambling activities and noted for 
their acts of charity, the Phi Kaps represent a curious 
mixture of good and evil! To represent the former, the annual 
Monte Carlo Party, where patrons won prizes as valuable 
as automobiles, was held in the house, decorated like 
a real casino. Fortunately, the gambling was done 
with fake money! 

But the acts of charity were real. For example, in 
December a neighborhood Christmas party for 75 children 
was held and a bonafide Santa Claus distributed gifts to all. 

Winter and Spring formals and many parties added 
spice to the year's schedule. 


Ervin Anderson 
Donald Miller 
Ronald Dupre 

Clifford Houk 

Elva Smith 

Richard Cornell 

Jerry Bishop 

Richard Hoblitzell 

Stanley Palmer 

Victor Solomon 
Charles Steli 



Chartered only one year ago, the "Skulls" represent the 

youngest national chapter on campus, but their activities 

promise to become annual institutions. 

Phi Kappa Sigma has left an impression on OU life with 

its Black and Gold Formal, its softball game with the Phi 

Mus, and its active-pledge football game, the "Little Brown Jug." 

Comedians had their field day at the house in the 
Personality Party. Drawing names, the men presented gifts which 

suited the personality of the recipient. 

The biggest event of the year was the tri-chapter get-together 

with Ohio State and Kenyon chapters. 


Clement Mihoci 
Tom Geib 
John Loroditch 
Robert Bornett 

Jack Nemec 
Wm. David Lewis 
Douglas Siler 
Lee Wurster 

Dan Turner 
Kenneth Skala 
William Rogers 
Ron Aungst 

David Mclntyre 
Howard Chapman 
Rex Criss 
James Nedin 

Carl Raser 
L. Ed Jones 
Donald Siler 
Carl Muck 



Warren Harding 
Max Krecic 
Dick Wagner 
McKinley Sauer 
Robert Duskey 
Tom Williams 

James Cox 
Bob Richmond 
James Ratcliff 
James Hertel 
Melvin Kibler 
Larry Bailey 

James Harting 
Roger Pendell 
Kenneth Northrup 
Joe Smith 
George Cummings 

Dave Koethe 
Donald Meacham 
Don Sharp 
Robert Lawson 
Gerald Kowalewski 
Raymond Heitland 

Dave Marshal 
Dave Warren 
Jack Moyer 
John Sackl 
Duanne Ives 
Hal Mills 

Ronald Berger 
Gary Bechtel 
Jock Karcher 
Dave Pelok 
Ivan Hanson 
Paul Morrison 


Bill Weaver 
Trevor Huth 
Williom Burdick 
James Waters 
Donald Reppa 
Marlon Kim 

Paul Wood 
Jack Wales 
Louis Bodnar 
Nick lacobucci 
Thomas Hauenstein 
Charles Dishon 

Robert Black 
Andy Palinkas 
Robert Kotur 
William Bonfield 
Robert Hempfield 
Lou Bartlett 

John Clifford 
Raymond Goli 
Lenny Schneider 
Dave Weitzel 
Jarry Kindsvatter 
Jock Seigle 

David Bryan 
Fred Peters 
Don Collard 
Dave Hinkley 
Dean Honsberger 
Doyle Ross 

Larry Broun 
Kenneth Wilhelm 
Thomas Lake 
Jack Algeo 
Ralph Ezzo 
Kenneth Horst 

One evening during the winter, the Athens Eagles Hall was 
raided by an exuberant bunch of hillbillies, clad in denims, 
plaid shirts and straw hats. It was Phi Kappa Tau's annual 
Hillbilly Hobble, a party which has become a tradition for 
that fraternity. 

Also high on the list of yearly events was the annual Founder's 
Day Banquet on March I 7. This year the chapter celebrated 
its forty-fifth year on campus. 

The Dream Girl Formal in June helps to lighten the tension 
surrounding preparations for finals. 



Jerry Roman 
Julius Rosen 
Sandy Reitman 
Ed Greenwald 

Garry Posner 
Al Ranen 
Milt Kleinman 
Joe Becker 

Ralph Longer 
Marvin Berger 
Don Lerner 

Jay Gordonson 
Sy Levine 
Irv Click 

!t\ c\ c* ex 

■f-»J Vh 



Laurence Steinsopir 

Al Miller 

Larry Prigosin 

Art Kittay 

Earl Lewin 

Tom Polen 

Al Sandler 

Dan Roth 

Max Perlowin 

Bob Hohn 

Semon Cohen 

Sheldon Feldman 

Don Nadel 

Barney Task 

Harry Rzepka 

Ken Isaacs 

This past year was a monumental one for Phi Sigma Delta, for it 

was this year that the chapter home at 95 University Terrace was 

purchased, solidifying the permanence of the fraternity. 

Combining a full social schedule with an active participation in 

college events, the members annually enjoy the Homecoming Butcher 

Dinner, a Christmas party for needy children, and a Belated 

New Year's Eve party from 1925, complete with Flappers and the 

Charleston. Also notable were the Moulin Rouge party 

and the Sweetheart Formal. 

Donald Weber 
Lynwood Kleinhoffer 

Ronald Wilson 
Carl Brown 

Carl Baughman 
Thomas Wurz 


Richard Carmella 
Bob Gladman 



John Carmody 
William Dieckhoner 
Larry Bollinger 
Wendell Birdsall 

James Harris 
John Mitchell 
Ernest Anderson 
Dovid Bates 

Roger Olds 
Richard Peter 
Philip Peters 
John Fakan 

James Riley 
David Ritchey 
Merlin Simons 
Marvin Klinect 

"Winter Wonderland" came into reality at the Berry 
Hotel in December when Phi Kappa Alpha presented its 

annual winter formal. 

Among the other events scheduled for the PiKA 

social calendar were the Dream Girl Formal in the 

spring and the annual Founder's Day Banquet. 

The weekend of May I 4 was an important one for the 

local chapter when chapters from Ohio, West Virginia, 

Michigan, and Indiana met on the OU campus for a 

combination All Ohio-District convention. 



Harold Harbeitner 

Calvin Kraushaar 

Joe Eberling 

John McCoy 

William Coon 

Dave Heinrich 

Louis McKee 

Jack Detrick 

Phil Rees 

Bruce Burton 

Bob Wenz 

John Johnston 

William Hommon 

James Reinker 

Al Bebert 

Dave Stalker 

Millord Greene 

Roll Zerges 

Donald Redarowicz 

Walter McBride 

Paul Romanovich 

Charles Pickering 

Vincent Minill 

Jerry Stevens 

Robert Neeson 

Ronald Owens 

Mike Daivto 

Richard Shaw 

A. W. Carlson 

Walt Wood 

Alfred Banholzer 

Lanny Beekman 

Gene Payne 

Wayne Behrendsen 

Bob Dennis 

Jim Woods 


" ~ J r !U JL ' - * *=* | 


Art Ross 
William Lund 
Robert Robinson 
Tom Walters 
Robin Crispin 

William Christensen 
Clyde Ingraham 
Don Banzhol 
Al Johnson 
Roger Hadley 

Jim Feltis 
George Strimbu 
Stephen Kinney 
Jim Lucas 
Jim Reynolds 

Don Malaga 
Terry Isenberger 
Jim Jameson 
William Klenk 

Looking more like a colonial Georgian's home than home 
for OU collegiates, the SAE house at 57 East State is a 
location for many interesting social events each year. 

Among these is the annual Purple Parrot Formal in the 
spring and the Initiation Banquet held each October 
and February. 

Another annual social event is the inter formal which 
is held in conjunction with the Pi Phis. 



) \ 


Keith Dennis 
Dick Salisbury 
Richard Wilson 
Paul Villilo 
Dale Selzer 
Tom Richmon 

Alan Brooks 
Fred Yoder 
Bud Waller 
Fred Treesh 
Robert Wheeler 
Don Nebles 

Ronald Phillips 
Gene Rodey 
Rollin Jones 
Bob Scheurman 
Ralph Wilms 
Robert Pratt 

Warren Worthley 
James Noonan 
Tom Baker 
Roger Melick 
Don Saum 
Dick Nellis 

Don Michael 
John Kornick 
Charles Crapenter 
Jerry Howell 
Jim Moyer 
John Robins 

Ray Leonard 
John Kornick 
John Kotila 
Andy Adelmann 
Charles Held 
Bob Smarto 

Paul Koester 
Edward Kolvereid 
Richard Dexter 
William Rohaley 
Don Strieker 
Ridge Shannon 


Bill Korecky 
Tom Hartley 
Denny Wallace 
Dave Lodde 
Doug Fairbanks 
James Reifenberg 

John Jackson 
Charles Bell 
Bill Tesmer 
Scotty Russell 
Bob While 
George Appunn 

Robert Chapman 
William M. Wagner 
James Sheridan 
James Morey 
Paul Cowen 
Bill Niepert 

Bill Fishbach 
Jim Leonard 
Jim Welker 
Edward Minister 
Don Carew 
Cliff Knarr 

Howard Hoehn 
Joe Fletcher 
Dick King 
Don Elewski 
Rocco Macri 
Paul Kroh 

Three hundred pounds of confetti as well as countless 
favors and decorations made the annual Sig Carnival a 
real "Jungle Jump" this year, with Chuz Alfred's combo 
providing the proper atmosphere. Besides this undertaking, other 
social events on the Sig schedule were Triad Formal, "On 
the Waterfront" party, and Sweetheart Formal, when a 
sweetheart for the chapter was chosen from pinned girls. 

It was not all play but no work for the Sigs. Not only did 
they capture intramural football and basketball championships, 
but they earned $ I 65 for CARE through their annual 
Work Day in December. 





John Marchek 
Thomas Welsh 
Don Warren 
Bob Rummins 

II Webb 
Dean Pratt 

Jack Glaros 
Leroy Whitaker 
Jim Cussack 
Mike Stronz 
Ken Cole 
James Krager 

Ray Frazier 
Jim McDonough 
Bob Sapashe 
Tom Shallcross 
Joe Carpino 
Duane Burkholder 

Jim Lowe 
Stan Viner 
Bob Schey 
Gerald Hornsby 
Don Zak 
Arnie Castellano 

Mas Groves 
Stan Maschino 
Bob Ripple 
Don Kesserling 
Frank Castle 
Ekworth Holden 

Keith Knight 
Bruce Tipton 

George Herren 
Adrian Hoff 
Don Fleeger 




Jim Wolfinger 
Jack Redwine 
Bob Evans 
Ron Sbrissa 

Chris Miller 
Chuck Karikas 
Ron Weaver 
Harold Wetherbee 

Lou Sawchik 
Ron Novak 
Dick Fishbaugh 
Jim Monnett 

Dick Spellmeyer 
Don Hessen 
Bill Hinkle 
Steve Laxaroff 

Daryl Dent 
William Clift 
John Dunnelte 
William Buller 

John Botuchis 
Joel Deckman 
Ron Davis 
Ray Davies 

Sigma Nu might not have won any championships in 
intramural sports, but the fraternity was runner-up in 
four different contests: football, basketball, golf, 
and bowling! 

Among the social highlights of the year was the 
White Rose Formal, held at the Center. 

Every year for the advancement of the fraternity and 
the betterment of the community, the Sigma Nu's have a Work 
Week, which is conducted by actives and pledges. 


Dave Bowman 
Richard Britten 
Robert dinger 

Patrick Helms 

Ross Paulson 

Richard Onions 

Jay Gerding 

Donald Boettcher 

Richard Lembright 

Ned Sharp 

Gene Hayden 

Albert Tanimura 

Robert Frederick 

Charles Prokes 

John Medovich 

James Banks 

Frank Watkins 

James Craig 

Leonard Hitchen 

George Lucas 

George Cooper 

Walter Weber 

Richard Kehl 

Lee Paulson 



Richard Drupke 
Edward Hopkins 
Severance Kelly 
George Reddin 
Richard Oberdier 

Robert Hutcheson 
Donald Johnson 
Ronald Nakarsuji 
Steven Hill 
William Stafford 


Wesley Marshall 
James Fisher 
Hal Foyer 
Conrad Chesser 

Richard Miller 
Charles Kraus 
Thomas Worcester 
Charles Noe 

High scholarship is stressed in the local chapter 
of TKE, but those who study need lots 
of relaxation . . . and they get it! 

Among the events sponsored by Tekes each year are the 
Titanic Party and the TKEaquakade, women's swim meet. 

In the 1955 schedule was the Skoiaan Party, which 
featured an African theme. 

Last spring the TKEs captured the intramural 
softball title. 

a.a:u .*:*_ 

r'Vl -: 



itf : -AJiA *■ imh 


Roger Wood 
Lloyd Lopez 
Ron Soal 
David Nevin 
John Cassaubon 

George Moscarino 
Charles Serpan 
John Hall 
Richard Fry 
Ron Pellin 

Carl Zeno 
Bill Kistler 
William Hathaway 
Walter Strom 
James Newkirk 

Conrad Ewers 
Jim Collier 
Jack Egelslon 
Owen Stiegelmeir 
Larry McVay 

Phil Giavasis 
Ervin Davies 
Jim Campbell 
John Dolezal 
Dan Hies 

Sam Greiner 
William Snyder 
Edward Eckfeld 
James Lechrone 
Tally Maragas 

John Brohard 
Robert Neckich 
Gordon Snyder 
Don Davis 
John Dalton 


Ron Hall 
Don Hauser 
Bob Kober 
Philip Newman 
Fred Armbrustcr 

Ronald Sugraves 
Paul Inman 
Eugene Stacy 
Paul Bandy 
Charles Naegel 

Al Trusko 
Jim Hall 
Rick Schwaln 
Carl Stalzer 
Jack Keene 

John Lancione 
Pat Sturgiss 
Ronald Milota 
William Schlauch 

Larry Thornton 
John Brammer 
Fred Houston 
Roger Smith 

Don Santee 
Don Christenson 
Jack Foley 
Ron Curtice 

It's Mardi Gras time in Athens! 

Taking as their theme the annual New Orleans gala 
affair, the Theta Chis throw a party every February, with a 
whole weekend devoted to the celebration, complete 
with everything from a jazz session to a riotious party 
at the Armory. 

Most important of the fraternity's activities is the 
sponsorship of the annual Powder Bowl, football game 
between Alpha Xi and Pi Phi sororities, whose proceeds go 
to the cancer fund. 

Highlights on the social calendar were the winter and 
spring formals, the Prison Party, and the 
Hawaiian Party. 

Theta Chi's local chapter, Alpha Tau, observed 
its thirtieth anniversary on May 9. 


Charles Carpenter 

Bobbl Johnston 
Assistant Editor 

Jerry Kinnane 
Business Manager 

For almost a year, the work goes on. Pictures 

are taken, processed and the final prints sent in 

to the engravers. The artists work on designing a 

cover, and drawing art-spots. Each individual department 

seems to be working on its own, independent of 

the other. Some of the work seems to be of no consequence. 

Then, gradually, the proofs begin coming in from the 

printers. The yearbook is taking shape and all the 

work that went into it assumes a tangible form. Evenutally — 

and it seems a long time after the work was begun — 

the finished product is delivered to the offices. The 1955 

Athena. This is it, and it's yours. 

Ed Rhine 
Darkroom Manager 

Mary Lou Redding 
Art Editor 


Copy Staff: Fronf row, Valerie Jensen, Shirley Dobbs, Sandy Keairns, 
Faith Nason, Pat Sayer (asst. copy editor. Back row, Dave Harrison, 
Jim Thorn, Jodie Hough, Dorothy Crofts (asst. copy editor), Lcny 
Abo, Cornelius Hopper, Tom Teepen, John Lent. 

It is when the lights stay on all night and the aspirin, coffee and ciga- 
rette consumption runs high that the copy is being written. Sometimes 
the copy is that which describes the many phases of the yearbook and 
sometimes it is of advertising. Both ended up on the same desk, but 
eventually everything turned out fine. 

Franlt Carlson 
Advertising Manager 

Advertising Staff: Stuart Lane. Gloria Johns. Judy Dieten. Nelda 
Booth, Diane Corcelli, Ruth Wilk, Sonia Strayer, Elaine Mesec, Carol 
Gerwig, Justine Anderson, Richard Higby. 



Sales Staff: Sitting, Jan Cunningham, Ann 
McMillen, Phy I Edelman, Sylvia Polhamus, Ro 
Ferro, Shirley Ryan, Jane Graggs. Standing, 
Tom Cole, Gerry Warren, Bill Rahally, Jim 
Reilenberger, Bill Robinson. 

Secretarial Staff: Dorothy Kutchever, Tina Anderson, Ellen 
Connelly, Dorothy Brozovich, Gay Hargis, Nancy Rapai. 

Production Staff: Ardith McKinley, Janet Kapl, Myrdith 
Sherow (Production Manager), Sondra Deeds. 

Art Staff: Sitting, Don Nadel, Marie David- 
son, Art Vermillion. Standing, Erik Magons 
Jack Seigle. 




Ed Schwyn, Dorrell Muething, Jim Karoles 

An f.2 long focus, a wide angle. Actinic 
and non-actinic light. Soup and hypo. Low 
key and high key (the latter more likely being 
the nerves). All this sounds like some strange 
formula. It has been used often by the photo- 
graphers. But there is more to it than just 
this. Besides other such formulas, there is 
feeling and creativity. And ultimately, you 
have the photographs that make up rhis 

The shooting of the pictures itself re- 
quires great skill. An equal amount of ability 
is required in the darkroom, where the pro- 
duction of the photographs is finalized. 

It takes a great team to achieve a pic- 
torial record of a phase in people's lives. 
And this that great team. 

Top to bottom, lelt row: Harry Stroble, Richard 
Graybill, Von Smith, George West, John Totten, 
Byron Schumaker, John Alter. Right row: Art Mul- 
lin, John Hurd, Jim Ertner, Tom Atkins, Art Buch- 
anan. Tad Stamm, Dove Staver, Don Michiels. 



the Advertisers 


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Acacia 198 

Advertising 238 

Alpha Delta Pi 178 

Alpha Epsilon Phi 180 

Alpha Gamma Delta 1 82 

Alpha Kappa Lambda 200 

Alpha Lambda Delta 119 

Alpha Omega Upsilon I 52 

Alpha Phi Omega 170 

Alpha Xi Delta 186 

American Society of Civil 

Engineers 127 

American Society o( 

Mechanical Engineers 127 

Architectural Society 158 

Arnold Air Society I 54 

Athena, 1955 234 


Baker, Dr. John C 16 

Baptist Disciple Student Fellowship 142 

Baseball 72 

Basketball 65 

Beta Alpha Psi 151 

Beta Theta Pi 202 

Blue Key 116 

Boyd Hall 105 

Bryan Annex 109 

Bryan Hall 100 

Camera Club 162 

Campus Affairs Committee 112 

Campus Religious Council 133 

Canterbury Club 133 

Cheer Leaders 73 

Chemistry Society 124 

Chi Delta Tau 204 

Childhood Education Club 171 

Chimes 118 

Chi Omega 188 

Chi Rho Beta 159 

Chirstian Science Society 132 

Christmas 36 

Class Officers 173 

Coed Prom 50 

College Deans 18 

College Street Cottage 108 

Command Squadron 155 

Dean of Men 20 

Dean of Women 21 

Delta Phi Delta 165 

Delta Sigma Pi 153 

Delta Tau Delta 206 

Dolphin Club 131 

East Green 98 

Eta Sigma Phi 132 


Finnettes 130 

Football 56 

Footlighters .160 

Freshman Basketball 70 

Freshman Week 24 

Future Teachers of America 172 


German Club I 67 

Golf 71 

Greek Week 40 


Hillel Foundation 139 

Homecoming 28 

Home Economics Club 120 

Howard Hall 103 


Industrial Arts Club 1 26 

Interdorm Council 99 

Interfraternity Council I 76 

International Club 166 


J Club 118 

Junior Prom 42 


Kappa Alpha Mu 163 

Kappa Delta 184 

Kappa Delta Pi 167 

Kappa Kappa Psi 144 

Kappa Phi 136 


Lambda Chi Alpha 208 

Lindley Hall 104 

Lutheran Student Association 140 


Mathews Cottage 109 

Men's Independent Association 168 

Men's Glee Club 146 

Migration Day 33 

Military Ball 38 

Mortar Board . . 117 

Men's Union Planning Board 114 


National Collegiate Players 161 

Newman Club 141 

Newspaper Ball 32 


Omicron Delta Kappa 117 

Orchesis 164 

OU Band 149 

OU Center 26 

OU Center Dorm 106 

OU Center Planning Board . .. 123 

OU Chorus 145 

OU Engineers 125 

OU Post 52 


Pan Hellenic Council 177 

Pershing Rifles 157 

Phi Alpha Theta 172 

Phi Chi Delta 140 

Phi Delta Theta 210 

Phi Epsilon Pi 212 

Phi Eta Sigma 119 

Phi Kappa 

Phi Kappa Sigma 

Phi Kappa Tau 

Phi Mu 



.... 218 


Phi Mu Alpha 
Phi Sigma Delta 


Phi Upsilon Omicron - 


Pi Beta Phi 


Pi Kappa Alpha 
Powder Bowl 



President's Ball 


Psi Chi 

1 59 


Queens, The 44 

Scabbard and Blade 1 56 

Scott Quadrangle 1 02 

Scribes 158 

Secretarial Club 153 

Senior Officers 75 

Seniors 76 

Sesquicentennial 6 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 224 

Sigma Alpha lota 145 

Sigma Chi 226 

Sigma Delta Chi 122 

Sigma Kappa 1 94 

Sigma Nu 228 

Sigma Theta Epsilon 137 

Society for the Advancement of 

Management 151 

Student Council 113 

Swimming 68 

Symphony Orchestra 148 

Tau Beta Pi 124 

Tau Beta Sigma 1 50 

Tau Kappa Alpha 126 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 230 






Theta Chi 
Theta Sigma Phi 

Varsity O 130 

Voigt Hall 107 


Welch Cottage 108 

Wesley Foundation 134 

Westminster Foundation 134 

Women's Glee Club .... 147 

Women's Independent Association 169 

Women's League 115 

Women's Recreation Association .128 

WOUI 51 

Wrestling 72 


YMCA 142 

YWCA 143 

Zeta Tau Alpha 196 



ART Page 


Marie Davidson 8,116 

Barbara Lanphear 1 63 

Erik Magons 40, 56, 66 

Don Nadel 146 

Mary Lou Redding 3, 44, 98, 1 1 2, 1 65 

Jack Seigle 18,22 

Art Vermillion 24, 48, 58, I 25, 1 34, 1 76 

Senior section art spots by Mary Lou Redding and Erik Magons 
Greek Art by Barbara Lanphear and Mary Lou Redding 


John Alter 31 

Tom Atkins . 2,4, 5, 27, 31,51, 54, 56,64, 96, 101, 21 1 

Art Buchanan 185, 189 

Jim Ertner . . 1,6, 31, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 1 10, 11 1, 181, 187, 193, 230 

Dick Graybill 37, 189 

John Hurd . .7, 28, 38, 56, 61, 207 

Jim Karales 6, 20, 21 , 24, 25, 29, 30, 52, 60 

Ralph Kliesch 7, 10, 28, 39, 41, 51, 52, 60, 111, 183, 193, 207 

Don Michiels 58 

Darrell Muething 39, 49, 55, 64, 160, 161, 185, 189, 200, 201 

Art Mullin 26, 27, 39, 53, 183, 191, 220, 229 

Tom Richards 9, 12, 51, 56, 135, 162, 174 

Ed Rhine 1, 14, 15, 32, 40, 199 

Byron Schumaker 1 1 , 24, 39 

Ed Schwyn 7, 13, 16, 20, 21, 55, 59, 62, 63, 204, 205, 208, 209 

Von Smith 134, 135 

Dave Staver 56, 97 

Harry Stroble . 30, 1 74, 1 86, 1 92, 1 95, 203, 2 1 3, 2 1 9, 22 1 , 225, 227, 23 1 

John Totten 26, 27, 37, 97, 1 80, 206, 229 

George West 27, 164, 196, 197, 224 


The editors of the 1955 Athena extend their grateful appreciation to their advisors, A. T. Tumbull, Clarence 
White, and Charles Smith, to their staffs, to the Ohio University Post, and to the Ohio University adminis- 
tration, faculty, staff and students, for their generous assistance in the production of this yearbook. 

And, in addition to the persons pictured on the Athena staffs, the editors are grateful to Joyce Heller, Penny 
Harness and Libbie Cline, for copy work, and to Jean Hartman, Marlene Sabec, Phyllis Sielatycki, Martha 
Richards, Kay Mercer, Peggy Beresford and Martha Wamsley, for secretarial work. 



Aaronson, Myron, Denver, N.J 144 

Abbruzzee, Richard, Columbus 76, 211 

Abo, Elena, LI., N.Y 166, 180, 235 

Abraham, Raymond, Athens .76, 116, 141, 214 

Abramson, Bruce, Teaneck, N.J 166 

Abrenica, Alfonso, Honolulu, T.H. 157, 166 

Abrenica, Beatrice, Honolulu, T.H. 

... .99, 106, 166 
Acker, Royce, Oberlin 76, 208 

Adams, Jan, Toledo 188 

Adelmann, Andrew, McArthur 226 

Affarasio, Fred .208 

Ahlberg Erland 58 

Alber, Joan 76 

Albert, John, Springfield 155 

Albright, Marcus, Circleville 126 

Alexander, Carol, McConnelsville ...183 

Alexander, Robert, McConnelsville 126 

Algeo, John, Athens 76, 219 

Allen, Jean, Shaker Hts. 182 

Alter, John, Zanesville 162, 237 

Altmonte, Jim ....... 214 

Ambrose, Michael, Cleveland 76, 215 

Amon, Barbara, Cortland 107, 172 

Andaloro, Eleanor, Canton 76, 109 

Anderson, Betty, Mariemont 167,171,186 
Anderson, Don 56 

Anderson, Ernest 76, 125, 127, 138, 223 

Anderson, Ervin, Vandalia 126, 216 

Anderson, Harriet, Cleveland 76, 102 

Anderson, Justine, Northfield 

104, 131, 182, 235, 236 

Anderson, Shirley 195 

Andreano, Carl ... 215 

Andres, Myra, Chicago, III 1 

Andrews, Carol, Rossford 108 

Andrews, Donald, W. Charleston, W.Va. .76 
Anewalt, Mary, E. Cleveland 76, 133, 172 

Angel, Sylvester, Columbus 158 

Angelo, A. Lynn, Pittsburgh, Pa. 153, 178 

Anneser, Robert 159 

Anthony, Carol, Euclid 102, 187 

Anthony, James, Mt. Sterling 157 

Antrim, Ralph, Athens 76, 157 

Apalakian, Marie, Cleveland 178 

Apalakian, Sally, Cleveland 76, 99, 106 

Appunn, George, Lakewood 118, 227 

Aranow, Beatrice, Elmira, N.Y. 76 

Archbold, Charles, New Matamoras . 157, 198 
Argie, Theresa, Cleveland . 76, 99, 107 

Armbruster, Frederick, Columbus . 233 

Arndt, Kristina, Dayton 119, 160 

Arnold, Virginia 142 

Arold, Robert, Lakewood .211 

Arthur, George, Painesville 125, 176, 204 

Arthur, Janice 53 

Ashbaugh, Carl, Shawnee 171 

Ashcroft, Zeryl, Cleveland 151 

Aspengren, Arthur, Watervliet, Mich 

.76, 100, 112, 113, 116, 118, 200 

Atkins, Thomas, Carey 163, 237 

Atkinson, Charles, Athens . 144, 156, 198 

Au, Stephan, Honolulu, Hawaii 156, 157, 198 

Augustine, Carolyn, Fairview Park 186 

Aungst, Ronald, Findlay 122, 217 

Axline, Skip, Zanesville .203 


Babitt, Shirley Ann, Cleveland 

76, 99, 107, 117, 167 

.76, 208 
.128, 129 

125, 127 




. 210 







131, 178 


. .168 




76, 172 

Bachert, Frederick Louis, Coshocton 
Bachtis, Joyce Lane, Athens . 
Bader, Benjamin Ellis, Cincinnati 

76, 117 118 

Badger, Irvin P. 

Bailey, Lawrence 0., Columbiana 
Bailin, Judith, Cleveland Heights 
Bainbridge, Lauren Jas., Berea 
Baker, Allen Ray, Lowell 
Baker, Carl Theodore, Jr., Zanesville 
Baker, Caryl Blaine, Struthers . 
Baker, David Staley, Belle, W. Va. 
Baker, Elizabeth 

Baker, Glenn Thomas, Terrace Park 
Baker, Joan Irene, Ashtabula 
Baker, Richard Edward, Vermilion 
Bakos, Alex John, Middleburg Hts. . 
Balding, Thomas Lee, Buckeye Lake 
... 166, 118, 119, 
Baldwin, Mary Agnes, Ashtabula 
Ball, Donna Jean, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Balla, George 

Ballas, Dorothy Hellen, Cleveland 
Ballas, Marilyn S., Boundbrook, N.J. 

158, 171, 172 
Ballmer, Julia Anne, Lancaster 171 

Ballweg, Annette Else, Long Island City, 

N.Y 190 

Bambick, Sally Darlene, Euclid 186 

Bandy, Paul E., Portmouth 

116, 125, 173, 233 

Banett Beverly . 76 

Banholzer, Alfred Emil, Cincinnati 127, 224 
Banks, James Edward, Stanford, Conn. . 230 
Banzhof, Don . 225 

Barber, Jon Roger, Murray City 157 

Bargahiser, Juanita Charlene, Zanesville 104 
Bargdill, Edwina Zoe, Westerville 130 

Barkdull, James Edwin, Shelby 76, 130, 198 
Barnaba, James Frederick, Huntington, 

W.Va 155 

Barnes, Jack Lee, Elwood, Indiana 210 

Barnes, J. Robert, Akron . 168 

Barnes, Judith Ann, Albany 103 

Barnett, Robert 217 

Barnhill, Shirley Irene, Lakewood 171, 188 
Baron, Marcia Ellen, Hillside, N.J. . 

76, 106, 172 

Baron, Sandra, University Hts. 129, 180 

Barone, Joseph, Sandusky 211 

Barrett, Beverly, Wauseon 194 

Barrick, Raymond Harold, Coshocton 

76, 144, 208 

Barrington, Chas . 

Barry, Dennis 

Bartels, Bob . . 

Bartholomew, Ann Schiesz, Elyria 

Bartholomew, Jean Catherine, Sharonville 


Bartholomew, Richard Alan, Elyria 77 

Bartholow, David Franklin, Coshocton ... 126 
Bartlett, Lou .219 

Bartmer Alice Lou, W. Collingswood, N.J. 

. 128, 129, 131 
Barton, Gail Louise, Youngstown . . . 182, 187 
Baskind, Illene Rae, Beachwood VIII. 

139, 158, 180 
Bassin, Gary Bailey, Youngstown 

151, 156, 212 

Bastacky, Rosalyn, Braddock, Pa. 

177, 166, 181 

Batcho, George Michael, Toronto . . . 127, 141 


Bates, David B., Clarksburg, W.Va. .77,223 
Baughman, Carl 222 

Baum, Betti Lou, Canton , . 159, 173 

Baun, Patricia Lee, New Middletown 183 

Beach, Geraldine Helen, Lowell 190 

Bealko, Steve 214 

Beato, Chas, David, Westlake . 122, 132, 198 

Beaumont, Bill 215 

Beaver, Frances Geraldine, Marietta 

. . .108, 172 
Beaver, Ruth Ann, Warren . 147, 197 

Bebert, Al 224 

Bechtel, Gary .218 

Becker, Joseph A., Cleveland Hts. 

77, 173, 220 

Beckley, Francis 197 

Beckley, William Metcalf, Athens . .77,211 
Beckwith, Nina Gail, Avon, N.Y. . . .108, 124 
Bedacht, Sandra Jane, Cincinnati 136 

Bedwell, Raymond Taylor, Cincinnati . .159 
Beekman, Lanny . . 224 

Beer, Betty Ruth, Warren 153 

Behrendson, Wayne . 224 

Beiriger, Vivian Pearl, Wilmington, 

Delaware 184 

Bekeny, Robert Stephen, Cleveland 162, 170 
Belden, Shirley Ann, Windham ..120 

Belkora, Omar 166 

Bell, Chas. J., Vermilion 130, 227 

Bell, Marilyn Jean, Parma Hts 132 

Belt, Joy 195 

Beltz, Elaine Marie, Euclid 153, 190 

Beltz, Robert Dale 125, 127, 198 

Belz, Martha, Lakewood 179 

Bemiller, F. Loyal, Mansfield 126, 206 

Bendo, Jean Ellen, Lakewood 77 

Benich, Joseph Theodore, Cleveland . . . 151 

Bennett, Norma Rae, Hiram 77, 102 

Bennett, Patricia Anne, Uhrichsville 77,103 

Benz, Allan Fredric, Cleveland 157 

Berg, Ellen Karoline, Cleveland Hts. 

. 139, 172, 181 

Berg, Shirley Ann, Marietta 109 

Bergdahl, Evert Raymond, Chic. III. 

151, 158, 162 

Berger, Marvin, New York, N.Y 

119, 124, 220 

Berger, Ronald Lee, Dayton 77,218 

Berlin, Keith, Portsmouth .77 

Berly, Tom . .215 

Bernard, Mary Virginia, Utica . 127, 129, 194 

Berry, Don 211 

Berry, Harriett Ann, Little Hocking . .77, 142 

Bethardy, Tresa 195 

Bielak, Dennis Frank, Fairview 100, 202 

Bienstadt, George Paul, Lakewood 163, 168 
Bier, John G., Sandusky 

77, 116, 130, 154, 211 

Billington, Barbara, Cincinnati 193 

Bilsing, David Charles, U. Sandusky .77,198 

Binegar, Connie, Wingett Run 106, 147 

Birdsall, Wendell 223 

Bishop, Jerry 216 

Biskup, Thomas K., Youngstown .77, 130 

Bittengle, Jim 204 

Black, Robert 219 

Black, Beverly Ann, Alliance 122, 129, 131 
Blackiedge, Junene Ann, Ashtabula 178 

Blackwood, Nancy Lurline, Ashtabula 147 

Blaha, Dorothy Catherine, Menter 172 

Blair, Myra Jane, Chillicothe .192 

Blakeslee, Amos . .200 


Blanch, Harry 78 

Blazer, M. Carolyn, Cuyahoga F. 138 

Blazina, Shirley Anne, Garfield Heights 

. , . , 171, 173, 194 
Bledsoe, Helen 197 

Bloch, Judith Freda, Maplewood, N.J. 139 
Bloch, Mani, Thailand 138, 166 

Bloom, Robert, N. Kensington, Pa 77 

Blosser, Glenna, Shelby 77, 102, 162, 163 

Blough, Carol Lee, Avon Lake 183 

Blundell. Mary Ann, Parker, S. Dak. 77 

Blundell, Richard, Parker, S. Dak. 77 

Bobo, Donald Eugene, Connellsv. Pa. 

77, 114, 117, 125, 202 
Bock, John James, Lakewood . 127, 154, 215 
Boczek, Monica, Cleveland 172 

Bode, Marabel, Adelphi 77, 172 

Bodnar, Louis, Rocky River 141,219 

Boerner, Gene 53, 203 

Boettcher, Donald, Cleveland 77, 140, 230 

Boetticher, B. Jean, Adena 138 

Boettner, Nancy, Cleveland 108, 159 

Bogardus, Annette, Berea 123, 182 

Bole, Charles, Marietta .124,167 

Bolen, Jacquelene, Paden City, W.Va. 166 
Bollinger, Larry 223 

Bond, Ronald Allen, Cleveland 98, 119 

Bonfield, William, Cleveland . 173, 219 

Booth, Nelda, Chevy Chase, Md. 

119, 186, 235 

Borden, Marilyn, Georgetown 139,142 

Bors, Adam ...... 207 

Bostancic, James, Neffs 77, 200 

Bottoms, Carol 196 

Botuchis, John 77,229 

Boukas, Clarence 207 

Bounds, John, Hebron 77, 203 

Bower, Nancy, Circleville 77 

Bowers, Frank 53 

Bowers, Joan, Cleveland 141 

Bowling, James, Williamsburg 113,173,207 
Bowman, Barbara, Chesterhill 77, 177, 185 

Bowman, David Canton 

78, 133, 172, 176, 230 

Bowman, John, Columbus 78, 114 

Bowser, Elizabeth, Berea 182 

Bowsher, Patricia, Amanda 184 

Boyd, Carol, Hudson 78, 120, 182 

Boyd, Eleanor, Mansfield 171, 189 

Boyd, Roberta, Peoria, III. 107, 177 

Bozekas, Angeline, Canton 120 

Braden, Carl, Enterprise 168 

Bradley, Sharon, Madison, W. Va 109 

Brammer, Gerald, Lodi 127 

Brammer, John, Zanesville 232 

Brancato, Geraldine, S. Euclid 102, 190 

Brandt, Carol, Steubenville 102 

Brandt, Charles, Steubenville 166 

Brandt, Elizabeth • 166 

Brandt, Judith Ann, Steubenville 

. 106, 166, 169 
Braun, Cherry Ellen, Cincy 130, 197 

Braun, Janet, Parma 78,120,195 

Braun, Larry ...... 219 

Bredenfoerder, Robert, Mariemont 157 

Brehmer, Jim 155, 206 

Brem, Ralph, Pittsburgh, Pa. 78,122 

Bright, William, Columbus . 78 

Britten, Richard 230 

Brodie, Sandra, Flushing, LI., NY. 120 

Brody, Shirley, Cleveland 139 

Brohard, John, Newark .232 

Brophy, William 144 

Brooks, Alan, Norwood 226 

Brooks, Rebecca, Bucyrus 51, 106, 159 

Brown, Allan, Dayton 155 

Brown, Carl 222 

Brown, Herold, Jackson 78,126,142 
Brown, Martha, Shaker Heights . 187 
Brown, Richard, Youngstown 127 

Browning, Jane, Millersport 109 

Brozovich, Dorothy, Toronto . . .121, 182, 236 

Bruce, Ronald, Ironton 157 

Bruns, Berlin, Zanesville 126 

Bryan, David, Lorain 155, 219 

Buchanan, Art 237 

Buchanan, William, Alliance 162 

Buckholz, Janet, Cleveland 107, 153, 179 

Bucklew, Thelma Jean, Massillon 78 

Bukowski, Gladys, Cleveland 106 

Bumgardner, Wanda, Pt. Pleas. W.Va. 147 
Burdick, William Cleveland 78,219 

Burket, Florence, Everett, Pa 105, 147 

Burkholder, Duane, Conneautville, Pa. 228 

Burley, Charles, Zaleski 151 

Burnett, Joyce, Dayton 140 

Burns, Dorothy, Cincy 107, 167 

Burns, Irene, Bethesda 153 

Burton, Bruce, Pickerington 78,224 

Burton, Lisbeth, Ashland, Ky. 78, 167 

Bush, Jan, Portsmouth 153, 188 

Bush, Thomas, Belpre 137 

Bushell, Bernard, Hempstead, N.Y. .98,170 

Butcher, Fred 206 

Butcher, John, Akron 173 

Butler, John Dayton 152 

Butler, William, Chagrin Falls ....137,229 

Butterfield, Helen, Gallipol 147 

Buzzard, Joan, Toledo 131 

Byers, Joanna, Chillicothe 160, 178 

Byham, William, Parkersburg, W.Va. 170 

Byrd, Carol, Toronto 185 

Byron, Barbara 189 

Cable, Bette, Toronto 138 

Caldwell, Richard, Gallipolis 167, 210 

Callahan, Hiram, Jackson 116, 119 

Callahan, John 203 

Callahan, Linda, Jackson 192 

Calo, Dominick, Cleveland 78, 170, 200 

Camp, Gilbert, Sandusky 211 

Campbell, Barbara, Williamsport 

78, 120, 193 

Campbell, James, Canton 125, 232 

Cannon, Kay, Logan 192 

Cantieny, Carolyn, Lima 78, 102, 187 

Capella, John, Cleveland 78,130,215 

Carew, Donald, West Milton 78,227 

Carlson, Albert, Brooklyn, N.Y 78, 224 

Carlson, Barbara, Cleveland 190 

Carlson, Carol, Schenectady, N.Y 130 

Carlson, Frank, Stanchfield, Minn 

78, 100, 122, 235 

Carlson, Sally 190 

Carlson, Sarah, Cleveland 115, 118, 172 

Carlyle, Virginia Jean, Youngstown .... 182 

Carmella, Richard .222 

Carmody, John 223 

Carpenter, Alice, Lexington 51,102,119 

Carpenter, Charles, Canton 

78, 115, 117, 165, 226, 234 

Carpino, Joe, Tiltonsville 228 

Carratelli, Eugene, Brooklyn, N.Y. 78,215 

Carter, Allen, Bellefontaine 78 

Carter, David, Shaker Hts 210 

Carter, Edra, Chillicothe 159 

Carter, June 118 

Carter, M. Jane, Pgh., Pa 78, 192 

Carter, Roseanne • • • 195 

Carter, William, Nelsonville 132 

Cashbaugh, Robert, Niles, Michigan 78 

Cassaubon, John, Toledo 232 

Castagna, Gina, Cleveland .171 

Castellano, Arnold, Lyndhurst .228 

Castle, Frank, Bellefontaine 228 

Catalano, Charles, Cleveland 158, 214 

Catanzaro, Margaret, Pgh., Pa. 

. . .78, 99, 107, 115, 117 

Catanzaro, Patricia, Pgh, Pa 78, 104 

Cater, Ralph, Zanesville 78, 211 

Caufman, John, Gallipolis 162 

Chaffee, James, Long Bottom 133 

Chamber, Marjorie, Jefferson 

105, 140, 150, 190 
Chambers, Dee, W.Va. 187 

Chandler, John Chillicothe 78 

Chandley, Roland 202 

Chaplin, Ann, Chillicothe 183 

Chapman, Albert 166 

Chapman, Pieratt, Middletown 190 

Chapman, Howard, Riverdale, Mass. 78, 217 
Chapman, Janice, Greenfield 109 

Chapman, Robert, Newark 226 

Chapman, Suzanne 166 

Chappel, Claudette, Athens 192 

Chappelear, Nancy, N. Lexington 128 

Chapulsky, Ann 53 

Chase, Martha, Lakewood 190 

Chertoff, Myrna, Liverpool 180 

Chesser, Conrad, Newark 79, 157, 231 

Chiara, Kenneth, Shaker Hts. 210 

Childs, Nancy, Cleveland 102 

Chinn, Carolyn, Portsmouth 106 

Chonko, Andrew, Parma 122 

Christensen, Don, Mayfield Hts. 160 

Christensen, Wm., Ironton 233 

Christensen, William 225 

Christman, Ray, Woodsfield 124 

Christner, Nancy, Steubenville 103 

Christopher, Al 57 

Christopher, Don, Columbus 210 

Cipra, Carole, Chagrin Falls 119,120 

Circle, Dean, Gallipolis 79, 203 

Cirino, John, Cleveland 79, 208 

Clark, Alan, Coshocton 157 

Clark, Betty, Marietta 

79, 129, 171, 172, 182 

Clark, Don 199 

Clark, Helen, Cincy 132, 180 

Clark, Jerry, Logan 157 

Clark,. Jim 214 

Clark, John, Lancaster 142 

Clark, Marilyn, Rochester, N.Y. 165 

Clark, Mary Ann, Charleston, W.Va. 

123, 173, 193 

Clark, Mary, Shelby 133, 147 
Clark, Mary Elizabeth, Cincy 120 

Clark, Richard, Amesville 157 

Clark, Susan, Bay Village 128, 129, 130, 180 
Clark, Sydney, Athens 187 

Clarke, Marilyn, Dayton 179 

Cleary, E. Patricia, Cleveland 

79, 141, 159, 186 

Clem, Joanne, Alliance . 188 

Clements, Joanne, Wadsworth 79, 188 

Clifford, John . 219 

Clift, William, Dayton 229 

Cline, Libbie, Charleston, W.Va. 188 

dinger, Robert, Findlay 

. 114, 118, 122, 154, 230 

Clippinger, William, Athens 157 

Close, Bernetta, Cincy 193 

Cloud, Margaret, Vinton .190 

Clutter, Donna, Athens 120, 142 

Cohen, Jeanne, Youngstown 104, 139, 181 

Cohen, Jerry, W. Hempstead, N.Y. 

79, 152, 168 

Cohen, Myrna, N.Y.C. 79, 180 

Cohen, Robert, Cleveland Hts. 126, 180,212 

Cohen, Simon, Shaker Hts. 79, 221 

Cohn, Martin, S. Orange, N.J. . 116,212 

Colasurd, Carol Jo, Navarre 166, 171, 194 

Colbert, Suzanne, Glouster 119, 123 

Cole, Bruce, Dillonvale 79, 204 

Cole, Karol 197 

Cole, Kenneth, Pomeroy 228 

Cole, Thomas, Cleveland 79, 206, 236 


Coleman, Patricia, Bedford 187 

Collard, Don 219 

Collier, James, Columbia 232 

Collins, Charles, Athens 124 

Collins, Mary, Chillicothe 147 

Colson, Betty, Toledo 79,193 

Combes, Harry, McNabb, III. . 137 

Conkling, Linda, Marion, Ind. 132, 147 

Connelly, Ellen, Grosse Pt., Mich. 102, 236 
Conrad, Carol 53, 79 

Constabile, Jim 214 

Cook, Clyde 225 

Cook, Lewis, Circleville 166, 167 

Cook, Walter, Lyndhurst 210 

Coon, William, Port Clinton 79, 224 

Cooper, Alan, Cleveland 79, 206 

Cooper, Charles, Zanesville 167 

Cooper, George, Marine City, Mich. 

79, 133, 230 
Cooper, Robert, Chardon 162 

Copeland, Kenna, Monongahela, Pa. 147 

Corbin, Laetitia, Worthington 

120, 129, 131, 143, 197 
Corbin, Suzanne, Barnesville 79, 194 

Corcelli, Diane, Cleveland 

53, 105, 141, 158, 235 
Cornell, Joann, Mt. Vernon 187 

Cornell, Richard, Sistersville, W.Va. 

79, 167, 173, 216 

Cornett, Catherine, North Bend 

103, 171, 172 

Cort, Jack, Cleveland 79 

Corwin, Elizabeth, Yellow Springs 

79, 113, 117, 177, 196 
Coschignano, Ralph Cleveland 172, 214 

Costello, Dolores, Youngstown 103 

Cotner, John, Columbus 157 

Cottrill, Joy, Springfield 189 

Couesnon, Colette, Paris, Fr. 166 

Coward, Joan, Cincinnati 186 

Cowen Paul, Elkhart, Ind. 79, 130, 227 

Cox, Hugh, Sarahsville 152 

Cox, James, Parkersburg, W.Va. 114, 218 

Cox, Patricia, Dayton 79, 159,167, 173 192 
Coy, Barbara, Shaker Heights 171, 186 

Cozad, Connie, Wapakoneta 79, 153 188 

Cozart. Howard, Syracuse 137 

Crafts, Dorothy, Cleveland 

53, 79, 140, 167, 172, 235 

Craggs, Jane 197, 236 

Craig, James, Canton 163, 230 

Crane, Carol, Cleveland 169 

Cranford, Billie, Proctorville 120, 136 

Cranor, Joseph, Casstown 133 

Creswell, Dorothy, Cedarville 

79, 106, 171, 172 
Crispin, Robin, Columbus 79, 225 

Criss, Rex 217 

Cropper Jerry, Portsmouth 167, 172 

Crouch, Jo, Dayton . . 120, 192 

Croutcher. Helen, Dayton 103, 118 

Crow, Alicia, Wooster 130 

Crumbley, Raymond, Wellsville 158 

Cua, Patsy, Campbell 157 

Culbert, William, Columbus 

79, 173, 202, 234 
141, 159 
80, 127 
119, 193 
. 172 
, 196, 236 
138 145 
158, 233 
107, 138 

Cummings, George 

Cummings, Kenneth, Fairview Park 

Cunning, Robert, Mansfield 

Cunningham, Carolyn, Akron 

Cunningham, Geneva, New Carlisle 

Cunningham, Janet, London .17 

Curry, Ruth, Marietta 

Curtice, Ronald, Elyria 

Curtis, Miflicent, Kewanee, III. 

Cusack, James, Salem 

Cvar, Loretta, Cleveland 

Czech, Don . 

Czuba, Verona, Ironton 

Dachtler, Sally Louise, Alexandria, Va. 

80, 159 
Dahmer, Irene Elizabeth, Petersburg, 

W.Va. 145 

Dailey, Brian Gates, Centerville 98 

Dailey, Evelyn R., Portsmouth 106, 132 

Dailey Eleanor, Bloomingdale 138, 161, 172 
Daivto, Mike 224 

Dalton, John Edward 232 

Daly, Margaret Anne, Middletown 153 

Daly, Peg .190 

Daniels, Frank Lee, Mansfield 119 

Dann, Neal 203 

Danner, Richard Ward, Gallipolis 157 

Darling, Barbara Ann, Mansfield 188 

Darr, Jim 225 

Das, Lincoln B., Willowdale, Ontario 80, 166 
Davenport, George Warren, Cincy 80, 198 
Daviddow, Robert 231 

Davidson, Alex Pegues, Portsmouth 157 

Davidson, Marie, South Point 106, 165, 236 
Davies, Ervin, East Cleveland 232 

Davies, Raymond, Maple Hts 229 

Davis, Don, Circleville . 159, 232 

Davis, Janis, Manchester 150, 157 196 

Davis, Larry 199 

Davis, Marlene, Warren 131 

Davis, Nadine, Athens 152 

Davis, Nancy, Malta 104 

Davis, Ronald, Alliance 80, 229 

Davis, Shirley, Jacksonville 80 

Davis, Sylvester, Cleveland 176 

Dawson, Frank 202 

Day, Mary, Wilmington . 120 

Day, Peggy, Cincy 159, 167, 196 

De Tejada, Maria, Saenz 166 

Dean, Gary . 204 

Dean, Janis, Mineral City 106 

Dean, Leo, Rodney 80, 138 

Deaton, Judith, Zanesville 186 

De Caminado, Joe 202 

DeCioccio, Gloria 197 

Deckman, Joel, Malvern .57,80,229 

Deeble, Wayne 199 

Deeds, Sondra, Findlay 80, 236 

d'Ettore, Barnnie 53 

Defenbaugh, Barbara, Laurelville 

80, 104, 136, 171 
DeHays, Patricia, Troy . . 109 

Delaney, Jim ....... 207 

Delgado Aurora, Canton 166 

Dengler, Janis, Zanesville 

80, 128, 129, 132, 186 
Denham, Joseph, Matamoras, Pa. 124 

Denis, Donna, Middletown 190 

Dennis, Joseph, Newcomerstown 158, 226 

Dennis, Robt., Maumee 80, 224 

Dent, Earyl, Canton 159, 167, 229 

DePree, Dorothy, Paterson, N.J. 80, 172 

Derr, Shirley, Logan 80, 153 

Derrick, Jennilee, Reading . . 191 

Detrick, Jack 224 

DeVeau, Borton 152 

Dever, David, Portsmouth 125 

Dever, Richard, Portsmouth 151 

De Voe, Donna 197 

Devol, John, Marietta . 142 

Dewire, Norman, Cincy . . ...... 157 

Dexter, Richard, Shaker Hts. 80, 226 

Dey, Delores, Petersburg 140 

Dicario, Robert, Steubenville ...209 

Dicioccio, Robt., Steubenville 127, 154, 206 
Dickes, Shirley, Canton 188 

Dieckhones, William 223 

Diehl, Mary, Chesterhill .103 

Dieten, Judy 235 

Dieterly, David, Zanesville 80, 133, 200 

Diley, Ruth, Canal Winchester . 126, 194 

Dilley, James, Athens 

117, 118, 119, 138, 168 

Dillon, Wendell, Cleveland 157 

Dineen, Joan, Columbus 192 

Dinunzio, Nicholas, Cleveland 80,208 

Dishon, Charles 219 

Divelbiss, Mary, Lexington 172 

Dobbs, Shirley, Akron 102, 158, 235 

Doctors, Evelynn, Jackson Hts., N.Y. . . . 107 
Dodge, Sally, Columbus 80 

Dolezal, John, Cleveland 80, 232 

Domer, Nancy, Dover 103 

Doner, Joy, Chillicothe 178 

Donlan, Sonya, Union, N.J 130 

Donnells, Joseph, Chillicothe .210 

Donnelly, Dan . 53, 203 










103, 167 

108, 183 






99, 103 

Donovan, James, Pomeroy 
Dooley, Chuck 

Dorogi, Dennis, Fairview Park 
Dostal, Pat, W. Richfield 
Dougan, Carolyn, Chesterhill 
Douglas, Marilyn, Mt. Sterling 

Dow, John, Marietta 

Dowler, John 

Downing, Anne, Circleville 
Drakert, Barbara, Yonkers, N.Y. 
Draves, Judith, Racine, Wise. 

Dreger, Marilyn, Grafton 

Drupke, Richard 

Dudding, Alan, Cleveland 

Dudding, Jerry, Ironton 

Duffy, Margaret, Shaker Hts. 

Duke. Janet, Eaton 140, 189 

Dunbar, Ralph, Birmingham, Mich 100 

Duncan, Don, Troy 158, 170 

Duncan, Richard, Stephenson, Va. 172 

Dunlaevy, Janette, Greenwich, Conn 192 

Dunlap, Harvey, Flushing 

80, 124, 156, 157, 198 
Dupoe, Ronald 216 

Duskey, Robert 218 

Earenfight, Bess Ann, Canton 

80, 99, 102, 115, 121 
Easley, Mike 53, 203 

Easterly, Edgar, Columbus 80, 211 

Ebbers, Allen Frank, Cincy 158 

Ebbert, Tom . 51 

Eberhart, Jean Louise, Youngstown 138 

Eberling, Joe 224 

Eckert, Theodore, Berea 155 

Eckfeld, Edward Lewis, N. Philadelphia . 

80, 232 

Eckley, James Clarke, Shaker Hts 210 

Edelman, Phyllis Annette, Cleveland 

81, 107, 167, 236 
Edwards, Janice Suzanne, Byesville .84,153 

Edwards, John David, Athens 81 

Efaw, Paul C, Athens 158 

Efland, Margaret Mary, Akron 120 

Egelston, Daniel Jack, Middletown 232 

Eggers, Fran 196 

Eiber, Janet Grace, Euclid 153, 190 

Eisenberg, Marcia, Cleveland 180 

Eiserman, Barbara Ann, Eastlake 190 

Elewski, Don R., Parma 81, 227 

Ellery Tom 198 

Elliott, M. Dianne, Washington C.H. 153 

Elliott, Jim 203 

Elliott, Margaret Agnes, Athens . 188 

Ellis, Nancy Gay, Dayton 182 

Ellis, Nancy Roberta, Athens 171 

Ellis, Richard Ruggles, Huron 81,203 

Elmer, Leah Ann, Norwalk . 124 

Elsasser, Donna Helen, Gates Mills 

109, 158, 195 
Elsea, Robert Irvin, Circleville 126 


Elswick, Peery V., Fairborn . 138 

Emmons, Eula 138 

Emmons, Robert Earl, E. Liverpool 

81, 127, 138 

Engle, Retha Faye, Harrington Pk., N.J. . 

102, 124 

Enuchs, George 208 

Eppele, Florence, Cleveland 25 . 141 

Epperly, John, Hinton, W.Va. . 81, 144 

Erdmann, Karen, Lakewood .131,193 

Erdmann, Marlene, Lakewood 7 . . 192 

Erickson, David ... 205 

Erlechman, Gilbert, Cleveland 212 

Eros, Donald, Marietta , .. ...124 

Ertner, James, Haddon Hts., N.J. . 163, 237 

Ervin, Roy, Racine 137 

Essa, Ahmed, S. Africa 53, 122, 235 

Estee, Vera, Waynesburg 99,102 

Evans, Charles, E. Massillon .142 

Evans, Donna, Parkersburg, W.Va 179 

Evans, E. Janet, Stockport 81, 153 

Evans, Gale, Swanton ... 170 

Evans, Geneen, N. Canton ... 81, 99, 103 

Evans, John 210 

Evans, John Navarre 57, 130 

Evans, Kenneth, Massillon ...142 

Evans, Marna, Chesterland . . 158, 188 

Evans, Mary Lou, Chesterland 81, 117, 188 
Evans, Mary, Kingston 

103, 121, 132, 140, 172 

Evans, Robert, Baltimore 229 

Eville, Wm., Painesville . 168 

Ewasser, Connie 141 

Ewbank, Richard 206 

Ewell, Judith, Willoughby 99, 104, 133 

Ewers, Conard, Bellviile, 81, 232 

Ewing, Eleanor, Akron 108, 138 

Ezzo, Ralph . 219 

Fairbanks, Doug, Lakewood 

Fairo, James, Cincy 

Fakan, John 

Falor, Stan, Toledo 

Paris, Oran, Bedford, Ind. 

Farmer, Miriam, Newark 

Fassett, Bernard, Ashtabula 
Fedoravicius, Ingrida, Scio . 
Feer, Ursula, Cleveland 14 
Feeser, Charles, Athens 
Feldhan, Joan, N.Y., N.Y. . 
Feldman, Sheldon 
Fell, Carolyn, Carroll 
Fell, Jeanne, Pgh., Pa. 
Feltis, James, Springfield 
Fenneman, Roger, Mansfield 
Ferguson, Marilyn, Cleveland 
Ferguson, Richard, Toronto 

Ferro, Rose, Euclid 

Feyes, Carol, Columbus 
Figarsky, Abram, Irvington, N.J. 
Filbert, Arthur, Dayton 
Filusch, Hubert, N. Royalton 
Finkbohner, Denny 
Finlayson, James . 

Finlen, Barbara, Canton 

Finlen, Patricia, Canton 

Finley, Wanda, Malta 

Firestone, Ralph, Salem 
Fischbach, Wm., Waynesville 

51, i 

Fischer, Carole, Lakewood 
Fischer, Richard, Hamilton 
Fishbaugh, Richard, Pickerington 
Fisher, Kenneth, Belmont . 
Fisher, Shirley, S. Euclid 
Fisher, Roma, Stockport 
Fitsgerald, Donald, Garf. Hts. 
Fleeger, Donald, Mt. Vernon . 

58, 227 





140, 182 


166, 167 



81, 139 



151, 188 
176, 225 
211, 130 
171, 188 
171, 186, 236 



81, 202 




130, 196 

102, 130, 196 



1, 133, 




130, 229 




100, 157 


Fleischer, Helen, Saxonburg, Pa. 81, 196 

Fleshman, Karl, Cuyahoga Falls 137 

Fletcher, Joseph, Canton 81, 227 

Flick, Dorothy, E. Liverpool 

81, 104, 119, 153 

Flinn, Tom 202 

Flowers, Sally, Clarksburg, W.Va. 184 

Fogel, Joseph, Cleveland ...157,170 

Fogle, Ned, Dayton 4 . ... .81, 137 

Foley, John, Lakewood 233 

Foley, Kathleen, Cleve. Hts. 141 

Foliano, Ronald, Cleveland . 81, 215 

Folio, Norma, Hopedale 142, 172 

Follas, Herb 215 

Foltz, Arthur, Oberlin 125 

Foppe, Bill 203 

Foreman, Russ 203 

Foster, Sandra, Arlington, Mass. 188 

Fowler, Richard, N. Royalton 81, 123, 206 

Fox, Richard, Lyndhurst .127,132,141 

Fox, Richard, Athens 141 

Foxall, Kay, E. Cleveland 12 128, 129 

Foyer, Hal, Fairview Pk. 231 

Francesangeli, Norma, Cleveland 

81, 99, 105, 167 
Franks, Harold, Wooster 157 

Frantz, Bernice, Amlin 190 

Frazer, K. Roger, Gallipolis 137 

Frazier, Raymond, Bloomingdale 228, 231 

Frederick, Robt, Canfield 81, 127, 231 

Frederick, Wm., Dayton 57, 81, 130, 203 

Freiler, Rita, Univ. Hts. 81, 109, 166 

French, James, Zanesville 125, 127 

Frey, Carole, Marion 141, 150 

Frogale, Carmen 201 

Fry, Richard, Mansfield 155, 232 

Frye, Alice, Huron 81, 108 

Fuchs, Alfred, Cliffside Park, N.J. 159 

Fudge, Dorothy, Eaton 183 

Fullerton, Brenda, New Vienna 190 

Gabriel, Nicholas, New York, N.Y. 168 

Gaebler, Robert, Cleveland Heights 133, 168 

Gaffin, Eleanor, Bloomfield 172 

Gaffin, Sanford, Cleveland 119 

Gage, Sandra, Arlington Heights, III. 

. 162, 163, 197 
Gal, Richard, Cleveland 114, 159 

Galloway, Joyce, Cleveland . 158 

Galvin, Jerry, Athens 126 

Gammon, Wayne, Point Pleasant, W.Va. 157 
Gamwell, Sharon, Glouster 82, 132, 194 

Ganek, Lenore, Newark, N.J. 177, 181 

Gannon, Robert, Summit, N.J. 82, 214 

Gantz, Barbara, Mt. Vernon 190 

Gardner, Richard, Toledo 140, 162 

Gardner, Robert, North Lawrence 82, 137 

Garron, Joe 203 

Gast, Richard, Ravenna 119, 168 

Gates, Janet, Shaker Heights . 190 

Gattrell, Jean, Cumberland 82 

Gaudy, Larry 170 

Gawronski, Walt 57 

Gaydar, Len, Parma 214 

Gehring, Mary, Toledo 140 

Gehring, Willie, Shaker Heights 157 

Geib, Tom . . . . 217 

Genemans, Cornells, Heerde, Netherlands. . 166 

Genslinger, Kent, Tipp City 168 

George, James, Athens 124 

George, Sheila, Gallipolis 145, 190 

Gerardi, J. Dolores, Hackensack, N.J. 102 

Gerber, Martha, Chillicothe 82, 132, 147 

Gerding, Jay, Cleveland .. .231 

Gerrell, Raymond, Mansfield 160 

Gerwig, Carol, Waverly . 

99, 105, 119, 132, 235 

Gettys, Carl, Thornville 140, 152 

Giavasis, Phil, Canton 82, 232 

Gibson, Arthur, Woodsfield 119, 156 

Gibson, Dick 198 

Gibson, Joanna, Conneautville, Pa 184 

Gibson, Margaret, Warren 130 

Gibson, Sue, Frazeysburg . . 104, 171 

Gilbert, Barton, Cleveland Heights 157 

Gilbert, Frank, Akron . . 173, 207 

Gilbert, Ruth, Louisville, Ky. 130, 166 

Gill, William, Toledo 82, 144, 144 

Gillam, Richard, Tipp City .168 

Gillespie, Beatrice, Ashtabula 82, 153 

Gillilan, Hugh, North Royalton 

82, 117, 133, 137 

Gillilan, Ronald, Racine 124, 154 

Gilliland, John, White Cottage 123 

Gilliland, Robert, Upper Sandusky 82, 172 

Gilson, Joanne . 82 

Gilson, Margene, Athens . . 143, 193 

Giuliano, Dorothy L., New Matamoras 82 

Girsch, Lorraine, Yonkers, N.Y. 103,119 

Giuliano, Robert, New Matamoras 

100, 114, 199 
Gladman, Bob ...... 222 

Glancy, John, Athens 82 

Glaros, John, Youngstown 231 

Glasow, Jane, Shadyside 109 

Glenn, Patricia, Jackson 82, 145 

Glick, Irv 220 

Godby, Geraldine, Zanesville 107 

Godfrey, Carole, Lynchburg 190 

Goehring, Donna, Niles 82, 106, 171 

Goldman, Doris, Yonkers, N.Y. 107 

Goldstein, Art 53 

Goldstein, Sherwood, Eastport, N.Y. 

139, 157, 158 
Golene, Patricia, Cleveland 119, 141 

Goli, Raymond 219 

Goodwin, Grace, Cambridge 138 

Gordon, Beatrice, Roscoe 118, 132, 151, 194 

Gordon, James, Athens 153 

Gordon, Margaret, Lakewood 130 

Gordon, Nancy, Lima 147 

Gordon, Ralph, New Lexington 158 

Gordon, Rick 126 

Gordon, William, Glenford 82, 152 

Gordonson, Jay, New York, N.Y. 

119, 124, 220 

Gorman, Roland, N. Carlisle 157 

Gossman, Marcia, Dayton 194 

Gould, M. Jeannine, Lorain 108 

Grady, Dennis 207 

Grady, Elnorah, Newark 82, 109, 141, 171 

Gramantine, Ruth, Akron 178 

Grant, MaryJo, Loudonville 178 

Graves, Anna, McArthur 109 

Graves, Margaret, Albertston, N.Y. 82, 141 
Gray, Jacqueline, Dayton 105 

Gray, Janet, Mansfield 107, 138 

Gray, Ralph, Cleveland Heights 151 

Gray, Sylvia, Kirkwood, Mo. 107, 188 

Graybill, Richard, Dayton 138, 206, 237 

Greche, Mike 127 

Greco, Delfina, Cambria Heights, N.Y. 

53, 107, 141 
Green, Barbara, Fairview Park 104 

Green, Carolyn, Steubenville 102 

Greene, Jim . . 203 

Greene, Milford, Athens 82, 224 

Greeney, Patricia, Parma . 104, 128, 129 

Greenwald, Ed 220 

Greenwood, Greta, Washington, D.C 

82, 165, 177, 186 

Greer, Archie 51 

Greer, John, Danville . 159 

Greer, Marilee, Cincinnati 140 

Gregory, Donald, Fostoria 140 


Greiner, Sam, Columbiana . 82, 117, 176, 186 
Grierson, Donald, Portsmouth 125 

Grierson, Wayne, Athens 127 

Griffen, Tom 214 

Griffin, William, Mansfield . 123, 173, 206 

Grogan, Annamae, Chillicothe 82 

Gromelski, Ronald, Cleveland 152 

Groppe, Barbara, Wheeling, W.Va. 171, 197 

Grover, Alvin, Oak Harbor 163, 211 

Groves, Max, Bellefontaine 231 

Growhosky, Frances, Shaker Heigths 

82, 112, 115, 117, 126, 163 

Grubb, Donald, Ironton 160 

Gruber, Frances, Ironton 82, 142 

Grumbling, Boyd, North Royalton 100 

Guenther, Gerard, Shaker Heights 124, 209 
Guisinger, Shirley, Ashland 82, 128, 129, 186 
Gunton, Helen, Willoughby 141, 171 

Gurley, Eleanor, Fairport Harbor 153 

Guth, Barbara, Cleveland 179 

Gutridge, Ann, Toledo 192 

Guttman, Alan, Cincinnati 212 

Gyor, Donna, Portsmouth 142 


Haag, Dorothy, Cincinnati 
Hackett, Jeanne, Springfield 
Haddad, Donald, Marietta 
Hadley, Roger, Sabina 
Haeberle, John, Proctorville 
Hagedorn, Patricia, Cleveland 
Hahn, Barbara, Woodmere, N.Y. 

Halter, Marilyn 

Haines, Gala, Scio 

Hall, Eleanor, Canton 102, 

Hall, Gustavus, Chillicothe 
Hall, James, Zanesville 

Hall Jean 

Hall, John, Midland, Pa. 
Hall, Marylin, Worthington 
Hall, Mildred, Greenfield . . 



Hall, Ronald, Columbus 
Hallof, Sally, Kirkwood, Mo. 

83, 117 
Hamer, James, Murray City 
Hamilton, Sally, Toledo 
Hamlin, Richard, Canton 
Hamm, David, Chardon 
Hankins, Faye, Ironton 

Hanna, Joe 

Hannen, William 

Hannum, Cecil, Jefferson . 

Hanson, Ivan 

Harasimik, Barbara, Toronto . 

Harbeitner, Harold 

Harding, Barbara, Cleveland . 
Harding, Belinda, Cleveland 

Harding, Warren 

Hargis, Gatha, Copley 
Harig, Marilyn, Cincinnati . . . 
Harlamert, Paul, Bay Village 
Harlan, Melvin, Athens 
Harman, Helen, Marietta 
Harner, Richard, Warren 
Harper, James, Massillon 
Harper, Janeen, Zanesville 
Harper, Larry, Mansfield 


Harper, Tom 

Harpster, Ronald, Parma 
Harris, Carl, Franklin 

Harris, James 

Harris, Paula, Springfield 

Harris, Rosemary, Dayton 
Harrison, Dave, Cincinnati 
Harrison, Joan, Cincinnati 
Harrison, Marjorie 
Hart, Donald, Mansfield 

83, 113, 127 

102, 174 

82, 188 


127, 225 

82, 119 



. 124 

145, 147 

130, 189 


116, 233 




106, 136 

116, 233 

165, 177 

125, 154, 



83, 190 

154, 211 




141, 172 


150, 166 

166, 167 


166, 236 

. . . .131 




170, 204 

. 158 


122, 123, 173, 202 



120, 195 

176 206 

Hart, Roger 206 

Harting, James, Dayton 162, 218 

Hartley, Thomas, Akron 83, 130, 227 

Hartman, Jean, Cincinnati 120 

Hartshorn, Phyllis, Newport 106 

Hartshorne, Josephine, Columbus 178 

Hartzell, Gordon, Lodi 83, 124 

Haskins, Virginia, Pomeroy 83, 106, 136, 166 

Hassfeld, Dorothy, Toledo 123, 128, 131 

Hathaway, William, Galion 56, 232 

Hauenstein, Thomas, Wauseon 83, 176, 219 

Hauer, Toni, Cincinnati 141 

Hauet, Hans, Emmastadt, N.W. 166 

Hauser, Donald, Wyoming 233 

Hawkins, Alice, Bellefontaine 108, 153, 182 

Hawley, Winston, Columbus . 83, 203 

Hawn, Mary Jane, Cleveland 132, 184 

Hayden, John, Cleveland .231 

Hayes, Betty Lou, Cincinnati 143, 171, 186 

Hayes, Jo Ann, Newark . .140, 172 

Hayne, Paula, Canton 106, 126, 140 

Headlee, Patricia, Kirkwood, Mo. 188 

Heap, Ellis, Cincinnati 124 

Hearn, Neal, Paris 137 
Hecht, Edmund, Brunsbuttelbooy, Germany 


Heckelman, Theodore, Norwalk 151 
Hedoes, Nancy, Ashville 83, 167, 178, 197 

Heffken, Carolyn, Millfield 102, 153 

Heqyes. Kathleen, Perth Amboy, N.J. 141 

Heichel, Kenneth 199 

Heilman, Shirley, Mansfield 191 

Heim, Thelma, Rockville Center, N.Y. 181 

Heinrich, David, Athens 83, 127, 224 

Heitland, Raymond 218 

Held, Charles, Hudson .226 

Heldman, Wilda, Marietta 140 

Helm, Virginia, Parkview Village 83, 171, 186 

Helms, Patrick, Jackson 83, 176, 231 

Hempfield, Robert, Mansfield 83, 219 

Henderson, Philip, Lynchburg 133, 198 

Henderson, Sally 179 

Henderson, Sara, New Athens 143 

Hendrick, Pennie, Chillicothe 167, 193 

Henry, David, Middletown 83 

Henss, Hedwig, Union, N.J 

118, 132. 167, 173, 194 

Hepburn, Frances, Columbiana 166, 167 

Hepp, Donald, Athens .83 

Herren, George, Lakewood 137, 231 

Hertel, James .218 

Hertzberq, Thelma, Cleveland Heights 180 

Hesson, Donald, Newport 137, 229 

Hibbett, Richard, Springfield . 83 

Hicking, Dorothy 120 

Hickman, Bernard, Belpre 137 

Hicks, Gerald, Elyria 125 

Hicks, L. F. 127 

Higby, Jeanne, Chillicothe 83, 197, 235 

Hiaainbotham, Virainia, Cincinnati 119 

Higgins, Daniel, Athens 119, 210 

Hilberg, Corinne, Wilkinsburg, Pa. 120 

Hill, Arthur, Warren 98, 201 

Hill, Eva, Pt. Pleasant, W.Va. 192 

Hill Juanita, Circleville 107, 120, 138 

Hill, Malcolmn, Athens 151 

Hill, Robert, Troy . .157 

Hill, Stephen, Pomeroy 154, 231 

Hillenbrand, Robert, Cleveland 83, 158, 215 

Hilliard, Joann, Chillicothe 106, 131, 182 

Hillier, Linda, Athens . 120 

Hilton, Barbara, Springfield . .83, 106 

Hilz, Bill 51,207 

Himebaugh, Glenn, Canton .158 

Himmel, Sanford, Cleveland 139, 212 

Hinkle, Dorothy, Williamstown 109 

Hinkle, William, Columbus 229 

Hinkley, Dave 219 

Hirsch, Gordon, Toledo 139 

Hirsch, Josephine, Chillicothe 109 

Hitchin, Leonard, East Sparta . . . 
Hoblitzell, Richard, Williamstown, W.Va. 


Hobzek, William, Cleveland 155, 

Hoch, Audrey, Cleveland Heights 

Hock, Rosemary 

Hocking, Dorothy, London 

Hodges, Lew 

Hodgson, Barbara, Willoughby 

Hoehn, Howard, Cleveland . . .83, 130, 165, 

Hoff, Adrian, Dayton 

Hoff, Gerald, Dayton 83, 

Hoff, Jeanette . 
Hoffman, Rhoda, Mansfield 

Hogan, Patricia, Cleveland 

Hogue, Adrienne, Lorain 

Hohn, Bob 

Holden, Anne, Cleveland 
Holden, Ellsworth, Cleveland . 

83, 116, 117, 119, 137, 
Hole, Richard, Wapakoneta . ,83, 137, 
Holmes, Judith, Marietta 

Holzmann, Janet 

Homman, Bill . 

Honsberger, Dean . 

Hoopman, Martha, Cambridge . 

Hopkins, Edward, Shawnee 83, 

Hopper, Cornelius 

Horn, Carolyn, Mansfield 107, 

Horner, Judith, Charleston, W.Va 

Hornsby, Gerald, Cincinnati 

116. 126, 231, 

Horsman, Shirley, Mansfield 

Horst, Kenneth 

Horst, Ralph, North Lawrence 100, 

Hough, Jodie 53, 

Houk, Clifford, Athens 176, 

Houston, Fred 

Howard, Joyce, Dayton 

Howe, Wilella, Centerville 104, 128, 129, 
Howell, Jerry 

Howell, Marilyn, Shaker Heights 

Hubbard, Carol Mae, Lakewood 

Hubbard, Elizabeth, Urbana 131, 

Huber, Bernice, Franklin 141, 

Huber, Robert, Brooklyn, N.Y 

Hudecek, Helen, Toledo 83, 

Huebner, Donald, Cleveland. 84, 117, 118, 
Huerkamp, Virginia, Mariemont 

84, 132, 165, 177, 

Huff, D'Alan, Chillicothe 84, 

Huff, Rolf, Chillicothe 

Huff, Ronald, Chillicothe 84, 

Huff, Suzanne, Akron 

Hughes, Barbara, Akron . 

Hughes, David, Athens 

Hughes, Juanita 

Hughes, Nancy, Cincinnati 84, 

Hughes, W. Rodney, Millersport 

Huheey, Marilyn, Cincinnati 
Hulderig, Eileen 

Hull, Sarah, Crooksville 

Hummel, Betty, Cincinnati 

Hummel, Richard, Cleveland 

Humphrey, Bruce, The Plains 

Hunkler, Frederick, Barnesville 

Hunt, Homer, Canton 

Hunter, Claryce, Cleveland Heights 

Hunter, D. Jeanne, Ripley, W.Va. 

Hunter, James, Ripley, W.Va. 

Hunter, Joan, Painesville 177, 

Hunter, William, Dennison 

Hurd, Cal 
Hurd, John 

Hurlbut, Jean, Cleveland 

Hurtt, Patricia, Washington, C. H. 
Hutcheson, Robert, Lancaster 
Hutchison, Carl, Thomasville, Ga. 

Hutchison Roy, Barberton 84, 

Huth, Trevor 















Hutslar, Donald, Yellow Springs 163 

Hvizdak, Gerald, Pleasant City 210 

Hylbert, Carol, Zanesville 147 

Hysell, David 208 

Iacobucci, Nick 219 

Ibanez, Alvaro, Valencia, Spain 84, 166 

Iden, Gayle Marlene, Kensington 108 

Illes, Dan Dennis, Cleveland 232 

Imes, Jerald Eugene, Franklin 211 

Imhoff, Frank Edward, Newark 157 
Ingraham, Clyde Thompson, Chillicothe 

84, 225 

Inman, Paul Richard, Akron 233 

Iris, Mahmut Ridvan, Tocat, Turkey 166 

Isaacs, Ken . - 221 

Isch, Eloise Sue, Wooster 189 

Isenberger, Terry 225 

Ives, Duanne 218 


Jackson, Barbara Joan, Belvidere, N.J. 120 
Jackson, Don 205 

Jackson, Ellen Marie, Charleston, W.Va. 120 
Jackson, John H., Clyde 227 

Jackson, Richard Herbert, N.Y.C. 87, 166 

Jackson, Theodore Tyler, Springfield 58, 116 

Jacobs, Alice Mae, Bedford 107, 130 

Jacobs, Don 215 

Jacoby, Carolyn Catherine, Worthington 

103, 153 
Jainshig, Barbara Ann, Cleveland 182 

Jakulin, Sonia, Cleveland 81, 159 

James, Fred Irving, Ravenna 155 

James, Hilda, Belleville, Kans. 151, 166, 167 
Jameson, Jim 225 

Jamieson, James A., Shaker Hts. 125 

Jensen, Valerie Elaine, Lorain 120, 235 

Jewell, Mary Kay, McArthur 84, 106 

Jimenez, Humberto, Colombia, SA. 166 

Johnen, Eric 198 

Johns, Gloria Ann, Franklin 84, 235 

Johns, Karl Anthony, Barberton 84, 215 

Johnson, Al 225 

Johnson, David Mallory, Toledo 152 

Johnson, Donald Victor, Lowellville -231 

Johnson, Elizabeth Anne, Columbus 102, 195 
Johnson, Gary Andrew, Ashtabula 155 

Johnson, I. Marilyn, Portsmouth ...125,182 
Johnson, James Keith, Sissonville, W.Va.. 137 
Johnson, John Richard, Quaker City .211 

Johnson, Marlene Faye, Lorain 84, 123 

Johnson, Perry Wilbur, Cleveland 166 

Johnson, Shirley Jean, Toledo 179 

Johnson, Dick 154 

Johnson, Dan 84 

Johnston, Barbara Andrea, St. Clairsville 

84, 153, 186, 234 
Johnston, John R., Lakewood 84, 176, 224 

Johnston, Sandra Louise, Cleveland 109 

Jones, Barbara 191 

Jones, Helen Marie, Liverpool 103 

Jones, Luther, Cadiz 84, 217 

Jones, Margaret 147 

Jones, Robert Joseph, Tipp City 168 

Jones, Rollin, Chamberlin, Scranton, Pa. 226 
Jones, Tom 202 

Josten, Patricia Ann, Athens 141 

Joyce, Barbara Mae, Lakewood 130 

Jurenek, Carol Ann 84, 196 

Justus, Dolores, Springfield 140 


Kabat, Bruce Lowell, Nashville, Tenn. 157 

Kabo, Marv 215 

Kalbaugh, Suzanne 195 

Kail, Joseph Edward, Cleveland 84, 117,215 

Kambhu, Chinchai, Bangkok, Siam 84 

Kamchi, David A., New York, N.Y. 

84, 123, 170 
Kapl, Janet Mary, Cleveland 129, 186, 236 

Karaffa, Robert Elias, Toronto 84, 141, 215 
Karales, James Harry, Canton 95, 163, 237 
Karcher, Jack 218 

Karikas, Chas. John, Cleveland 132, 229, 231 
Kasinec, Joseph, Weirton, W.Va. 209 

Kasper, Richard Leo, Springfield 

84, 165, 202 
Kass, Lucille Lois, Woodmere, N.Y. 130 

Kast, Joyce Marie, Canton 153 

Katchel, Bill 207 

Katzan, Harry, N. Olmsted 119 

Kauer, Joen C, Columbus 123 

Kaufman, Elva, Cleveland Heights 84, 180 

Kaufman, Thelma Ann, Clifton, N.J. 180 

Kaut, George Ackley, Portsmouth 137 

Kay Christine Antoinette, New Waterford 

105, 124 
Keairns, Sandra Ann, Jackson 192, 235 

Keating, Anne Irene, Ashtabula 179 

Kee, Reva Helen, Cutler 85, 167, 172 

Keene, Jack Clawson, Lancaster . . . 233 

Keever, Carola Jane, Magnetic Springs 191 
Kehl, Ricard Bryan, North Lima 231 

Keiber, Ned Eugene, Wapakoneta 125 

Keims, Harold 85 

Keineth, James 207 

Keller, Gordon Wilson, East Cleveland 133 

Keller, Ralph 202 

Keller, Susan, Belpre 158, 178 

Keller, Zaina Kathleen, Middletown 153 

Kelley, Julia Ann, Medina 136 

Kelley, Severance B., Dunbar, W.Va. 

124, 144, 231 

Kelley, Thoburn K., Chillicothe 127 

Kellis, John, Chios, Greece . 85 

Kelly, B. J 203 

Kelly, William 198 

Kelly, Winfield Scott, Athens 127 

Kemp, Myra Ann, Indianapolis, Ind. 85, 102 
Kendricks, Ralph Lee, Cincinnati 166 

Kennedy, Martha Jane, Portsmouth 105 

Kerchak, Arlene Joan, Cleveland 158 

Kerns, Gene 52, 203 

Kerr, Mary Margaret, St. Clairsville 85, 190 

Kerr, Robert Ralston, Bellaire 210 

Kertes, Elaine Alice, Solon .120 

Kerwood, Joseph 204 

Kessel, Harry Roger, Athens 151 

Kesselring, Donald Jacob, Cincinnati .231 
Kessinger, Carol Sue, Portsmouth 85, 120 

Kibler, Melvin 218 

Kichodhan, Vithu, Bangkok, Thailand 85 

Kick, Judith Ann, Ashland 183 

Kim, Marion 219 

Kimberly, Suzanne Marie, Zanesville 153 

Kindel, Donna Rose, Cincinnati . 53, 102, 159 
Kindel, Richard James, Bay Village 141 

Kinder, Sharon Evelyn, Cincinnati 108 

Kindsvatter, Jerry 219 

King, Linda Carole, South Point 103 

King, Richard Norman, Parma 227 

Kinnane, Jerry ........... 203, 234 

Kinney, Jack Martin, Utica 85, 117, 118 

Kinney, Stephen 225 

Kinsella, Martha Ellen, Youngstown 171 

Kircher, Dudley Paul, Dayton . 155, 207 

Kirlangitis, Jim Nicholas, Steubenville 209 

Kirsop, Robert James, Cleveland 52, 142 

Kirtley, George Peter, Mansfield 157 

Kistler, Wm. Norvan, Newark 137, 232 

Kittay, Arthur Leonard, Dobbs F., NY 

139, 173, 221 
Kittle, Charles Grant, Sandyville, W.Va. 127 
Kladney, Sally Ann, Cleveland 171, 189 

Klaiman, Malcolm Arthur, Clifton, N.J. 

. 113, 133, 139, 170 

Klass, Donald Lawrence, Dayton 151, 166 

Klein, Bette Janet, Shaker Heights 139 

Klein, Jay Stephen, Beacon, N.Y. 85, 158 

Klein, Lina Jean, Solon 99, 102, 131, 182 

Kleinhoffer, Lynwood B., Detroit, Mich. 

175, 222 

Kleinman, Milt 220 

Klenk, Bill 225 

Kliesch, Ralph Ernest, Wheaton, III. 

122, 123. 162, 163, 237 
Kline, Gaylen Otto, Republic 125, 157 

Klineck, Marvin 223 

Kloeppfer, Nancy 197 

Knarr, Clifford L., Mansfield 85, 227 

Knight, Keith F., Zanesville 85, 231 

Knight, Thomas A., S. Charleston, W.Va. 


Knouse, Louis Thomas, Jr., Girard 124 

Knox, Jerry 206 

Kobel, Marjorie E., Canton 

102, 132, 136, 192 
Kober, Bob Everett, Cincinnati 85, 233 

Kocab, Joseph Anthony, Cleveland 141, 172 
Koehler, Helen Mary, Jackson 141, 145, 1-50 
Koehne, Hazel, Madeira 106, 128, 129, 169 
Koenig, Peter Simons, Grove City, Pa. 211 
Koester, Paul Cyrus, Painesville 226 

Koethe, Dave 218 

Kofou Evangelos A., Thessaloniki, Greece 

85, 122, 166 
Koletic, Rudolph Emery, Cleveland 116, 214 
Kolvereid, Edward Ronald, Medina 85, 226 
Kontos, Peter 198 

Korecky, Wm. Joseph, Shaker Heights 227 
Kornick, John Bruce, Lakewood 

85, 158, 221, 226 

Kosco, Dick 215 

Kotila, John Mathew, Brookville 226 

Kotila, Sonja Sandra, Ashtabula 172 

Kotur, Robert 219 

Kouempelman, Jack ■ 141 

Kowalewski, Gerald 218 

Kozak, Lawrence Ralph, Cleveland 144 

Kraft, James 207 

Krager, James Joseph, Steubenville 231 

Kramer, Fredrick Phillip, Columbiana 

142, 171 

Krammer, Pat 182 

Krasowski, Virginia P., Cleveland 172 

Kraus, Chas. Jerry, Newbury 85, 231 

Krause, Wayne Ray, Sandusky 85, 125, 127 
Kraushaar, Calvin 224 

Kraushaar, Jeanne Marele, Cleveland 162, 163 
Krecic, Max 218 

Kreitzer, Martha Joanne, Eaton 153 

Kroft, Marilyn Louise, Glenford .85, 150 

Kroh, Paul Leroy, Canton 130, 227 

Kroop, Gary Alexander, Perth Amboy, N.J. 


Kropf, John T., Miamisburg 100, 119, 210 

Krupp, Edith P., Pittsburgh, Pa. 108 

Kubach, John Scott, Sandusky 210 

Kubes, Doris Ann, Cleveland 171, 172, 185 

Kuby, Thomas E., Cleveland 122 

Kuckherman, Julia Ann, Dayton 109, 138 

Kucsma, Michael Edw., Fairport Harbor 

85, 206 
Kulesavage, Loretta A., Dunellen, N.J. 85 

Kurtz, David John, Oberlin 138, 168 

Kurtz, Elizabeth A., Birmingham, Mich. 

123, 162 
Kurtz, Marilyn Jean, Navarre 140 

Kurtz Patricia Anne, Lancaster Co., Pa. 

85, 115, 117, 182 
Kutchever, Dorothy 236 

Kutscher, Walter Lee, Massillon 153, 198 

Kyanko, Thomas J., Bridgeport .141 

Kyle, Myra Susanne, Parkersburg, W.Va. 105 
Kyriazaki, Anne Nicolas, Athens, Greece 85 



Lacey, Judith Anne, Huron 102, 129, 195 

Ladd, Joanne, Cutler 120, 138 

LaFollette, Kaye Louise, Garrett, Ind. 

173, 186 

LaFollotte, Mary Sue, Athens 85, 117, 136 

Lagonegro, William, Elmira, N.Y 85,206 

Lake, Thomas 219 

Lakin, L. Carol, Buena Vista . 106 

Lambert, Dave 127 

Lancione, John George, Bellaire 155, 233 

Lane, Carolyn Sue, Columbus 172 

Lane, Stuart 235 

Lang, Carol L., Cleveland . 103 

Lang, Donna Jean, Cuyahoga Falls 193 

Langer, Ralph Arthur, Yonkers, N.Y 

116, 220 
Langfitt, D. Richard, Parkersburg, W.Va. 85 
Langford, Hariett, Kirkwood, Mo. 189 

Lanman, John Hollis, Circleville 126 

Lanning, Norman V., Jr., East Liverpool 

85, 144, 198 

Lantz, Marilyn Rose, Somerset 172 

Lanphear, Barbara Dale, Cleveland Hts. 85, 179 
Large, Larry Franklin, Ironton . . 157 

Larson, Laurence Arthur, Bedford 133, 168 
Latham, Mary Kay, Urbana 107, 133 

Latin, Suzanne L., Cleveland Hts. . 106 

Latto, Richard Dudley, Canton 123 

Laub, Lois Anne, Cleveland 106, 153 

Lauer, Dixie Lee, Coshocton . . . 188 

Laughlin, Jas. Ralph, E. Liverpool . 85, 206 

Lavendar, Trudy, Cincinnati 107 

Lawler, Carolyn A., Steubenville 141 

Lawn, Eldon 157 

Lawrence, Mary, Madison, Ind. 86, 103, 153 
Lawson, Robert 218 

Lazaroff, Stephen Thomas, Massillon 229 

Leach, Ronald Lee, Athens 155 

Leatherman, Con 202 

Leckrone, Jas. Howard, Zanesville 232 

Lee, Franklin Delano, Marietta 

80, 116, 136, 198 
Lee, In Mook, Logan . . 138, 162 

Lee, Jesse Bishop, Athens 119, 127 

Lee, Joan Elaine, Portsmouth 

.86, 99, 102, 172 
Lee, Mary, Zanesville 104 

Lee, Terrence J., Nelsonville 119 

Lee, Thomas Gerald, Fremont 

86, 117, 118, 202 
Lefko, Rita Lenore, Cleveland Hts. . 139 

Lehman, Donald 201 

Lehman, Helen Joyce, Athens 126, 167 

Lehman, Paul David, Pandora . . . 124 

Leialoha, Pauline Maile, Hilo, Hawaii 

108, 147, 172 

Lembright, Richard Lee, Fairview Pk. 231 

Lent, John Anthony, Jr., Millsboro. Pa. 

158, 235 
Leonard, Jas. Albert, Cleveland 

86, 127, 130, 227 
Leonard, Ray Joseph, Cleveland 226 

Lepre, Gennaro, Newark, N.J. 86, 87 

Lerner, Don 220 

Leshko, Gladys, Erie, Pa. 107 

Lester, John M., Chauncey . 86 

Leuschel, Jack Chas., Athens 51, 86, 159, 211 
Levine, Joel Marvin, New York, N.Y. 86, 212 
Levine, Seymour, Port Chester, N.Y. 158, 220 
Levy Tom 53 

Lew, Barbara Madeline, L. I., N.Y. 139 

Lewin, Earl 221 

Lewis, Dave 51 

Lewis, Jerry 206 

Lewis, Wm. David 217 

Lewton, Lee Baum, Waynesburg 152 

Liberati, Dolores Jean, Bellaire 153 

Limerick, Dorothy Jean, Hamilton 166 

Linett, Barbara C, Forest Hills, N.Y. 

103, 172, 178 

Link, Robert Alston, Athens 151, 210 

Linker, Patience, Baltimore, Md. 160 

Linn, Frances Belle, Medina 191 

Linscott, Delpha Louise, Columbus 86 

Linville, Lee Roy, Bellefontaine 157 

Lion, John, Cincinnati 86 

Listermann, Louis R., Cincinnati 86, 208 

Litzler, Al 215 

Lloyd, Marilyn Anne, Gallipolis 191 

Lobock, Murton Marvin, Jamestown, N.Y. 

86, 212 

Lock, Joan 195 

Lock, Robert Louis, Cleveland 124 

Locon, Eldon 156 

Lockhard, Elaine 195 

Lockhart, Karen, Fostoria 102 

Lodde, David M., Mansfield 51,86,227 

Loeb, Harvey B., Cincinnati 

51, 118, 119, 158, 160, 172, 176, 212 
Loftus, William Kurtz, Dayton 141, 157 

Logsdon, Phyllis Sue, Hamilton 

102, 140, 172, 184 
Long, David Sylvester, Springfield 86 

Long, Lawrence C, Lakewood 86, 211 

Long, Terrill Jewett, Newark 209 

Loomis, Henry T., Cleveland 176, 204 

Looney, Joan, Bainbridge 106 

Lopez, Lloyd N., Cleveland 153, 172 

Loraditch, John 217 

Lotz, Theodore, Warren 86, 203 

Loudner, Elizabeth 195 

Louet, Nancy Jane, Charleston, W.Va. 138 

Louis, Joe ....... 214 

Love, Don 198 

Loveil, Linda 195 

Lovett, Laile Yvonne, Athens 191 

Lowe, James B., Solon 228 

Lown, Eldon Cyril, Mansfield 211 

Lowry, Maxine 53 

Loxley, John David, Alexandria 127 

Loyd, Larry , 204 

Lucas, Arnold Dean, Akron 157 

Lucas, George Lamyone, Somerton . 230 

Lucas, Hugh David, Medina 86, 203 

Lucas, Jim 225 

Ludlum, Al 206 

Lund, Kathy Ann, Marietta 86, 104 

Lund, William 225 

Lundberg, Barbara Ann, Chatham, N.J. 178 
Lundberg, John David, Dayton 57, 130, 203 
Lundergan, Ann Theresa, Webster Grove, Mo. 

Lundstrom, Donald John, Canton 

86, 125, 127, 130, 211 
Luntz, Gloria Ina, Jamestown, N.Y. 108 

Luongo, Jeanie Marilyn, Cleveland Hts. 

105, 141 
Lustig, Donald M., Niles 212 

Luthringer, Bob .214 

Lyons, Calvin Gerald, Jackson 123, 202 

Lyons, Doris Jean, Newcomerstown 172 


McBane, LeRoy Edward, Wellsville 144 

McBride, Don 56 

McBride, Doris Ann, Ashtabula 86 

McBride, Walter 224 

McCammon, Robert Edwin, Athens 157 

McCann, Frances Marilyn, Lakewood 172 

McCarty, Marilyn W., Univ. Hts. 120 

McCarty, Samuel E., Univ. Hts. 125 

McClaine, Dick .207 

McClaine, Mary Louise, Columbus 188 

McClead, Benita Gael, Mansfield 86 

McCleary, Donna . . 197 

McClure, Constance Joan, Toledo 140 
McCormick, Carol Jean, Coshocton 141, 191 
McCormick, Marjorie Ann, Columbus 145, 169 

McCowen, Ronald Edward, Wheelersburg 

86, 198 

McCowen, Ron 198 

McCoy, James R., Wilmington 100 

McCoy, John , . 224 

McDaniel, Marti Dee, Port Clinton 187 

McDonald, Carolyn 195 

MacDonald, Ruth Anna, Ashtabula 178 

McDonald, Sherry Mae, Toledo 190 
McDonald, Thomas Oscar, Jr., Middletown 


McDonough, Jim, Cincinnati 228 

McElroy, Jean Mae, Ashtabula 172 

McElroy, Robert Raymond, Chicago, III. 160 

McFarland, Carolyn Sue, Columbus 171 
McFarland, Margaret Jane, Lexington 

86, 102, 124 

McGirr, James Thomas, Brecksville 151 

McGlothin, Ron 202 

Mcintosh, Arline, Parma 120 

Mclntyre, David 217 

McKee, Louis .224 
McKenzie, Beverlee Eileen, Cincinnati 

. . 103, 132 

McKinlay, Ardith Elaine, Sylvania 182, 236 

McKinley, Michael, Ashland 124 

McLane, Jean, East Liverpool 86, 166 
McLaughlin, Paul, Springfield 

86, 126, 144, 154, 156, 208 

McLelland, Gloria, Lakewood 147 

McMillan, Tom ... 207 

McMillen, Anna, Cadiz 130, 197, 236 

McMurray, Sue, Toledo 102, 130 

McNeely, Eileen, Cincinnati 191 

MacNeil, Geraldine, Pittsburgh, Pa. 108 

McNutt, Eleanor, Lowell 109 

McPherson, Mary Jo. Chillicothe 124, 192 
McQuillin, Richard, Toledo 

86, 116, 117, 118, 203 

McVay, Lawrence, Columbiana 232 

McWilliams, Barbara, Wash., Pa. 153 


Mack, Ann 178 

Mack, Donna, Lakewood 153 

Mack, Phyllis, Mt. Vernon 171 
Macormac, Patricia, Charleston, W.Va. 153 

Macos, Tula, Tiffin 130 

Macri, Rocco, Canton 86, 227 

Macauley, Rubyem 120 

Madden, Margaret, Amanda 86, 184 

Madden, Pat 147 

Madden, Phvllis 196 

Maddox, Elizabeth 197 

Madej, Bernard, Cleveland 144 

Maggio, Emil, Passaic, N.J. 86. 214 

Magons, Erik 236 

Magyar, Rose Marie, Cleveland 141, 119 

Mahan, Gay, Hagerstown, Md. 192 

Mahoney, Betty Jane 145 

Maiden, Rex, Middleport 202 

Maier, Yvonne, Akron 147 

Maisch, Jane, Lakewood 109 

Malaga, Donald, Euclid 100, 225 

Maley, John 214 

Malik, Abdul, Pakistan 166 

Malloy, Fred 206 

Maloney, Janet, Jackson 185 

Maloney, William, E. Liverpool 140 

Malouf, Farid, Barkinta 166, 168 

Manion, Joe 214 

Mann, Jerome, Franklin Sq., N.Y. 51, 212 

Mansfield, Donald, Akron 155 

Maragas, Aristotle, Canton 86, 232 

Marchard, Karl, Massillon 158 

Mariani, Dick . 215 

Marino, John, Cleveland . 209 

Marino, Louis, Cleveland . 209 

Markell, Mary Jane, Mentor 147 

Markiewicz, Andrew, Cleveland 87, 158, 208 





, 142, 

144, 200 

87, 172 



. 87, 115 

Marlatt, Ralph, Painesville 
Marmo, Beverly . 
Marquis, Chester, Athens 
Marr, Charles, Andover 

116, 119 

Marsh, Christina, Chillicothe 

Marshal, Dave 

Marshall, Wesley, Caldwell 

Martin, Rita, Dayton . 

Martocca, Paul, Cleveland .155,215 

Maschino, Stan., Dayton 57, 87, 228 

Mason, Scott, Peebles . .87,152 

Mason, William, Warren 87,202 

Masterson, John, Cleveland 

Mastin, Richard, Hicksville 

Mastrullo, Tony, Cincinnati 

Mathews, Bob 

Mathias, Dick 

Mathias, Emma, Enterprise 140 

Matson, Jean, Chauncey 109, 120, 187 

Matteson, Boyd, Falconer, N.Y 157 

Mattiat, Edith, Cleveland Hts. 130, 167 


Maurer, James, Nelsonville . . . . 

Maurer, Judith, Columbiana 
Mauter, Willis, Toledo . 
Maxwell, Richard, Columbus 
May, John, Cleveland 
Mayer, John, Mansfield . 
Mayer, Miriam, Columbus 

Mayer, Nancy, Springs, Md 

Mayer, Robert, Mt. Vernon 

Mayer, Tom 

Meacham, Donald 

Mead, Philip, Pataskala 

Means, Carolyn, Ravenswood, W.Va. 

Mechling, Elizabeth, St. Clairsville . 

Medovich, John, Cleveland 151 

Meinen, Carol, Toledo 

Meissner, Janice 

Melick, William, Somerset 

Mendoza, Mortimer, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Mergler, Kay, Niles 

Merkel, Frank 

Meroscher, Rude 

Merrill, Leila, Dayton 

Merrizs, Howard, 

Mesec, Elaine, Cicero, III 

Mestnik, Don 

Metzger, Barbara, Akron 

Metzger, Ralph, Chillicothe 

Meyers, Raymond, Westlake . 

Michael, Donald, Canton 

Michiels, Donald, DePere, Wis. 

Mieser, Kenneth 

Might, Julia, Troy 

Mihalic, Harry 

Mihalick, Patricia, Mansfield 

Mihoci, Clement . 

Milacle, Alan 

Milano, Ralph, Canton . 

Miller, Al 

Miller, Ann Elizabeth, Rocky River 

Miller, Christian F., Dayton 

Miller, Donald Gene, Mansfield 

Miller, Donald Irving, Youngstown 

Miller, Georgia Lee, Aliquippa, Pa. 

Miller, Janet Louise, Barberton 

Miller, Janet Eloise, Mansfield 

Miller, Joan Barbara, Sandusky 

Miller, Marilyn 

Miller, Mark G., Chillicothe . 
Miller, Norbert Francis, Sidney 
Miller, Pati A., Wapakoneta 
Miller, Ralph L., Athens 

Richard Lee, Mansfield 
Richard L., Tampa, Fla. 
Samuel Lynn, Duncan Falls 

154, 204 


157, 202 



87, 106 








153, 230 


... 178 





. .211 

123, 193 


103, 118, 235 


87, 153 182 


.87, 127 

130, 226 

. 162, 237 











87, 192 

170, 229 

139, 216 











87, 231 

100, 210 




Sandra Ann, Mansfield 87,187 

Miller, Sandra Jean, Akron 153 

Million, Beverly Sue, Cincinnati 190 

Mills, Hal 218 

Mills. Olga A., Bellaire .106,166,233 

Minadeo, Claude Michael, Chagrin Falls 87 
Minck, Melva Dean, Akron 102 

Minellis, Dorothy 150 

Mingus, John David, Glouster 100, 152 

Minill, Vincent 224 

Minister, Edward Boyd, Bridgeville, Pa. .227 
Minto, Nancy Lee, Cleveland 130, 187 

Mirriss, Jacob 133 

Misicka, Charles David, Mt. Vernon 157 

Mitchell, George Buddy, Canton 133 

Mitchell, George E., Albany . 117, 118, 210 
Mitchell, John William, Athens . . . 

87, 138, 144, 223 
Mitovich, John, Youngstown 122 

Mocklar, David 51 

Modic, Stanley John, Fairport Harbor .98 
Moehl, Laura Joyce, E. Cleveland 130 

Moench, Wm. Chas., Lakewood 157 

Mohler, Claudette Feme, Akron . . . 103, 158 
Mokren, Robert 200 

Moliff, Sylvia Ruth, Cleveland Hts. 181 

Moll, Ethel H., Xenia . .106 

Mollman, Beverly Jean, Lima 140 

Monastra, Natale Albert, North Canton 

176, 214 

Monnett, James Franklin, Buckeye Lake . 229 

Montesanto, Don 215 

Moore, David Poole, Cincinnati 

118, 123, 130, 154, 203 

Moore, Elnyr Louise, Dresden 147 

Moore, Marjorie, West Manchester 126 

Moore, Robert 206 

Moores, Patricia Ann, Steubenville 120 

Morehouse, Betty L., Lakewood 87 

Morey, James Newman, Berkely, Mich. . 

87, 117, 118, 176, 227 

Morgan, Barbara Lynn, Rocky River 131, 188 

Morgan, Cora Ann, Pgh., Pa 189 

Morganstern, Howard B., Brooklyn, N.Y. 87 

Morosko, Margaret 195 

Morris, Darrell Eugene, Mansfield 210 

Morris, Elizabeth Ann, Massillon 

102, 132, 182 
Morris, John Kent, Parkersburg, W.Va. 170 
Morris, Shirley Eileen, Stockport .87 

Morrison, Elizabeth Faye, Gallipolis 131, 191 
Morrison, Martha Dee, Athens . .143, 145, 193 

Morrison, Paul 218 

Morrone, Antonio, Lima 87, 127 

Moscarino, George Joseph, Cleveland . .87, 232 
Moses, Judith Ann, Steubenville 105 

Moulton, Geralyn Phyllis, Wilmington, Del. 

184, 192 

Moyer, John Edward, Sandusky 

154, 218, 226 

Muck, Carl A., Pgh., Pa 116, 217 

Muething, Darrell, Columbus 237 

Muller, Carol, Fords, N.J 171 

Mullin, Arthur, L. I., N.Y. . 141,237 

Murchek, John, Sharon, Pa. . 228 

Murdock, Joann, Hamden 87, 106, 120, 167 
Murovich, Vincent, Pgh., Pa. . 53, 87 

Murphy, Douglas 201 

Murray, Kay, Mingo Jet. . . 120 

Murray, Sondra, Mingo Jet 153 

Musacchio, Carl, Cleveland 126, 198 

Muzio, Dolores, Millfield . , .120 

Myers, Carol, Wilmington, Del 131 

Myers, Carol Kay, Findlay 184 

Myers, Cynthia, Marion . 105, 119, 120 

Myers, Donna, Zanesville 87 

Myers, Eleanor, Wellington . 191 

Myers, Jerry, Cleveland 166 

Myers, Richard, Shadyside 157 


Nabors, Claire, Cleveland 104 

Nadel, Don, Cleveland . . .. 221, 236 

Naegel, Charles, Chagrin Falls 87,233 

Nagy, Bill, Fairport Harbor 155, 205 

Nakamoto, Keichi, Hawaii 163 

Nakanishi, Mitsuo, Cleveland 137 

Nakatsuji, Ronald, Hawaii 116, 154, 231 

Nasca, Josephine, Wickliffe 172 

Nash, Dan, Lakewood 203 

Nason, Faith, Rocky River 133, 235 

Nauts, Barrington, Toledo .88,142,200 

Neagay, Madeline 197 

Nebles, Don 226 

Neckich, Robert 232 

Nedin, James, Steubenville 88, 217 

Nee, Mary, N. Philadelphia 51, 189 

Neeson, Robert 224 

Neff, Robert, Cambridge 88, 137, 153 

Neidich, Nicholas, Cincinnati 142 

Neiner, Duane, Solon .170 

Nellis, Barbara, Athens 173, 189 

Nellis, Richard, Athens . . . 

116, 118, 130, 176, 226 
Nelson, Judith, Euclid 88, 151 

Nemec, Ed 225 

Nemec, Jack, Bay Village 140, 217 

Neth, Nancy, Dayton 108, 186 

Neuhaus, Ted, Rocky River 202 

Nevin, David, Youngstown 98,232 

Newbert, Joan, Cleveland 88, 153, 179 

Newell, Jean, Westlake . . . . 120, 130 

Newkirk, James, University Hts. 232 

Newland, Jean, Lakeview . 120, 189 

Newman, Philip, Wooster .233 

Newsome, Ted., Lucasville .127 

Nichols, Joanne, Mansfield 193 

Niepert, William, Lakewood .227 

Nisenson, Ruth, White Plains, N.Y. 180 

Nixon, Frank, Lakewood 130, 210 

Nixon, Mabel, Lancaster .... . . . . 130 

Nixon, Marilyn, Lexington 172 

Nobel, David, LaGrange ... 88, 144 

Nobel, Edward, Grafton . 137 

Nobel, Esther, Columbus . . 147 

Nobel, Sara, Stewart . . 109 

Noe, Charles, Cleveland 88, 231 

Noffsinger, Ann, Vandalia 107 

Nojonen, Rita, Kingsville . 104 

Nolan, Howard, Dayton 158 

Noland, June, Dayton 52, 118, 121, 142 

Noonan, James, Canton 88, 226 

Norris, Virginia 167 

Northrup, Kenneth, Ashtabula 218 

Novak, Gerald, Lorain 141 

Novak, Ronald, Ft. Wayne, Indiana 229 

Oakes, Helen E., Chillicothe 88, 190 

Oatman, Clara Elizabeth, Newark 142, 172 
Oatman, Thomas Dean, Greenhills 125, 127 
Oberdier, Richard W., LaRue 231 

O'Connor, William Edward, Columbus 88 

Oczak, Dolores A., Cleveland 102 

O'Donnell, Richard Thomas, Dennison 

88, 151, 153 

Oerke, George 133 

Ogden, James William, Mansfield . 88, 211 

Ogens, Anita Selma, Newark, N.J 172 

O'Hara, Paul Franklin, E. Liverpool .209 
Okafor, Rowland Menkiti, Awkuzu, Nigeria 


Olds, Roger 223 

Oliveira, Hayde Machado. CarnuroPontaGr., 

Brazil 106, 129, 166 


Oliver, Nancy Jane, Cincinnati 158 

O'Conner, Bill 215 

O'Malley, Marilyn Joyce, Cleveland 178 

Ondick, Karol Allen, Lorain 88, 215 

Ondis, Antoinette Leila, Athens 186 

Ondis, Priscilla, Athens 186 

Ondis, Roderick Garrett, Athens 211 

Ondrus, Mary LaVonne, Toledo 109 

Oney, Sharon Lee, Creola 109 

Onions, Richard, Youngstown 88, 230 

Ontko, Joan Elizabeth, Pleasant City 88 

Orlow, Dietrich Otto, Dayton 167 

Orr, Charles L., Athens 

Orr, Phyllis Elaine, Frankfort 172 

Ostrove, Saul B., N.Y.C. 53 

Ours, Elizabeth Ann, Hebron 142 

Overman, Sydney Kay, Marion, Ind. 119, 189 
Owens, Tom . ., 52, 203 

Owens, Ron . . 224 

Painter, Mary Ann, Mt. Vernon 104 

Palinkas, Andrew F., Columbus .88, 219 

Pallon, Arthur . 142 

Palmer, Beatrice K., Cleveland 172 

Palmer, Stanley R., Bay Village 154, 216 

Pancake, Mary Ann, Huntington, W.Va. 150 

Pangle, John Grigsby, Ashtabula 

88, 130, 200 

Papenfuhs, Albert, Queens, N.Y 168 

Parker, Bob - - 53, 203 

Parker, Esidore Justin, Youngstown 88, 206 
Parker, Philip C, Monrovia, Liberia . . . . 

88, 142, 166 

Parr, Wilma R., Athens 88, 152 

Pastor, Charlotte Ann, Ashtabula ... 

107, 119, 132 

Paternost, Joseph, Cleveland 88, 166, 167 

Patterson, Clarissa Lee, Wauseon 103 

Patterson, Robert, Zanesville 208 

Patton, Doneece, New Boston 179 

Patton, John 203 

Paulsen, Marilyn Helen, Athens 

. .112, 113, 118, 136, 143, 193 
Paulson, Roger Lee, Elkhart, Indiana 

88, 151, 230 

Paulson, Ross Evans, Elkhart, Indiana .... 

140, 230 

Payne, Gene 224 

Payne, Janet Lee, Kitts Hill 171, 189 

Pearce, Nancy Jane, Newark . 107, 150 
Pecko, Barbara 196 

Pellett, Merelyn Ruth, Maumee 138 

Pellin, Ron A. Youngstown .... . .232 

Pelok, Dave 218 

Pelouze, Marigene, Portland, Oregon 

107, 143 

Pennay, Beverly Jean, Kingsley, Pa 

88, 107, 120 

Pennington, Wm. Wayne, Portsmouth 

57, 228 

Penrose, Robert Dean, Pennsville 124 

Peoples, Marsha Lynn, Newcomerstown . 160 
Peren, Marie Eleanor, Fairborn 105 

Perine, Andrew William, Corning 100 

Perkins, Carolyn Sue, Malta 88 

Perkins, Dick, Elyria 56 

Perkins, Terry Wm., Chardon . . . 133, 142 

Perlowin, Max, New York 53, 221 

Perrelli, Thos. Norman, Kenmore, N.Y. .127 
Perry, Walter Edw., Berea 155, 202 

Perry, Martin B 142 

Perry, William, Xenia 201 

Peters, Fred, Sandusky 219 

Peters, Lois Jeanne, Parkersburg, W.Va. . . 

171, 189 

Peters, Philip Edward, Athens . 88, 122, 223 
Peters, Richard 223 

Petersen, Inez Y., Perrysburg 88, 115 

Peterson, Patricia Anne, Athens 

140, 172, 192 
Peterson, Phyllis Jean, Athens 

119, 123, 192 
Petlowany, Esther Anna, Parma 104 

Petty, Lois Ann, N. Olmsted 189 

Petzel, Marian Carol, Barberton 124 

Pfeifle, Marjorie 196 

Pfloor, Nancy Jane, St. Clairsville 191 

Phelps, Phyllis Jean, Germantown 172 

Philabaum, Arthur Wm., Brilliant 

133, 142, 155 

Phillips, Lennabelle, N. Royalton .102 

Phillips, Lucile 118 

Phillips, Randall Earl, Hudson 137 

Phillips, Ronald Morris, Northampton, Pa. 

Phillips, Shirley May, Lucasville 120 

Philp, Nancy Allice, Pumson, N.J. 107 

Picciano, Filomena N., Wickliffe 120 

Pickenpaugh, Thad D., Caldwell 137 

Pickering, Charles E., Marietta 188, 224 

Pikula, Lillian Jean, Cleveland 102, 172, 184 
Pinney, Charles, Zaleski 116,119 199 

Piotrowski, Chet 202 

Piotrowsky, John H., Athens 168, 170 

Pitcher, John Francis, N. Plainfield, N.J. 

Pitcher, Mary Jane, N. Plainfield, N.J. 

51, 159, 160, 196 
Pittenger, Gail 195 

Pittler, Saretta, Youngstown 172 

Planck, Dick, Cleveland 199 

Piatt, Doris Ann, Charlotte, N.C. 

88, 99, 107, 117 

Pleszko, Emery Joseph, Cleveland 124 

Plumb, Bruce 202 

Podolsky, Paula Joan, Brookline, Mass 

. .139, 180 
Polansky, Gil, Lorain 215 

Polen, Tom 221 

Polhamus, Sylvia L., Ft. Wayne, Ind. 

89, 123, 186 

Polley, Peggy Ann, Sciotoville 89, 124 

Polomsky, Tom, Cleveland 215 

Pomeroy, Adrienne J., Bernardsville, N.J. 


Pontius, Sharon 197 

Poppe, Michael, Bellaire 204 

Posner, Gary, University Heights 220 

Post, Robert Allen, Lorain 89, 225 

Potter, Shirley Ann, Toledo 140 

Potter, Shirley Christine, Barberton 107 

Potter, Tad, Columbus 130 

Potts, James Ronald, Athens 157 

Powell, John, Nelsonville . 203 

Prahl, Harriett M., Cleveland 102 

Pratt, David Thomas, Rochester, N.Y. 158 

Pratt, Dean, Ironton . . . . 228 

Pratt, Robert Arno, Cincinnati 226 

Preciado, Jose Q., Bogoto, Columbia 166 

Press, Jean, Cleveland 139 

Prestien, Bruce 198 

Price, Donald Eugene, Painesville 125, 151 
Price, Rich, McConnellsville 202 

Price, Ronald James, Wellsville 142 

Prigosin, Howard, Youngstown 139, 221 

Pringle, Lois Clare, Chagrin Falls . .193 

Prokes, Charles Edward, Lansing 230 

Prokes, Jerry, Lansing . ,89 

Pullon, Arthur Eugene, Cincinnati 89 

Punkar, Ron, Conneaut 206 

Quay, Marjorie Ellen, Chagrin Falls 172 

Queen, William Dillon, Massillon 98 

Quillen, Elaine Olive, Ashville 120, 156 


Radder, Paul E., Cleveland 

52, 53, 89, 122, 215 

Rader, Dick, Niles 207 

Ragland, William Noble, Athens 89, 211 

Rahally, Ray . . .236 

Rainey, Gerald J., Avon Lake 175, 219 

Raiser, John A., Athens, Greece 89, 127 

Ralles, Maliakas John, Lesbos, Greece 166 
Randall, John Moore, Athens 151, 153 

Randall, Richard Duane, Shelby 89, 144, 198 
Ranen, Al, Cleveland Heights 220 

Raney, Phoebe, J., Chardon 186 

Rankin, Robin Ariel, Bernardsville, N.J. 

53, 89, 108, 115, 167 
Rapai, Nancy 236 

Raser, Carl, Mansfield 217 

Ratcliff, James Wray, Portsmouth 

98, 124, 218 
Raub, Margaret Ann, Youngstown 

131, 138, 166 
Rausch, Eloise N„ Plain City 102, 140 

Rauschenberger, Martha M., Akron 

.123, 153, 182 

Raush, Barbara 124 

Raynor, Ruth E., Springfield, Mass. 145 

Redarowiez, Donald 224 

Reddin, James Bruce, Findlay 157, 231 

Redding, Mary Lou, Lorain 

119, 123, 178, 234 
Redding, Shirley G., Cleveland 8, 89, 132 

Redwine, Jack Allen, Reading . 229 

Reed, David A., Liverpool 100 

Reed, Paul Eugene, McArthur 157 

Reed, Peter B., Akron 211 

Rees, Phil 224 

Reese, Carol Evelyn, Austinburg 88, 167, 172 
Reese, Elizabeth J., Marietta 171, 173, 186 
Reid, Paul R., Portsmouth 114 

Reid, Richard P 98 

Reidy, Martha Jean, Cuyahoga Falls 171 

Reifenberg, James G., Mansfield 227, 236 

Reigel, Nancy, Canton 182 

Reineke, Carol Lynn, Youngstown 120, 179 
Reinker, Edythe Mae, Lakewood 

102, 128, 129 

Reinker, James, S. Euclid 224 

Reitman, Sandy, Cleveland Heights 
Remy, Eldon, Mansfield 199 

Rensi, Marlene Carol, Smithfield 172 

Rentsch, Mary Esther, Navarre 103 

Repasky, William T., Akron 96, 176, 211 

Reppa, Donald, Lakewood 219 

Reynard, Nathan Howard, Mingo Junction 

89, 207 
Reynolds, Darl Edwin, Athens .151 
Reynolds, Helen T., Bridgeville, Pa. 102, 196 
Reynolds, James Robert, Kenmore, N.Y. 

90, 225 

Reynolds, Jerry 202 

Rhee, Youl Jag, Seoul, Korea 166 

Rhine, Edward Eugene, Waukegan, III. 

89, 163, 234 

Rhoads, Constance Jean, Athens 179 

Ribbans, Sandra Clare, Bloomfield, N.J. 120 
Rice, Barbara Pauline, Chillicothe 

89, 109, 172 

Rice, Carol Lourene, Jackson 145 

Rice, Jane, Jackson . . 196 

Richards, Marilyn, Circleville .179 

Richards, Robert 0., Mansfield 163 

Richards, Sharon Lee, Thurman 182 
Richards, Thomas Arthur, Lexington 

. . . 163, 234 

Richmond, Beverly Joan, Bellefontaine . 183 
Richmond, Robert John, Newark 

89, 125, 127, 218 

Richmond, Thomas Dean, Clyde 130 


Richt, Jeanne Alice, Mariemont 89, 171, 186 
Rick, Gordon Louis, Lorain . 209 

Rickerton, Charles Andrew, Sandusky 89 

Rickertsen, Hazel K., Parma Hts. 89 

Rider, Dennie 195 

Rider, Haroldean, Columbus 171 

Rider, Carolyn Jean, Bowling Green 

89, 115, 177, 190 
Riegler, Donna Jeanne, Canton 106, 171 

Riekert, Louis Albert, Cincinnati . 127 

Riffell, James , . 208 

Riggin, Bob, Willoughby 202 

Rignall, Janice Marie, Fairview Pk. 178 

Rigo, Mary Lou , 196 

Riley, Dick, Royalton 202 

Riley, James, Cleveland 223 

Rimanoczy, Elizabeth, Cleveland Hts. 8 186 
Rindfleisch, Roberta 196 

Rini, Virginia Marie, Cleveland Hts. 173, 196 
Ripple, Robert Ralph, Youngstown 56, 228 

Ristav, Marilyn J., Cleveland 

- -89, 121, 177, 195 
Ritchey, David L., Warren 176, 223 

Roach, Bruce Vincent, Athens ' 160 

Robbins, John, Mansfield 226 

Robbins, Nannette Elaine, Mansfield 187 

Robe, Thurlow Richard, Athens 

89, 117, 127, 137 
Robanic, Norcen 130 

Roberson, Virginia Lou, Athens 120 

Roberts, Norman Bruce, Springfield 

89, 100, 123, 172, 203 
Roberts, Ronald Neil, Mansfield 227 

Robinette, William Hervey, Toronto 

137, 142, 168 
Robinson, Barbara Fran, Toronto 194 

Robinson, Bill, Charleston, W.Va. 202, 230 

Robinson, Harold Dean, Mansfield .210 

Robinson, Sherman, Piqua . 168 

Robson, Richard, Shadyside 137 

Robinson, Robert, Zanesville .225 

Rocco, Henry, Cleveland 214 

Rockwell, Ron, Westlake 53,199 

Rodey, Glenn Eugene, Mansfield .226 

Rodriguez, Robert Manuel, Cleveland 

„■-.■:■ 100, 214 

Roenigk, Henry Herman, Jr., Cleveland 

■•-••■■■. 118, 211 

Roettger, Harold, Lockland 206 

Rogers, Ann Catherine, Athens, W.Va. 

160, 142 
Rogers, Donna Marie, Steubenville 

89, 160, 196 
Rogers, Frances Mae, Cadiz 171 173 179 
Rogers, William ' 217 

Rohaly, William John, New Brunswick, N.J. 

Rohrer, Edgar Lewis, Waterford 88 158 

Roll, Robert Carl, Zanesville ' 154 

Roman, Jerry, Cleveland Heights 220 

Romano, Rosemary Ellen, Cleveland 105 

Romanovich, Paul 224 

Ronoheim, Susan, Cincinnati 102 166 

Roper, Tom, Middletown '206 

Rosati, Vincent Richard, Athens 157 

Rose, Dan, Jackson 202 

Rose, Earl Vernon, Waynesburg 152 

Rose, Jane Maxine, Athens 136 

Rose, Lora M., Akron 130 

Rose, Patricia Ann, Independence . 89 
Roseberry, June Patricia, Belvidere, N.J. 

118, 121, 140, 182 

Roseberry, Margaret Jane, Athens 89, 120 

Rosen, Julius . 220 
Ross, Arthur Dale, Dover 100, 142, 153, 225 
Ross, Betsy Ann, Chillicothe ' 173! 188 

Ross, Doyle Ray, Steubenville 89, 219 

Ross, Sanford Roy, Chicago, III. . 212 

Roth, Dan, University Heights 221 

Rubick, Wallace, Limon, Colorado 199 

Rusk, Louise, Mansfield 196 

Ryan, Shirley, Palmyra, N.J. . 236 

Rzepka, Harry, Cleveland 221 

Saal, Ronald, Seville 232 

Sabec, Marlene, Euclid 120 

Sabrack, Carole, Cleveland 147 

Sack, John, Bemus Point, N.Y. . . . 127 

Sackl, John, Lakewood 125, 218 

Sagar, Rieta, Greenfield 90,190 

Saggio, Joseph, Maple Hts. 100, 130, 209 
Sahlin, Margaret, Charlestown, W.Va. 

90, 117, 177, 192 
Saliaris, George, Athens, Greece 90 

Salisbury, Richard, Lakewood 226 

Salthouse, Judith, Hasbr. Hts. N.J. 105, 140 
Samargya, Michael, Weirton, W.Va. 

116, 118, 119, 151, 207 
Sams, Lance, Montgomery 90, 200 

Sams, Serena, Kenton . 109 

Samuels, John, Canfield . 127 

Sanborn, James, Middleport 90 

Sanborn, Mary, Ashtabula . 90, 132, 184 

Sandell, Thomas, Boone, Iowa . . 142 

Sanders, Judith, Springfield 191 

Sanderson, Barbara 196 

Sandler, Al, University Heights 221 

Sands, Dorothylou, Dayton 169 

Sands, George, Athens . 138 

Sands, Ruth, Athens 138,150,167 

Santee, Donald, Sharon Center 137, 233 

Sapashe, Robert, Lowellville .228 

Sapp, Harriett, Athens . . 90,150,167 

Sasaki, Kunio, Fiukui, Japan 166 

Sauer, McKinley 218 

Saum, Donald, Stockton, Kans. .226 

Saunders, Martha, Cincinnati 190 

Sauter, Van, Middletown 210 

Sawchik, Lou, Cleveland 90, 229 

Sayer, Pat, Yellow Springs 53, 235 

Sbrissa, Ronald, Shadyside . 229 

Schaefer, Louada, Chagrin Falls . . 130 

Scheen, David, Cincinnati .212 

Scheiderer, Robert, Delaware 166 

Scheidlinger, Irma, Laurelton, N.Y. . 102 

Scheureman, Robert, Parma 226 

Scheurer, John, N. Orleans, La. 90, 165 

Schey, Robert, Parma ... . 228 

Schlauch, William, Euclid 126, 233 

Schmeding, Robert, Ft. Wayne, Indiana 133 
Schmidt, Helen, Cleveland . 178 

Schmuck, Barbara, Cleveland 131 

Schnabel, Harry, Dayton 90, 206 

Schneider, Lenny, Westlake 219 

Schneider, Patricia, Hamilton 128, 129, 191 
Scholtz, Roman, Cleveland 

127, 138, 166, 167, 170 
Schrader, Chuck, Logan 202 

Schramm, Marilyn, Marietta 90 

Schramm, Sara, Marietta 104, 145, 150 

Schuerlein, Helen Lynn, Berea 90, 182 

Schulman, Leonard, Southampton, N.Y. 212 
Schultis, Loretta, Akron 102, 182 

Schultz, Donald E., Newark 119 

Schumaker, Byron, Wapakoneta 237 

Schuneman, Raymond, Milford, Iowa 162 

Schupp, Mary, Dennison 104, 167 

Schurdak, Robert, Cleveland 90 

Schuster, Juliann, Mt. Lakes, N.J. 132, 195 
Schwab, John, Dayton 

58, 90, 112, 113, 117, 151 

Schwalm, Richard, Ashtabula 155, 233 

Schwartz, J. J. 214 

Schwartz, Pauline, Hamilton 103, 171, 172 

Schwartzman, Fred, N.Y.C., N.Y. 204 

Schweikert, Patricia, Springfield 90, 189 

Schwimmer, Charlotte, Birmingham, Mich. 

102, 119 

Schwyn, Edward, Bryan 90, 163, 237 

Scriven, Larry, Athens . .... 138 

Scyoc, Earl, Sandyville, W.Va. . 127 

Seaman, Don, Peebles . 152 

Sears, Kay, Burns, Wyoming . 119, 193 

Sefton, Richard, Dayton . 165 

Segall Sandra, Youngstown . . 139 

Segesman, Janet, Canton 132, 169 

Seigfred, Suzanne, Athens 173, 178 

Seigle, John, Rocky River 90, 219, 236 

Seitz, Shirley 196 

Selzer, Dale, Medina 90, 117, 154, 226 

Semans, Henrietta, Uniontown, Pa. 90 

Serbin, Catherine V., Cleveland 141 

Sergent, Margaret, Monroe 119 

Setty, Barbara, Peebles 136 

Serpan, Chas., Shaker Hts. 124, 156, 232 

Seward, Don, Athens 142 

Seyerle, Myron, Philo . 90, 165, 204 

Seyfried, Junior, Gallipolis 152 

Shallcross, Thomas, Cleveland 228 

Shallenberger, Dorothy, Detroit 105 

Shamblin, Happy, Portsmouth 127, 137 

Shannon, Jas., Hornell, N.Y. . 90, 198 

Shannon, Julia, Parkersburg, W.Va 

107, 119, 193 
Shannon, Ridge, Canfield 122,226 

Sharp, Don, Lakewood 218 

Sharp, Elliott, Cleve. Hts. 90,212 

Sharp, Ned, Marion 90, 151, 230 

Shaw, Richard, Rocky River 91, 224 

Shaweker, Barbara, Dover 102, 179 

Shettler, Beverly, Canton 106, 120, 142 

Shepard, Suzanne, Athens 171, 196 

Shepard, Wm., Carrolton 91, 144, 198 

Sheppard, Jason, Gallipolis 153, 198 

Shere, Carl, Columbus 90, 211 

Sheridan, Jas., N. Boston 227 

Sherow, Myrdith, Athens 155, 187, 236 

Shiffman, Martin, Cleve. Hts. .139,212 

Shilling, Larry, Dennison . , 142 

Shimer, Lynne , . 196 

Shirey, Adam, Yorkville . 166 

Short, Al, Columbus . .90,211 

Short, Beverley, Charleston, W.Va. . 190 

Shotwell, Donald, Fairview Park 91 

Shotwell, Joanne, Fairborn . 106 

Shotwell, Scott, Canton 206 

Shultz, Paula, Dayton 189 

Shumard, Norman, Sharonville 152 

Shurdak, Robert, Cleveland , 206 

Shuster, LaVerne, Cleveland . 91, 109 

Shuster, Lou, Cleveland 202 

Siegel, Joann, Sandusky 172 

Siegfried, Carol, Cleveland 90, 178 

Sielaff, Lois, Cleveland Heights 120 

Siemon, Eleanor, Girard 138 

Siler, Donald, Troy 158, 170, 217 

Siler, Douglas, Troy 217 

Simmons, Julie, Tonawanda, N.Y 130 

Simmons, Suzanne, Akron 171, 188 

Simons, Merlin, Alliance 223 

Simpkins, Donald, Athens 168 

Simpson, Jeremy, Cincinnati 91 

Sims, Polly, Piqua 130, 183 

Sisk, Marjory, Youngstown 91, 171, 186 

Skala, Kenneth, Maple Hts. 91, 217 

Skinner, Jene, Logan 103, 140, 172 

Skinner, Norm, Chillicothe 202 

Skipper, Charles, Dayton 

113, 118, 123, 156, 159, 173, 202 
Skoien, Randi, Honefoss, Norway 166 

Skreplich, Elaine, Lorain . 171 

Slattery, Kathleen, Troy .99,105 

Slaughter, Paul . 53 

Slotchoff, Melvin, Patterson, N.J.. .52,91,122 
Smail, Richard, Bay Village . .91,203 

Small, Eleanor, Cleveland Heights . . .139 


Smalley, Ray, Peebles 157 

Smart, Lois, Carbon Hill 91 


Smarto, Charles, Crestline 
Smith, Charlene, New Haven, Ind. 
Smith, Donna Jean, Waterford 
Smith, Elva E., Zanesville 
Smith, Glenn Norman, Marietta 

Smith, Jim 

Smith, Joe, Dayton . . 
Smith, John Richard, Athens 
Smith, Kay Frost, Bellevue 
Smith, Marilyn Lucille, Coshocton 
Smith, Nancy Lee, Newark 107 

Smith, Natalie Ann, New York 
Smith, Roger Brooks, Youngstown 
Smith, Russell, Athens 
Smith, Ruth Elaine, Columbus 
Smith, Thomas J. Cleveland 
Smith, Vern, Eaton Rapids, Mich. 
Smith, Von Curwood, Athens 
Smith, Willard Henry, Athens 
Snell, Carol Ann, Pa. 
Snider, Richard Dale, Pleasantville . 
Snodgrass, Gail Ellen, Massillon . . 
Snow, Elizabeth Louise, Elyria 

Snyder, Al, Athens 

Snyder, Diane Clare, Huron 
Snyder, Gordon Louis, Toledo 
Snyder, Wm. Jas., Lakewood 
Solomon, Victor Carl, Steubenville 
Somerlot, Warren Allen, Marion 
Sommerfeld, Beverly May, Cleveland 
Sommers, John Paul, Kent 
Sovilla, Gilda, Lee, W.Va. 





116, 216 

91, 198 


. .218 

91, 211 



131, 143 

128, 130 



. ...139 

91, 126 


163, 237 






51, 198 
124, 216 


Sowders, Elizabeth Jane, Washington, D.C. 






... 187 

. . . 91 

91, 171 



Sowers, John Wm., Nelsonville 
Spagno, George A., Cleveland 
Speaks, Chas. Edward, Roscoe 
Spechalske, Dorothea M., Berea 

91, 106, 

Spector, Jim 

Spellmeyer, Richard Henry, Cincinnati 

58, 91 

Spiegel, Louis, Shaker Hts 

... .51, 91, 114, 117, 118, 139, 
Spiess, Mary Sue, Toledo 
Spira, Albert, New Jersey 
Spirko, Ken, Cleveland 
Spotman, Yvonne Elaine, Cincinnati 
Sprague, Nancy Ellen, Coshocton 
Stacy, Eugene Cody, Tiffin 
Stafford, Wm., Carrollton 
Stahl, Earl, Jr., Ind. . 
Stalker, Dave, Grand River 
Stalzer, Carl Robert, Euclid 
Stamm, Tad McKinley, Toledo 
Stanford, Mary Angela, Wooster 
Stanford, Peggy Anne, Wooster 
Stanko, John, Athens . . . 
Stanton, Mary Katherine, W.Va. 
Stauffer, E. Lucinda, Mt. Gilead 
Staver, Dave, Kansas City, Kan. 
Stead, Beverly Jane, Steubenville 

Steahly, David Louis, Portsmouth 

Steck, Marilyn Jean, Sandusky 

102, 118, 120, 140, 

Steele, June Meredith, Mansfield 
Stefan, Nancy E., Cleveland 
Steinberg, Rose, Elyria 172 

Steinbrenner, Dee, Dayton 
Steinmeyer, Henry, New Marshfield 
Steinspar, Lawrence, Cleveland Heights 
Steli, Chas. P., Fairview Park ... 153 
Stemen, Chas. Andrew, Columbus . . . . 153, 204 
Stephens, Carolyn Kay, Dayton . . 153 

Stephens, Roger Ely, Dayton . 157 

Stephenson, Barbara K., Ashtabula 108 

Stephenson, Norma Virginia, Parma 

103, 119, 136 

91, 106, 159 


151, 202 
92, 232 

99, 103 



92, 192 


. .154 



. .92 

Sterling, Frank Edward, White Cottage . 125 
Stevens, Jerome Lee, Alliance 91,224 

Stevenson, George A., W.Va 127 

Stevernagel, Carol Joan, Cincinnati 191 

Stewart, Carmen L., Pa. 91, 167 

Stewart, Margaret Lenora, Bridgeport . . 

92, 167, 171, 186 
Stewart, Samuel S., Pa. 
Stlebing, Kurt W., Dayton 
Stiegelmeier, Owen E., Berea 
Stinchecum, Marion, E., Bellefonte, 


Stinson, Russell Carl, Lorain 
Stoin, Dale Ramon, Crooksville 
Stone, Patricia S., New York 
Stone, Wm., Murray City . . . 
Stoner, Virginia, Massillon 99, 

Stoos, Wm. Richard, Avon Lake 
Stork, Shirley Ann, Dayton 
Stoufer, Janet Lou, Ashland 
Stought, Clarence Keith, Thornville . . 

Stout, Gene Edwin, Pa 

Stratton, Mary J., Paulding 
Strawser, Robert Lee, Columbus 

92, 112, 113, 114, 173, 206 

Strayer, Sonia Ann, Bellevue 235 

Streiner, Stanley Wm., Cleveland . 92 

Strieker, Daniel Rodger, Newark ..226 

Strieker, Joan Catherine, Marysville 193 

Strimbu, George, Dover 92, 172, 225 

Stringer, Don Blake, Beverly 100, 126 

Stroble, Harry, Sacramento, Calif 237 

Strobel, James Walter, Steubenville 92 

Strode, George, Athens 53 

Strom, Walter C, Euclid 92, 153, 232 

Stronz, Michael P., Wadsworth 228 

Stroup, Donald H., Warren 92, 206 

Stuchul, Judy, Euclid 124, 167 

Studebaker, Barbara, Tipp City 166 

Sturgiss, Joseph, Marietta 233 

Sturgiss, Julianne, Marietta 92, 121, 186 

Sugarman, Harriet, Passaic, N.J 172 

Sulkaske, Richard, Wellsville 92,127,214 

Sullivan, Al, Pennsboro, W.Va. 204 

Sullivan, Kenneth, Ashtabula 151, 166 

Summerfield, Shirley, Chester . 120 

Sunderman, Carol, Pittsburgh, Pa 179 

Sutowski, Patricia, Garfield Hts. .178 

Sutton, Helen, Bernardsville, N.J. 52,92,121 
Swaim, Alice, Youngstown . .92, 117, 126, 159 
Swan, Barbara, S. Charleston . 115, 171, 189 
Swanton, Marilyn, Greenville, Mich. 

53, 115, 178 

Swartz, Jerome, Lorain 92 

Swartz, Joan, Lorain . .109, 172 

Swisher, Barry, Newark . . . . 132 

Swisher, Jean, Cleveland . . 104 

Sylvester, Jo, Athens . . 138 

Synan, Patricia, Lakewood 120, 136 

Szabo, Norman, Maple Heights . 206 


Tamaroff, Tamara, Albany, N.Y. . 139 

Tanenbaum, Bette, New York, N.Y. 139,172 

Tanimura, Albert, Honolulu, Hawaii 235 

Tanner, Donald, Carey 168 

Tardiff, Ed, Medina .207 

Task, Barney, University Heights . .221 

Tascketta, Mary, Rochester, N.Y. .166 

Tatterson, Garland, Little Hocking 151 

Tavcas, Larry .53 

Taylor, Carol, Cincinnati . . 192 
Taylor, Franklin, Andover 52, 100, 111 
Taylor, Hubert, Middleport 

119, 138, 161, 172 

Taylor, Jed, Canton 173 

Teepen, Tom, Cincinnati 235 

Tellier, Nelly, Paris, France . . 166 

Tesch, Judith, Toledo 153, 189 

Tesmer, Wm., Shaker Hts. 173, 221 

Tewksbury, Arthur, Royalton 152 

Thokey, Marlene, Troy . .130, 183 

Thomas, Roger, Springfield 57! 210 

Thompson, Charles, Mansfield 92, 153' 198 
Thompson, Ellen, Mansfield . 153 

Thompson, Gloria, Athens . 138 

Thompson, Jerry, Pleasantville 137 

Thompson, Raymond, Canton 227 

Thomsen, Georgia, Pennington, N.J. 138,143 
Thomsen, Gertrude, Madeira 185 

Thorne, James, Henderson, W.Va. 122, 235 

Thornton, Agnes, Wheelersburg 92, 117, 178 
Thornton, Larry, Circleville 132, 138^ 233 

Tibbals, Lawrence, Elyria 92! 208 

Tibbits, Sally, Mentor 158, 177^ 189 

Tibbitts, Jack, Parma Hts 137 

Tice, Franklin, New Matamoras 126 

Tillman, Gene, Cleveland 92 

Tipton, Jon, The Plains 154 

Tipton, E. Bruce, Springfield 92, 228 

Todd, Donald, Dayton . 155^ 202 

Todd, Janet, Cambridge ' 92 

Todd, Nancy, Dayton 153 

Todoroff, Kathryn, Lorain 171 

Tolley, John, Cleveland 135 

Tompkins, Richard, Coshocton 123 

Tompkins, Ronald, Dayton 176, 207 

Tonaki, George, Honolulu, Hawaii . 157^ 166 
Toso, Gertrude, Chagrin Falls ' 153 

Totten, John, Rocky River 162, 237 

Trainer, Shirley, Buckeye Lake . 102 

Trakas, Georgia, Cleveland . 92, 108, 197 

Trapp, Evelyn, Westlake 52,92, 106^ 121 

Treesh, Frederick, Pittsburgh, Pa. 226 

Tribe, Corinne . 79 197 

Trimble, Lois, Parkersburg, W.Va. ' 183 

Trithart, Beverly, Peoria, III. 182 

Troup, Elizabeth, Pleasantville 147, 179 

Trusko, Allen, Lakewood 233 

Tryon, Mona, Athens 92, 138, 167 
Tucker, Marilyn, Cincinnati ' 120 

Tullis, Ellen, Athens 92,182 

Tullis, M. Jan, Athens 93, 168, 173^ 182 
Turner, Daniel, Troy 125, 127, 138, 142^ 217 
Turpin, Charles, New York, N.Y. , 93, 168 

Tzangas, Clara, Canton '. 108 


Uhl, Erika 0., Rahway, N.J. 129, 167, 178 

Uhl, Wesley, North Lawrence . 93! 218 

Ulbrich, Wm., Piqua ', 141 

Ulle, Wm., Fairport 155, 205 

Ulrich, Dick, Fairview Park 202 

Ulrich, Lynn, Chagrin Falls 187 

Ulrich, Monica, Ridgeway 153 

Untried, Karen, Toledo 188 

Ungar, Andy, Cleveland .215 

Urbance, Emma, Cleveland 102 
Urich, Michael, Toronto 93, 127, 215 

Usher, Lester, Conneaut ' 93 

Utz, Robert, Gates Mills . .124 


Vanarsdale, Linda, Newark 130 

Vanbeeuwen, Cynthia . 120 

Vance, Jo-Ann, Ridgeway 106 

Van Delden, Marlene, Cleveland Hts. 182 

Vanderbilt, Dan, Fairborn 198 

VanDerWere, Nancy, Cleveland 128, 129 

Vandeveer, Jerry, Troy . . . . . . 152 

Van Gelder, Joan, Cleveland . . 192 

Vangor, Gloria, Cleveland . . 141 

Van Leeuwen, Cynthia, Rocky Ctr., N.Y. . 106 
Van Nostran, Lynda, Canton 183 

Varga, James, Fairport Harbor . . 155, 203 

Vascek, Joan, Cleveland . . 191 

Vejsicky, Gene 53, 203 

Vendely, Marianne, Fairport Harbor 141,' 158 


Vermillion, Arthur, Athens 

119, 133, 142, 
Vermillion, Monica, Athens 
Vickers, Marilyn, Athens 
Vierow, Marguerite, Youngstown 
Viggiano, Tom, Metuchen, N.J. 

Villanveva, Ernie 

Villilo, Paul, Willoughby 
Viner, Stanley, Cincinnati 
Virgin, Ethel, Uniontown, Pa. 
Vollmer, Ronna, Hydenville 
Von Osinski, Ronald, Conneaut 
Vorhis, Charlotte, Columbus 
Vorhis, Jeannette, Columbus 

Vorndran, Tom 

Voros, Barbara, Barberton 

Weiss, Gabrielle, Perth Amboy, N.J 139 

199, 236 

142, 189 


. 192 


... 57 


57, 228 



93, 214 



, , . 215 


93, 206 
93, 171 

155, 202 

114, 218 



93, 219 


. .122 

126, 138 


93, 225 

124, 210 

124, 210 

109, 138 


Wacher, Paul, Youngstown 

Wade, Gloria, Scottown 

Waggner, James, Jackson 

Wagner, Herbert, Dayton 

Wagner, Richard, Lakewood 

Wagner, Win., Cleveland 

Wakim, Paul, Georgetown, S.C. 

Wales, Jack, Athens 

Walker, Carol, Cincinnati 

Walker, Douglas, Athens 

Wallace, Denny, Stockport 

Wallace, Mary, Pemberville 

Wallar, Wm., Athens 

Waller, Albert, Lakewood 

Walters, Thomas, Coal Grove 

Waltz, Charles, Massillon 

Waltz, James, Massillon 

Wanicki, Louis, Brecksville 

Ward, Barbara, Spenser, W.Va. 

Ward, Ellen, Garden City, N.Y. 

Ward, Monalee 

Warmeling, Margaret, Cleveland Heights 

Warman, Edna, Mt. Vernon 

93, 117, 145, 150, 167 
Warner, Mary Jane, Lakewood 102 

Warren, Dave, Portsmouth 218 

Warren, Don, Shaker Hts 228 

Warren, H. Gerald, Belpre 100, 155, 202, 235 
Warren, Nancy, Cleveland 120, 184 

Wassum, Janet, Harmony, Pa. 92, 166, 193 
Waters, James, Cleveland Heights 219 

Watkins, Frank, Athens 153, 193, 230 

Watkins, Hugh, Dayton 93, 125 

Watkins, Jack, Parkersburg, W.Va. 130 

Watson, Barbara, Youngstown 93, 187 

Watson, Diane, N. Royalton 93,192 

Watson, John, Girard 93, 98, 113, 117, 153 
Watson, Richard, Columbus 206 

Watt, Robert, Struthers 206 

Watts, Gerald, Crooksville 151 

Waxman, Marvin, Cleveland Hts. 158 

Weakley, Sharon, Newark 191 

Weatherbee, Harold, Massillon 228 

Weaver, Bill -219 

Weaver, Ron, Franklin 58, 130, 167, 172, 229 
Weaver, Paul • 93 

Webb, Clarence, Athens 93, 208 

Webb, Marion, South Shore, Ky. 93 

Webb, Wm., Ironton 228 

Weber, Donald, Cleveland 222 

Weber, Marlene, Lorain 102, 129, 167, 189 
Weber, Walter, Middletown 230 

Weekley, Robert, Parkersburg, W.Va. 93 

Weeks, Janet, Quincy . 93, 165, 177, 182 

Weeter, Diana, New Matamoras 158 

Weinbrecht, Harry, Springfield 210 

Weinitschke, Hubertus, Delmenhorst, 

Germany 166 

Weins, Jon, Shaker Hts 209 

Weinstein, Barbara, Cleveland 180 

Weisman, Renee, New York, N.Y. 

. . .172, 173, 177, 180 

Weiss, Sandra, Cleveland Hts. 
Weitzel, Dave, Bay Village 
Weitzman, Barbara, Lynhurst 
Welch, Christine, Kirkersville 
Welch, Laura, Silver Spring, Md. 
Welker, James, Mansfield 
Wells, Carol, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Wells, Melvin, Springfield 
Welsh, Luanne, Dayton 
Welsh, Thomas, Xenia 
Wendl, Betty, Chagrin Falls 
Wendling, James, Dover 
Wendt, Barbara, Dayton 
Wendt, Barbara, Toledo 
Wendt, Robert, Cleveland 

Weng, Shu, Charleston, W.Va 
Wenger, Robert, Bluffton 
Wenner, David, Clyde 
Wentz, Peter, Bernardsville, N.J. 
Wenz, Bob, Cleveland 
West, George, Detroit, Mich. 
Westenbarger, Gene, Lancaster 
Werterfield, Mariellen, Youngstown 
Wharton, Samuel, Belpre 
Wheeler, Bob, Shaker Heights 
Whelpley, Richard, Ashtabula 
Whims, Judy, Bedford 
Whinnery, Glenna, Salem 
Whitaker, James, Lockland 





140, 192 


93, 126, 140, 168 





93, 144 


. .224 





















White, Anita, Toledo 

White, Patricia, Canton 
White, Richard, Clyde 
White, Robert, New Lexington 
White, Shirley, Toledo . . . 
Whitehouse, Annamae, Athens 

Whitehouse, John, Athens 

Whitley, M. Janice, Cleveland 
Whitmore, Amma, Belvidere, N.J. 122 

Wickert, Paul, South Charleston, W.Va. 
Wickham, Robert, Cleveland . . . 133, 157 

Wickley, Ceclia, Bedford Hts 115,169 

Wickline, Eileen, Racine 33, 119, 132 

Wider, Constance, Bridgeville, Pa. . .189 
Wijtyk, Joseph, Morrisville, Pa. 

Wilcox, Hallie 

Wiley, James, Cincinnati . . . 
Wilhelm, Kenneth Cleveland 
Wilk, Ruth, Euclid ... 
Williams, Arthur, Mingo Jet. 

Barbara, Athens 

Donald, Cambridge 

Donald R., Troy 

Elmer, Sciotoville 

Janet, Akron 





. 57 





136, 167 


159, 194 


94, 142 



Williams, Luanne, Rockford 94 

Williams, Nevin, Eaton 94, 151, 156, 172, 198 
Williams, Richard, Athens . 156, 157 

Williams, Rita, Powhatan Point .94, 106 

Williams, Thos., Lakewood 
Williamson, Donna, Beallsville 

Willis, D. Joy, Dayton 

Wilmot, Jim, Rochester, N.Y. 
Wilms, Ralph, Olmsted Falls 
Wilson, Carole, Lakewood 
Lawrence, Cleveland 
Lorene, Canton 
Patricia, Sunbury 
Ronald, Warren 


116, 176, 218 

. 109 

94, 140, 159 



. 130, 182 




Sally, Chagrin Falls 179 


Wince, Jim 

Wineland, Ray, Clyde 

Wing, Sarah, Moorest, N.J. . 133, 159 

Wingenfeld, Jean, Cleveland 94, 190 

Winkler, Hugh, Mt. Vernon 121 

Winkler, Lawrence, Flushing, N.Y. 212 

Winter, Franklin, Upper Sandusky 168 

Winter, Peter, Kirkwood, Mo 

94, 113, 118, 173, 207 

Wisby, Barbara, Batavia 102, 173, 182 

Wissman, Warren, Wickliffe 

Wittich, Edward, Mt. Sterling 94, 

Wittloff, Earl, Fremont, Nebr 

Wolf, Mary, Cleveland 

Wolf Wm., Lakewood . .... 126, 

Wolfcale, Alice, Youngstown 119, 

Wolfe, Marion, Milford, Pa. 

Wolfe, Mary, Ironton .130,173, 

Wolfe, Philip, Newark 

Wolfe, Judith, Cleveland 

Wolfinger, James, Lancaster 

Wonner, Barney, Sharon, Pa. 

Wood, Charles, Malverne, N.Y 

Wood, Edward, East Liverpool 94, 

Wood, James, Wilkesville 
Wood, John, Bethesda 
Wood, Paul, Athens .... 
Wood, Roger, Nelsonville . . . 

Wood, Walt 

Woodall, Mary Ann . 
Woodard, Chloe, Dunkirk 
Woodruff, Nelson, Springfield 

Woods, Jim 

Woods, Marilyn, Mt. Vernon 94, 

Woolfitt, Katharine, Pt. Pleasant, W.Va. 

94, 115, 117, 119, 167, 

Worcester, Thos., East Liverpool 94, 

Works, Dale 

Worthley, Warren, Mansfield 

Wray, Richard, Lockland 

Wright, Alice, Lowellville 94, 138, 

Wurster, Lee 

Wurz, Thomas 

Wyrick, Gene, Mansfield 

Wysocki, Dorothea, Lakewood 94, 

91,94, 117, 


. . 94, 153, 




Yakshevich, Anna, Steubenville 74, 99 

Yarbrough, Bessie 196 

Yates, Gerald, Painesville 124 

Yazel, Sue, Marion 109 

Yin, Mignonette, Hong Kong 166 

Yocom, Robert, Connecticut 207 

Yoder, Frederick, Pittsburgh, Pa 

52, 53, 140, 158, 226 

Young, Cynthia, Canton 171, 188 

Young, Greta, Panama, Pan. 166 

Yonker, Daniel, Greenville . . 100 

Yoxtheimer, Peggy, Bedford 169 

Yurick, Lynn, Cleveland . . 102, 169 

Zak, Donald, Cleveland 228 

Zampino, Robert, Cleveland 95, 153 

Zarkos, Clyde, Bedford 94, 140, 168 

Zarnick, Bernard, Cleveland 141 

Zartman, Margaret, Tiffin 178 

Zebold, Janet, Lakewood 94, 133 

Zebold, Sara, Shelby. .106, 140, 147, 171, 172 

Zeh, Bill 215 

Zelina, Richard, Lorain ... 94, 127, 176 215 

Zeman, Kenneth 208 

Zeno, Carl, Canton 95, 232 

Zerck, Linda, Oak Harbor 95 

Zerckel, Jean, Cleveland. 94, 99, 104, 113, 169 

Zerges, Rolf 224 

Ziegler, Ann, Parma 141 

Zimmer, Charles, Springfield 142 

Zimmer, Paul, Marietta 152 

Zimmerly, John, Cleveland 93 

Zimmerman, Barbara, Lancaster 109 

Zinkon, Nancy, West Lafayette 75, 119 

Zinn, Allan, Sistersville, W.Va. 95, 144 

Zinsmeister, Patricia, Cleveland 186 

Zoldak, Rosemarie, Cleveland 158 

Zubick, Gerald 208 

Zuck, Georgeann, Marion 75, 186 

Zupko, Barbara, Perth Amboy, N.J. 128, 129 
Zwelling, Victor, Dayton 166